An open source XSS vulnerability scanner.
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anti-XSS is an open source XSS scanning tool which comes with a powerful detection engine. It automates the process of detecting as well as mining XSS scripts and generate the scanning report automatically.

N.B: The project is under development and prone to bugs



You can download the latest zipball by clicking here.

Preferably, you can download anti-XSS by cloning the Git repository and then install requirements.

$ git clone anti-XSS
$ cd anti-XSS
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

anti-XSS works out of the box with Python version 2.7.x on any platform.


To get a list of basic options and switches use:

python -h


python --help

To get an overview of anti-XSS capabilities, list of supported features and description of all options and switches, along with examples, you are advised to consult the user's manual.