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apiblueprint yeoman generator

Yeoman generator for apiblueprint - lets you quickly set up a project with sensible defaults and best practices.


For step-by-step instructions on using Yeoman, see

For details about apiblueprint, including syntax, see

Install yo, grunt-cli, generator-apiblueprint:

npm install -g grunt-cli yo generator-apiblueprint

Make a new directory, and cd into it:

mkdir my-new-project && cd $_

Run yo apiblueprint

yo apiblueprint

Run grunt build for building and grunt serve for in-browser preview


The boilerplate directory structure assumes that all apiblueprint source code will be place inside the src directory. When built, the output will be placed in the dist directory.

The src directory has been designed such that there is a single index.html file, which pulls in various modules from the modules directory. When building, these are combined into a single index.html file.