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A distributed tracing extension for Akka. Provides integration with Play framework, Spray and Akka HTTP.
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Akka Tracing Maven Central

A distributed tracing Akka extension based on Zipkin, which can be used as performance diagnostics and debugging tool.

It allows you to:

  • trace call hierarchies inside an actor system;
  • debug request processing pipelines (you can log to traces, annotate them with custom key-value pairs);
  • see dependencies between derived requests and their contribution to resulting response time;
  • find and analyse slowest requests in your system.

Distributed tracing approach used by Zipkin synergise with akka-remote and akka-cluster. Extension provides integration with Play framework and Spray toolkit.

See wiki for more information.

Getting started

The best way is to use project's activator templates: general features, Scala and Java API, Spray integration, Play integration. Also, you can read tracing overview page.


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