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A Middleman template following @lewagon's best practices
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Le Wagon Middleman template

Welcome on this short guide on how to quickstart your next Middleman project with Le Wagon best practices.

Getting started

In your terminal, check you have Middleman:

gem install middleman
# You should have a version >= 4.2.1

Then run the following:

middleman init YOUR_PROJECT -B -T lewagon/middleman-template

git init
git add .
git commit -m 'Generated a new middleman project with lewagon/middleman-template'

hub create    # To create a repo on GitHub
git remote -v # Check that the `origin` remote is set.
git push origin master

You should be able to run:

middleman server

And go to localhost:4567

If the GitHub pages is not for a user but for an organization

You need to change the default branch to deploy 'gh-pages' -> 'master'

activate :deploy do |deploy|
  deploy.build_before = true
  deploy.deploy_method = :git
  deploy.branch   = 'master'


Make sure that your git status is clean and run:

middleman deploy

This should build your Middleman project and push it to the gh-pages of your GitHub repository. Then go to to see it live 🚀 !

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