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IdentiPy is a search engine for bottom-up proteomics written in Python.


IdentiPy is described in this JPR paper:

Please cite it when using IdentiPy or its parts.


IdentiPy is published under the Apache 2.0 license.

How to install

pip install git+


$ git clone
$ cd identipy
$ pip install .


See requirements.txt. Key dependencies are:

  • Python
  • scipy
  • pyteomics
  • lxml
  • cython
  • pyteomics.cythonize

How to use

GUI way

You can separately install a web-based GUI for IdentiPy, IdentiPy Server. Please refer to the linked page for system requirements and installation instructions.

CLI way

A typical command to process a file would look like this:

$ identipy -cfg my.cfg spectra.mgf

Here, my.cfg is a settings file specifying the search parameters. Allowed parameters and their default values are listed in the default configuration file. Settings not specified in my.cfg will be taken from the default file.

Search settings can also be overriden using command-line options.

For help on command-line usage, run:

$ identipy --help

You will see a message like this:

$ identipy --help
usage: identipy [-h] [-db FASTA] [-cfg CONFIG_FILE] [-out PATH] [-of FORMAT]
                [-sep SEP] [-at] [-nopwide] [-punit UNIT] [-ptol VALUE]
                [-lptol VALUE] [-rptol VALUE] [-funit UNIT] [-ftol VALUE]
                [-fminmz VALUE] [-lmin N] [-lmax N] [-massmin VALUE]
                [-massmax VALUE] [-e RULE] [-mc N] [-semi] [-noclip] [-cmin N]
                [-cmax N] [-cumin N] [-cumax N] [-ime N] [-shifts SHIFTS]
                [-snp SNP] [-rapid] [-mm N] [-ad] [-prefix PREFIX]
                [-infix INFIX] [-method {reverse,shuffle}] [-deis]
                [-deistol DEISTOL]
                [-score {RNHS2,RNHS,hyperscore,morpheusscore}] [-minp N]
                [-maxp N] [-dyn DYN] [-mfc N] [-nproc N] [-maxmods N]
                [-ncleave NCLEAVE] [-ccleave CCLEAVE] [-fmods FMODS]
                [-vmods VMODS] [-pmods PMODS] [-tags TAGS] [-debug]
                [-dino DINO] [-dinoargs [DINOARGS ...]] [-demixing] [-pif]

Search proteins using LC-MS/MS spectra

positional arguments:
  file                  input .mzML or .mgf file with MS/MS spectra

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -db FASTA             path to protein FASTA file
  -cfg CONFIG_FILE      path to file with parameters
  -out PATH, -o PATH    output path
  -of FORMAT            output format
  -sep SEP              output column separator (for table format)
  -at                   Use auto-tuning of search parameters
  -nopwide              Do not increase initial precursor mass accuracy for
  -punit UNIT           precursor mass tolerance unit
  -ptol VALUE           precursor mass tolerance
  -lptol VALUE          *left precursor mass tolerance
  -rptol VALUE          *right precursor mass tolerance
  -funit UNIT           fragment mass tolerance unit
  -ftol VALUE           fragment mass tolerance
  -fminmz VALUE         fragment min m/z
  -lmin N               min length of peptides
  -lmax N               max length of peptides
  -massmin VALUE        min mass of peptides
  -massmax VALUE        max mass of peptides
  -e RULE               cleavage rule in quotes!. X!Tandem style for cleavage
  -mc N                 number of missed cleavages
  -semi                 include semitryptic peptides
  -noclip               Disable clipping of N-terminal methionine
  -cmin N               min precursor charge
  -cmax N               max precursor charge
  -cumin N              min unknown precursor charge
  -cumax N              max unknown precursor charge
  -ime N                precursor isotope mass error. The parent ion mass
                        tolerance is expanded by opening up multiple tolerance
                        windows centered on the given number of 13C isotope
                        peaks for a peptide.
  -shifts SHIFTS        shifts. example: 0,16.000,23.000,12
  -snp SNP              1 means make SNP changes for ALL peptides
  -rapid                leave only 2000 random spectra for processing
  -mm N                 number of minimum matched ions
  -ad                   add decoy
  -prefix PREFIX        decoy prefix
  -infix INFIX          decoy infix
  -method {reverse,shuffle}
                        decoy method; reverse or shuffle
  -deis                 use MS/MS deisotoping
  -deistol DEISTOL      deisotope mass accuracy
  -score {RNHS2,RNHS,hyperscore,morpheusscore}
                        used scoring function
  -minp N               minumum peaks in MS/MS spectra
  -maxp N               maximum peaks in MS/MS spectra
  -dyn DYN              dynamic range
  -mfc N                maximum fragment charge
  -nproc N              number of processes. 0 means auto
  -maxmods N            maximum variable mods per sequence
  -ncleave NCLEAVE      protein nterm cleavage
  -ccleave CCLEAVE      protein cterm cleavage
  -fmods FMODS          fixed modifications. Format:
  -vmods VMODS          variable modifications. Format:
  -pmods PMODS          variable protein terminal modifications
  -tags TAGS            Add quantitation tags to the pepXML output. Can be
                        tmt10plex, tmt6plex, tmt11plex or custom format
  -debug                Print debugging messages
  -dino DINO            path to Dinosaur JAR file or Biosaur executable. Used
                        for chimeric spectrum processing and MS1 Intensity
  -dinoargs [DINOARGS ...]
                        extra arguments to Dinosaur or Biosaur.
  -demixing             Use demixing
  -pif                  Calculate PIF

    Example usage
    $ identipy input.mgf -db human.fasta

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