Small Plugin to make x64dbg Window becomes transparent
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TransX64Dbg - Plugin to make x64Dbg Transparent

This is a very small plugin written in C, inspired from TransOlly Plugin for OllyDbg.

How to build

Clone whole the project and open sln file with VS2015, then build it

Update: For new version of x64dbg, the pluginsdk has changed, so you should manually update the pluginsdk folder after clone this repository before compiling. (The updated version of pluginsdk is always included in downloaded package of latest build of x64dbg.


When plugin is installed and loaded, use commands: translv <NUMBER>: set opacity amount for x64dbg's main Window, the number is percentage, between 0 and 100. For example, translv 80 set the opacity to 80%. translv off : Disable the opacity

Known bugs

Sometime the opacity value is not loaded at startup, while the plugin is enabled. This may came from pluginsdk issues. I'm figuring it out. This bug was fixed in the current x64dbg version


  • mr.Exodia and x64dbg Development Team
  • My Friends