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EPUSP Thesis Template for MS Word

MS Word (2013+) document with the template and required placeholders for Thesis and Disserations in Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo. This document follows the 4th edition of the guidelines for Thesis and Dissertations.

This document was created for my PhD thesis and made available to help colleagues and students at Poli. The existing template (folha de estilo) does not use MS Word styles, making it hard to use. The main features of this template / document are:

  • Correct numbering (automatic) and style for titles and text (styles Título 1, Título 2, and Título 3).
  • Titles for Annex and Appendix, considering sub-titles (styles Anexo, Apêndice 1, Apêndice 2, and Apêndice 3).
  • Creates automatically a table of contents (including for images and tables);
  • Placeholders for pre textual elements
  • Correct Style and example for tables and figures.
  • Automatic page numbering.
  • Styles for references and text before and after images / tables.


I highly recommend the use of a tool such as Zotero to help organizing and formatting references.

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