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Ontological Warfare Code

This is the collection of python, java-/coffee-script, math, design files, etc. that constitutes the code and media necessary to generate my online content at Ontological Warfare.

It uses Hyde with some rough-hewn custom extensions. An extended Markdown is used with a few extra extensions. A few jinja2 filters were written for transformation of content into full-feed RSS-appropriate forms for feedreaders.

This site is:

  • assembled by the static generator Hyde.
  • uses the Bootstrap less/css library from Twitter for layout.
  • uses MathJax to render mathematics dynamically.
  • uses coffeescript, jQuery, D3, and many other libraries for the frontend.

All the original text and imagery on this site is released under the CCBY license.

All original code found herein is released under the MIT License.

Please let me know if you find anything in here of interest or utility! Naturally it's a bricolage of hacks that work for me, but perhaps something in here is of more general interest.


In addition to the Hyde dependencies, this requirs a working TeX install w. dvipng for autoconverting the TeX elements to PNGs for RSS feeds. There are custom extensions to Hyde (esp. its Jinja2 template plugin) and to Markdown that need to be emplaced.


  • improve CSS for iphone / ipad viewing, maybe a separate CSS file altogether?
  • static tex image generator doesn't make it's own directory
  • markdown footnote urls are full-urls, not local, which makes them useless in RSS feeds


Source code for generating personal website based on Hyde.






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