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Thorvald Natvig <>
f506511 Add %s for printf
Jamie Fraser <>
9cc9539 Fix bug #3200725 @ SF - RichTextEditor disregarding
Jamie Fraser <>
41100fd Add 'Crimecraft: Bleedout' to default blacklist.
Jamie Fraser <>
6a46030 Make edit button greyed out if selected item is not a
b61f781 Added Edit button to Connect dialog.
Stefan Hacker <>
ae54c0c Add some comments to AudioInput::addMic/addEcho
Stefan Hacker <>
aed5c1e Split up and refactor WASAPIOutput::setVolumes function to get
rid of excesive indentation.
Mikkel Krautz <>
72185ae Mark OverlayInjectorMac as conforming to SBApplicationDelegate
on 10.6+ to fix Lion-only builds.
53cd8e4 Update Boost version for OS X.
Stefan Hacker <>
86b8c00 Make bf2 plugin correctly clear its context and identity
Stefan Hacker <>
b05dc71 Make vld an explicit, default off, option instead of implicit
1a8d879 Make winpaths_default.pri arch independent
Stefan Hacker <>
f0c2bfd Replace some manual version conversions with appropriate
MumbleVersion calls.
c99661d Remove some dead code previously related to version checking
Michael Ziegler <>
b79b960 tr() the strings and change default version to 1.2.0.
Stefan Hacker <>
d31b33d Updated boost to 1.47
Michael Ziegler <>
f1c6e83 style/typo fixes, use QMessageBox on Windows, don't rely on
argv[0] being set
4a26190 add long command line option names, add -h/--help options.
Kissaki <>
69baac1 add thunderbird and instantbird to overlay blacklist (new
hw-accelerated versions)
Mikkel Krautz <>
81dee1c Update version number of OSAX overlay injector.
d9417cb Fix the overlay on Mac OS X 10.6.8.
Mikkel Krautz <>
e9cfd21 Add build configuration for compiling on Lion.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
eeb1737 Fix UDP problems on IPv4 only hosts
Stefan Hacker <>
2d838f2 Prevent PTT window from showing up in non-PTT modes as well as
from minimizing when the MainWindow gets minimized.
Jacob Peddicord <>
0e4d963 Implement audio attenuation for PulseAudio.
Natenom <>
a270c7f Updated German translations
Tsbook <>
60ea789 Czech Tanslation Update (#3315071)
morris <>
c581e0e Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (#3314540)
Stefan Hacker <>
c873e08 Prevent user from accepting the channel add/edit dialog when
channel names are empty. Implements patch #3289052 in a leaner
Necromancer <>
821d7ce Updated Hebrew translation (#3308818)
Svenne33 <>
fc03b89 Updated Swedish Translation (#3296034)
Natenom <>
bc32f8d Updated German translations
Mikkel Krautz <>
d4f271b Don't link against ScriptingBridge in universal builds.
Thorvald Natvig <>
5632c35 Explicitly remove file permissions for settings and DB
Stefan Hacker <>
67ed381 Add PTT button window for tablet users
Benjamin Jemlich <>
a25d3a5 Fix log window resize behavior
Stefan Hacker <>
f9ab14c Add sendversion parameter to ini
Thorvald Natvig <>
0afd37a Include entire plugin structure
Stefan Hacker <>
a24e50e Fix Windows build. Reverted move of overlay blacklist as it is
needed in both the overlay itself and the client (broken by
2dad2795bd0d60320811) Fixed error introduced in
VersionCheck::fetched (broken by f57f81248f0a15e7f77e) Readded
missing Server.h header in Tray.h (broken by
7529297760ac4d2d1f0a) Fixed broken build files (broken by
Benjamin Jemlich <>
6a52586 Move overlay blacklist to its own file
fbeed39 Fix iObfuscate for IPv6
4fd379b Fix more Windows build errors
Thorvald Natvig <>
c3ffe0b Horrible hack to allow parallel resource builds
Benjamin Jemlich <>
7529297 Fix uppercase vs lowercase vs PCH include problems
Thorvald Natvig <>
dbf8879 Resort to predeps
03136ba quiet-build-log for binserver
45bd813 Fix murmur warnings
1ada87d Fix warnings in overlay_gl
f7cc6e7 Now with 'make -j' support
2dad279 Move overlayBlacklist and care about error on ftruncate
c675089 Use __typeof__ CELT resolve for g++
f57f812 Fix some compiler warnings
b99c639 Get rid of unused macros
d0f075e Add quiet-build-log config option
5459d4d Make -j for binserver
4c28e60 Clean up proto/Ice headers on make clean
Benjamin Jemlich <>
d09176e Include more boost::shared_ptr headers to fix the build
b87ee95 Fix use after delete in DX10 overlay code
f7d7b99 Merge ContextActionRemove and ContextActionAdd and rename it
to ContextActionModify
Stefan Hacker <>
ba66c4d Do not change the order of protobuf message types.
c98e3ea Fix: Stale custom context menu entries (#3301658)
052d51d Fix: Ducking events attenuate Mumble (Win7) (#3294588)
Opt-out of ducking events. This prevents Mumble from being
influenced by stream attenuations triggered by other
communications applications. Only applies to Windows 7 with
WASAPI since other platforms do not have this feature.
df4b0b3 Work around scrolling behavior of QTextBrowser in Log(Fixes
Thorvald Natvig <>
b8986c9 Ok, actually commit the script change so it doesn't get wiped
Benjamin Jemlich <>
6d6afca Fix changing iMaxUsers
Thorvald Natvig <>
07bf146 Use TCP destination as UDP source
Thorvald Natvig <>
bcb42f1 Ermine based server dist
Thorvald Natvig <>
d96648e Answer ping from same UDP address sent to (Linux only for now)
Thorvald Natvig <>
1550415 Use installation default paths and stop being difficult
Stefan Hacker <>
74a4051 Fix mixed up buttons in AudioInput
6b33a67 Improve documentation of Ice stop() command
Jamie Fraser <>
4586068 Don't check version numbers of URLs being sent over RPC.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
900f1e5 Opus support for the server
Stefan Hacker <>
ee72dea Modify PTT queue to work for all kinds of transmission
Thorvald Natvig <>
4420c07 CONFIG+=no-xinput2
Benjamin Jemlich <>
23e3999 Restore Qt <4.6 compatibility in WebFetch
Mark-Willem Jansen <>
a3245f0 Plugins: TF2 updated to build 4539
Stefan Hacker <>
4d50beb Improve error message when connecting with an invalid
password/certificate to a registered account
Jamie Fraser <>
fa7a412 Added option -wipelogs to clear logs in DB.
Ludwig Nussel <>
10baf16 fix bonjour support using avahi compat lib
3322f1b remove CAP_NET_ADMIN
Stefan Hacker <>
05d91c1 Regenerate Ice wrapper file
Stefan Hacker <>
f738bb2 Fix chatbar sending empty messages (#3267833)
a972df6 Convert context field to json
Jamie Fraser <>
bd690db Fixed up Otto's patch (#2911421), mostly style stuff. Changed
int -> uint and iterators to foreach()
6f156fa Correctly disable 'Disconnect' option when you abort a
Otto Allmendinger <>
1d832d5 Text Message Callback with Ice
Thorvald Natvig <>
f7d8711 Deal with non-rc versions for tarballs
Mark-Willem Jansen <>
4a98c74 Plugins: updated Team Fortress 2 to 4426
Tuck Therebelos <>
6297937 Update/Fix L4D plugins
Mikkel Krautz <>
ac0cf66 Overlay_macx: Use newer version of libxar with proper
codesigning support.
d5161aa Overlay_macx: Remove more unused code from the previous
23d1baa osxdist: Add extra codesigning step for flat pkg files and the
ability to select the keychain for your codesigning identity.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
d9324c2 Add a missing pch include in WebFetch.h
Jamie Fraser <>
9c4a194 Added a more helpful error condition to -supw being used
without a password
Mikkel Krautz <>
d12bb8a Bump OS X overlay installer version and set minimum required
version to 1.2.3 since we haven't broken compatibility yet.
9923549 Overlay_macx: Undo intermediate CA workaround for versions of
Mac OS X prior to Snow Leopard.
2061dc1 Fix QString-from-ASCII errors on OS X.
Thorvald Natvig <>
9facb12 Fix serverside suggestconf error for versions
Thorvald Natvig <>
94967ab Suggest Config
Ludwig Nussel <>
101bcaf if service name is empty don't pass an empty string
Thorvald Natvig <>
35cc9cf ;
Thorvald Natvig <>
4aec112 Add \brief
c06dfbc Create common utility class for fetching from
Benjamin Jemlich <>
23f6820 Restore forward declaration in VoiceRecorder.h
c35d093 Fix coding style in PulseAudio code
Stefan Hacker <>
0e1a351 Merge branches 'fwaggle-fix-default-port-on-paste' and
6de7303 Make text log only scroll automatically when user hasn't
manually used the scrollbar to scroll to something in the
middle (#3220440)
6f079db Fix compilation on Windows.
7bdd779 Update boost to 1.46.1
Jamie Fraser <>
b752ea0 Added a macro "DEFAULT_MUMBLE_PORT" in src/Net.h so that its a
one-line change should the default port ever change.
Ludwig Nussel <>
e57c008 fix compile error
Jamie Fraser <>
fb9df24 Fixed pasting of port-less URLs into connect dialog
Thorvald Natvig <>
f3437a6 Update copyright year ranges of dev team.
Thorvald Natvig <>
0e66a64 Make log rotation more robust
Thorvald Natvig <>
aed9d26 Update binserver git-describe
Thorvald Natvig <>
64f17cf Fix a few warnings
Tsbook <>
a3c1eac Updated Czech Translation (#3208772)
Mike <>
20ebcdc Positional audio plugin for Grand Theft Auto IV
Thorvald Natvig <>
fb6e0ac And move qobject defs to a header so they will be parsed
ee6bccf Fix speexbuild pro and mysql installer path
973790f Update win32 build paths
Mark-Willem Jansen <>
2f3f6b1 Plugins: Initial setup for the breach plugin
Stefan Hacker <>
fb61d50 Fix Timer includes all over the codebase and fix some pro/pri
Martijn Stolk <>
db2538f Overlay: add sorting options, including ability to sort on
last state change
6d62ae7 Overlay: add support for displaying active users
Ludwig Nussel <>
7d2d3ef open log file early so log dir can be root owned
82c4186 fix user switching
c858071 fix build error with capability.h
Thorvald Natvig <>
9682d7d Allow some leeway in the timer atomicity test
Stefan Hacker <>
e83cec0 Instead of warning when casting from ASCII to QString in the
client disable it completely.
Stefan Hacker <>
8c952c3 Remove duplicate overlay debug output code.
ronoc <>
e6831d8 Set the correct pulse audio properties, for the icon, app name
and the media role on the pulse connection. This will help
other apps identify mumble at runtime and be able to determine
mumble's purpose.
Stefan Hacker <>
b986e84 Fix possible access violation in Overlay
Jamie Fraser <>
d2a023e Added "Copy URL" to channel context menu.
e83173c ICE: Add udpPing and tcpPing to User
Tsbook <>
630d712 Czech Translation Update
Stefan Hacker <>
05096f7 Add some comments to hooking code
Jamie Fraser <>
188b652 Fixed Ice method getLogLen() requiring write secret instead of
read secret.
Mark-Willem Jansen <>
c245e2d PulseAudio: Fix multi speakers configuration.
Stefan Hacker <>
4774dab Moved windows self detection mechanism into Windows specific
Overlay code instead of special casing it in generic one
3db23e6 Make mumble overlay able to detect mumble independent of
executable name
Jamie Fraser <>
296ee6f Fixed typo: "staring" -> "starting" in OSS.cpp
Thorvald Natvig <>
2cd9863 Work around broken XI2 master devices
Mikkel Krautz <>
ad3926a Kill the nagging accessibility dialog from GlobalShortcutMac.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
e53de87 Fix coding style in the UserInformation dialog
fcc8c2b Split AudioInput::encodeAudioFrame
Thorvald Natvig <>
ffbeaa2 XInput 2.0 support
Stefan Hacker <>
ddd9c97 Add no-elevation build-flag to prevent the need of signing
win32 release builds during testing
Matthias Salzeder <>
4232dc1 added meta shortcut to toggle channel link state
Stefan Hacker <>
a65bb68 Make message read back user configurable
Stefan Hacker <>
859d7a4 Remove leftover launchCompatibilityClient signature
4188575 mumble:// links without or with invalid version parameter now
refer to 1.2.0 by default. Also remove version hardcoding in
checker and fix version check in general.
cb39dc6 Save current input when using the history
8fa3b10 User ctrl+up/down for chatbar history
ee21456 Fix violation of abstraction in ChatbarTextEdit
127a09c Fix setenv called on windows build
f07d33b Add history to chatbar
ae024c8 Remove obvious "FPS:" text from overlay leaving only the
0e155a5 After downloading a new snapshot delete all snapshots older
than 30 days from the snapshot folder
Mikkel Krautz <>
91a4fe6 Don't try launch compatibility client anymore.
Thorvald Natvig <>
f11d097 Protobuf 2.4.0a on Win32 (and static)
873282b Update ASIO path
064a5a3 Bump version to 1.2.4
d294ccd Fix pch
2b84bd7 Suppress vendor lockin suggestions
2400cae Unify snapshot/release defines
1161c9a Remove 1.1.x - no longer maintained
Stefan Hacker <>
df0f290 Add some other applications to the overlay blacklist
Stefan Hacker <>
520ad96 Add Photoshop, Blender and GoogleEarth to the overlay
Thorvald Natvig <>
3ccbe53 Experiment with immediate overlay delete
Stefan Hacker <>
263338e Add Windows Live Suite and Secunia PSI to default overlay
Thorvald Natvig <>
ed8ab35 No, events from deleted objects are really not ok.
1e74ee5 Upgrade to CELT 0.11.1 in-place
Thorvald Natvig <>
f6b6f21 Don't spam console for release build
9f2c927 No variance without averge
Tuck Therebelos <>
2da7fb6 Plugin update run
Thorvald Natvig <>
d694432 Update mumble-overlay script
karokatona <>
3c1d24c Hungarian Translation
Thorvald Natvig <>
685809c Remove CELT 0.10.0
Zuko <>
e027b3f Updated Polish translation
Zuko <>
1601fb8 Password is now not visible in the Import Certificate window
Mikkel Krautz <>
775165f Add CELT 0.11.0 to OS X dist script.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
d256a9f Add missing celt-0.11.0-build dir
04a3fcd Fix overlay editor font dialog opens behind MainWindow
58aba64 Add CELT 0.11.0 support
Mikkel Krautz <>
cd52bf6 Re-add menu roles to Settings and About menu items. The
default (text heuristic) only yields the correct result when
the texts are in English.
4199de4 ShortcutActionWidget: Use default size for OS X. With
AdjustToContents, the QComboBox *is* bigger than the contents.
Zuko <>
cebb2dd Fixed 'nan' in user information (average ping) for newly
connected users
Zuko <>
e067269 User Information improvements
6755b81 Added gg, xmpp, skype and mailto to allowedSchemes
Benjamin Jemlich <>
07ddfc7 Add NOMINMAX define
Thorvald Natvig <>
e0ba383 Work around timestamp update for mysql
53e5c75 Fix ID of new server if all servers deleted
4559674 Add Qt 4.6 Guard to QAppMumble::event
c61522e Remove older CELT 0.9.0
Benjamin Jemlich <>
421833e Fix bIsSpeech logic
95d13a5 Style fixes in ACLEditor.cpp
Joshua Kocinski <>
dc662e0 Set bAutoUnmute flag properly when deafening while muted.
Thorvald Natvig <>
324338f Iterator oddness in ACL Editor
460e489 Ok, slightly less verbose, then
Spaccaossi <>
a7f91b7 Updated italian translation
Benjamin Jemlich <>
c8bd81a Use make_shared in the VoiceRecorder
373cdeb Disable sending Speex encoded audio
342ed0e Use the qBound macro to clip samples
Thorvald Natvig <>
1cafc8b Add overly verbose proxy widget adding.
e1b24d2 Clean up a few compiler warnings.
832f5aa Include ancient ice path as well
Benjamin Jemlich <>
1e5cd08 Fix benchmark client to compile on Windows
Mikkel Krautz <>
51223e9 Remove unused AppleEvent parameter hack from
db1b92a Update Mac OS X URL handling to be compatible with current Qt.
eeac069 Fix "freeze on launch" issue on OS X. It turns out that
sending blocking AppleEvents to oneself is not such a good
Benjamin Jemlich <>
cd1f4b3 Add a workaround for broken CodecVersion messages on 1.2.2
Benjamin Jemlich <>
08904af Use TLSv1 in the benchmark client
Thorvald Natvig <>
82879ed Re-add 0.9.0 to package script
ce85721 Change CELT 0.9.0 to 0.10.0 in package script
Thorvald Natvig <>
41af016 Make active-state of shortcuts be data-dependent
Stefan Hacker <>
194ab56 Fix overlay causing stack overflow when closing vs2010
ce51f28 Prevent random fluke in ip/port readout in bf2 plugin
B0nuse <>
032546b Updated mumble_ru.ts
Benjamin Jemlich <>
c30e964 Create the RecordInfo object before adding a new RecordBuffer
Benjamin Jemlich <>
48c3c07 Set bDisconnectEmitted in the client code
Antoine Bertin <>
d90cf06 Updated french translation for Mumble
Thorvald Natvig <>
f9089d8 Auto-rename tarfiles
Mikkel Krautz <>
f38d1ad Add CELT 0.10 to
Thorvald Natvig <>
5bdf525 Timestamp table upgrades
Stefan Hacker <>
b50a0ac Update bf2 plugin to use json instead of xml for
context/identity representation
357725a Fix AudioWizard focus after invalid shortcut entry
Benjamin Jemlich <>
87f41f4 Add CELT 0.10.0 DLLs to the installer
03a8634 Change MySQL table creation statements to work with 5.5.x
ecf3bdd Save last channel on user registration
606658e Always set umtType to the correct version
7c66886 Move bDisconnectEmitted down by one level
Stefan Hacker <>
ee8dcd8 Fix some problems with overlay backlisting not preventing dx
hooking. Improve checking for WPF.
0813b58 Add 'M:' prefix to fods/ods overlay debugging function output
Tuck Therebelos <>
90e1f7e Fix unreliable commander state memory address
Stefan Hacker <>
50a136c Fix Timer class for systems with unusually high performance
frequency numbers or long uptime
Stefan Hacker <>
2077aa0 Fix previous wizard patch
Benjamin Jemlich <>
83dcdc3 Add CELT 0.10.0
d82a608 Use QElapsedTimer if it's available
Stefan Hacker <>
f642271 Prevent server from forward audio from muted clients
90f5f78 Fix possible client/server mute state mismatch
b36c879 Fix attenuation not being disabled on disconnect
04a5b5c Fix possible crash in MainWindow::talkingChanged()
Tuck Therebelos <>
6d332cb Update Steam support for BC2
09008e6 Fix semicolon omission
120fa9e Plugin updates for release
Benjamin Jemlich <>
4c1e473 Restore Qt < 4.6 compatibility
495c8c3 Remove Qt dependency in the LOTRO plugin
Mark-Willem Jansen <>
283b935 Added information to the warnings, to help trace problems on
windows systems
Ilmar Kruis <>
f8d393c 'November Update' for Lord of the Rings Online plugin
Benjamin Jemlich <>
223d0a9 Unbreak send message on double click
fcb681c Fix another chatbar size bug
be86148 Release the plugin lock before calling about/config on a
be7ad39 Fix updateMenuPermissions() after context menu change
Benjamin Jemlich <>
079f1ad Remove local variable in getOSVersion
ece6a89 Readd the scrollbar changing to the chatbar in way that
doesn't crash and doesn't break everything
Thorvald Natvig <>
c0bf2c2 Update release script
012dfc6 Use bzip2 for static build
Stefan Hacker <>
b8a2745 Fix two signed|unsigned comparison warnings
e8a2bb5 Prepare murmur for user defined server locations
Mikkel Krautz <>
c857a99 CoreAudio: Use AudioUnitPropertyListener instead of
AUEventListener to listen for AudioUnit stream format changes.
405ef1a OverlayMac: Don't use NSBundle#objectForInfoDictionaryKey to
determine whether we're up to date.
Mikkel Krautz <>
c85be07 Use Audio::start() and Audio::stop() in ConfigDialogMac.
8366832 CoreAudio: Restart AudioInput/AudioOutput on stream format
Mark-Willem Jansen <>
da83cdd Overlay: On windows sync the settings to registry when overlay
config is changed
Finessi Manuel <>
ef07a72 Patch for bug: 3117145
Mikkel Krautz <>
acf85af Drop the date from Mac OS X snapshots.
2ffa671 Don't include newline character from 'git describe' in
Benjamin Jemlich <>
8c4abd2 Use default indentation in the treeview
39039c2 Disallow RequestBlob for unauthenticated users
Thorvald Natvig <>
1893804 Changing scrollbars in chatbar causes infinite loops. Remove
it for now.
Mikkel Krautz <>
b8cb9d0 Update Boost path for OSX to 1.45.0.
a0207d5 Use 'git describe' in
Benjamin Jemlich <>
4f5089f Fix context menu handling for disconnected users
Thorvald Natvig <>
5dfd1f0 Try to be slightly more tolerant of third-party tables in the
Michael Ziegler <>
5072837 work around linux (that is, kde) switching channels on a
single click
Stefan Hacker <>
b38e264 Make TTS link simplification case insensitive
Necromancer <>
03b5df8 [translation] Hebrew update
Benjamin Jemlich <>
df7dc3a Don't crash if someone tries to add an ACE for an unknown user
Thorvald Natvig <>
a085d26 Use git describe for server snapshots
Thorvald Natvig <>
35c6e03 Unify link detection regexps
84884ba Boost 1.45
Ilmar Kruis <>
c435d5c Update Lotro plugin to Vol III Book 2
Mikkel Krautz <>
07c0813 TCD -> TCP in Danish translation.
091d9be Fix Group::members() to include members of the channel that
the group is defined on even if it's marked as inheritable.
Stefan Hacker <>
8eb1b7e Fix user sorting in UserEdit form
ac10fe4 Fix muted/deafen indicator offset in overlay default
Benjamin Jemlich <>
933a9dd Don't reset the connection timeout until the user is
Stefan Hacker <>
1fa0c3c Refactor overlay preset code. Switch default layout. Try to
make new default look better.
ecff17a Set min width for log as first aid to #3109452
cb9dee6 Fix custom TTS setting saving in wizard and make switching to
TTS always enable main TTS switch.
576c9ee Fix regression in user sorting
Kissaki <>
2a48fa0 correct ice-doc description for auth-callback idToName()
Benjamin Jemlich <>
6c78711 Print the correct filename in the error message
34ff2e7 More potential a_ucTexture == NULL crash fixes
Stefan Hacker <>
ce8cedf Unify User/ClientUser sorting. Fix "usernames in overlay are
in different order" #3110572 . Fix other sorting issues. Fix
OverlayTest compilation.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
6150084 Add and remove some forward declares from header files
fa7ea52 Fixes for /Zc:wchar_t
4315214 Fix some -Wshadow warnings
d775d5c Remove OpenGL dependency in the audio statistics dialog
426c411 Simplify iIsSpeech logic
c644952 Fix a crash in the overlay if a_ucTexture is NULL
Stefan Hacker <>
c2f0c53 Fix mumble packet image in documentation
Benjamin Jemlich <>
907c41f Fix compile without PCH
3994350 Fix #3090083
Stefan Hacker <>
ca23daf Add no-vld and no-plugin qmake flags
Mikko Rantanen <>
77827af Documented no-bundled-celt option in INSTALL with a note
concerning CELT 0.7.x
2131364 Documentation: Added a note concerning the codec requirements
and clarified UDP tunneling. Also some minor float/margin
Benjamin Jemlich <>
42930a7 Update CELT 0.9 submodule to get the PLC fixes
Stefan Hacker <>
ec0e463 Add firefox.exe to overlay blacklist
Mikkel Krautz <>
42fc791 Don't use DBus for the client on OS X.
409aaa7 Use CELT 0.9 in osxdist script.
Stefan Hacker <>
01e2247 Fix rounding behavior in conjunction with iroundf macro in
lots of places.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
11ff9b1 Remove more unused files
7186e61 Replace CELT 0.8.1 with 0.9.0
Stefan Hacker <>
f7aec20 Fix VoiceRecorder::sanitizeFilenameOrPathComponent: When a 255
character filename/path-component ends on '.' infinite
recursion might have occurred on windows machines.
Arcenciel <>
b1340c3 Updated Japanese Translation for 1.2.3
Benjamin Jemlich <>
f21ecfa Use the Wix custom action to launch Mumble
7139599 Fix use of uninitialized variables and unused assignments
c865e05 Add swedish Qt translation
bee5338 Readd overlay hook on DLL_THREAD_ATTACH
Spaccaossi <>
2a26a18 Italian translation for 1.2.3
Svenne33 <>
97e4bd6 Swedish translation for 1.2.3
Jonathan <>
6f7435f Danish translation: small update
Rafael Correia <>
99cc86d rework to improve the quality of the code of the patch (bug
3067616 - DUAL Head PTT)
Álvaro Manuel Recio Pérez <>
f913b99 Updated Spanish translation for 1.2.3
Arcenciel <>
ec2b987 Updated Japanese Translation
Thorvald Natvig <>
1d05e6e Patch build patch
Stefan Hacker <>
d84fa5d Add a winpaths_default.pri to contain all windows dependency
paths and make them easily overridable by a custom
Stefan Hacker <>
c4211c1 Merge remote branch 'rantanen/master'
Mikko Rantanen <>
0b14cb3 Clarified varint encoding
Álvaro Manuel Recio Pérez <>
99ddd8f Updated Spanish translation for 1.2.3
morris <>
7f3d833 Brazilian Portuguese translation update
Jonathan <>
aca189b Updated Danish translation for 1.2.3
Stefan Hacker <>
65e4071 Switch VAD default from SnR to Amplitude and adjust UI
accordingly. Run audio wizard without asking first. Add update
counter to config for future updates. Add abstraction for
Version query/parsing.
Mikko Rantanen <>
e90d14f Described varint decode function in documentation
Kissaki <>
4bb38b8 updated german translation
Mark-Willem Jansen <>
848d242 ALSA: added Rear Center and boosted the channel count to 9
66fa813 Plugins: Manual plugin corrected.
Zuko <>
84c611c Updated Polish translation
Mikko Rantanen <>
90b46fc Boredom?
23408f8 Fixed a reference and UDP packet size unit
594f950 Updated message documentation and fixed some errors based on
pcgod's input. Fixed some references as well.
4b71e41 Rather complete documentation of Messages
morris <>
4731d82 Brazilian Portuguese Translation
Stefan Hacker <>
ce79583 Fix easter time and a compiler warning
Mikko Rantanen <>
00fb3c6 More additions to the packet descriptions
4606a71 Further documented some of the Messages in the reference
96c80d0 More documentation. - Some tweaks to TCP connecting, mainly in
form of figures. - Initial Proto buffer message descriptions
as tables that contain field descriptions. Most descriptions
Svenne33 <>
854f5da New update of Swedish translation
Arie <>
f4b0278 Better Engrish for button
Mikko Rantanen <>
b4cdc19 Further enhancements to the documentation
cc5137e Why not include the updated pdf as well?
46f27d7 - Added message structure env/command - Added initial
description on UDP protocol
Svenne33 <>
4a684df Swedish translation updated
Thorvald Natvig <>
9fee66e Speed up SQLite for client even more
8eef3c0 Speed up SQLite for client
Stefan Hacker <>
8d97167 Fix "Optimize for high contrast" makes volume bars disappear
Mark-Willem Jansen <>
45ea514 ALSA:re-ordered the speaker mapping to ALSA standards.
B0nuse <>
fd6faf1 Updated mumble_ru.ts with fixes.
Tuck Therebelos <>
bdd383c Fixed unreliable Steam linking for BFBC2
Justin McGrath <>
52a8f39 Added FR 2109227: limit the chat log size.
Natenom <>
1eaee4b Updated German translations.
DK <>
52f7090 String fixes
Stefan Hacker <>
2a1bd18 Add no-vorbis-recording buildflag for disabling vorbis for
older libsndfile versions
9fd2611 Fix support for older libsndfile
Justin McGrath <>
4170dc7 Added *.jpeg to image filter for avatars as per Feature
Request 2998995
Thorvald Natvig <>
1a8da34 Make the icon valid
76df86a Alternative svg rendering for application icon
7df254a Sync alternate icon render
f52fb66 Update to new G15 SDK
Zuko <>
bb3cb7f Updated Polish translation
Arcenciel <>
3556898 Updated Japanese Translation
Justin McGrath <>
8ac8b45 Fixed bug #3062825
Benjamin Jemlich <>
392333a String fixes in the ACL edit dialog found by fwaggle
ba6bd1e Fix codec selection and outdated bitstream constants
Thorvald Natvig <>
bd121b5 Support older libsndfile
31488de Experimentally switch back to "real" boost typeof
Natenom <>
e8810bf Limit name label width in ban editor to 500 to not break the
UI with very long names.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
ac2b6ca Remove unused code, spotted by rawnar
Arcenciel <>
3a703dd Updated Japanese Translation
Benjamin Jemlich <>
343510e Flush client ACL cache after registration
Mark-Willem Jansen <>
87f3c8c Plugins: Borderlands updated to version 1.40.
Thorvald Natvig <>
0369e8e Fix English source strings
Mikkel Krautz <>
bd2f257 Bundle intermediate CAs for the overlay installer to make Mac
OS X 10.5 play along nicely.
Stefan Hacker <>
ac49c60 Prevent GUI password editor from leaking token ACLs into
inherited channels.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
f0b3af6 Recorder string fixes
Mikkel Krautz <>
a72dfa8 Explicitly specify which events to intercept via EventTap.
Fixes random crashes on Leopard.
Svenne33 <>
8a5998f Swedish Translation (#3071209 & #3071223)
Natenom <>
5f774af Fixed a translation typo submitted by Radioactiveman in IRC on
#mumble, German translation updates
Stefan Hacker <>
9374b51 Adding new favourite server now completes from clipboard.
Added password edit field to favourite edit dialog (only shown
for SuperUser or favourites which already have a password)
Natenom <>
fe52c22 Fixed a German translation typo which caused the overlay
editor to save mumblelay files without extension. Submitted by
Thomas <> via email.
Stefan Hacker <>
979c415 Fix typo in qaSelfComment patch
4c739e9 Fix qaSelfComment not disabled on startup
Benjamin Jemlich <>
f4b7ff2 Reformat this block and reword the comments
Thorvald Natvig <>
25e7ebb Move qmake profile lines to single line to work with release
Zuko <>
10625c9 Update polish translation
Mikkel Krautz <>
0b34efb Hide system cursor when in interactive overlay on Mac OS X.
Thorvald Natvig <>
6e3fc04 Give the overlay text a bit more space
eb3479b Disallow suppressing left mouse button
1f4be58 Use slice path for Ice 3.4.1
ccb9350 4.7.0 cross-compatible qmake
Mikkel Krautz <>
07b7533 Alternative way to enable overlay debugging on OSX.
0f355bd Only disable GL_TEXTURE_GEN_* if they're already enabled.
Fixes black screen issue with EVE on OSX (via Cider)
Stefan Hacker <>
a8a2129 TextMessage recording warning for pre 1.2.3 clients + Comments
+ minor refactoring
Mikkel Krautz <>
dba101a Re-add NSOpenGLContext awareness to Mac OS X overlay to
improve resolution detection in SC2 and Source Engine games.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
c8bfedb Added launch checkbox and new bitmaps for the installer
Mikkel Krautz <>
803a6d5 Update jp filenames for mumble11x as well.
B0nuse <>
09c23f8 Russian translation update.
Arcenciel <>
f78a58b Updated Japanese Translation (#3058069)
Nicos Gollan <>
8dccb14 Improve Overlay Font Resizing
Mikkel Krautz <>
518b2aa Make overlay injection work on Mac OS X Leopard.
Natenom <>
83d2ee8 Updated German translations
zuczeq <>
a3518d4 Translation update - Polish (#3054197)
Mikkel Krautz <>
f0a8051 Re-add missing codesign files from overlay installer.
1ac9afa Unix/MacOSX overlay library: Tell OverlayClient when we've
mapped SharedMemory so it can safely be released.
Stefan Hacker <>
47fcb76 Add a mutex locking for plugin strings to fix race condition
Mikkel Krautz <>
3bae17a ConnectDialogEdit: Use "Add Server" title when adding a new
f1a0740 Report bIs64 for OSX. The arch info stuff returns the arch of
the kernel, which is almost always i386.
212ed93 Remove Mac OS X overlay launcher.
9e5d846 Only disallow opening external URLs when overlay-embedded,
internal URLs are still allowed.
Tuck Therebelos <>
dd3d537 Make toolbar icons skinnable
Mikkel Krautz <>
37faf24 Fix comment of the previous commit.
092784e Disallow clicking links in the log when embedded into the
overlay on OSX.
531bb4e Use Cleanlooks style when embedded into the overlay on OSX.
16170ad Manually embed OverlayUserGroup into QGraphicsScene on Mac OS
X to get correct positioning.
52dcfb1 Use event->widget() as parent for OverlayUserGroup context
menu when not embedded (fixes non-embedded OverlayConfig menu
on OSX)
c477395 Disable unifiedToolbar hack for Qt >= 4.7.
Mark-Willem Jansen <>
8b3dee1 Plugins: Borderlands extended support and changed context
Mikkel Krautz <>
fb9f982 Allow semi-transparent windows on our overlay for Mac OS X
again. Fixed in mumble-developers-qt.
Natenom <>
4f1ff20 This patch adds a read-only recording flag to the User object
that is returned by getState() over Ice. Polished by Svedrin
(Michael Ziegler <>)
Benjamin Jemlich <>
95233ce Change german translation to match the english text
0fc10ed Remove CWD from DLL search path on Windows
cbd8457 Qt's japanese translation file was renamed in 4.7
Mikkel Krautz <>
f9fb2fd Forward events through Qt instead of using
performSelector:onThread: to be able to properly forward
events in nested event loops.
ae18413 Don't call activateWindow on qteText. It cancels the window's
Qt::WA_DontShowOnScreen state on Mac OS X.
Thorvald Natvig <>
0afaf58 ifdef jitter reporting
Mikkel Krautz <>
a4c33cc Only allow interactive overlay for fullscreen apps on Mac OS
Stefan Hacker <>
ab16dfc Add sound for recording state change notifications
Mikkel Krautz <>
f7aa9be Add no-crash-report to INSTALL. Fix wording for
B0nuse <>
81005bf Update of Russian translation with Fixes.
Stefan Hacker <>
a74fdf8 Exclusive input is now disabled by default
Nicos Gollan <>
82aae29 Portable OverlayTest, disable exception on Linux
a53926e Fix config layout, some code fixes
a6a6823 Add FPS functionality to OverlayTest
d398718 Overlay corrections
fa3529f Import/export of overlay settings
616d5b9 Extended the overlay settings
49558f7 Broke up monster Overlay.cpp
f649795 Overlay text refactoring and refining
Tuck Therebelos <>
685954c Source updates
Mikkel Krautz <>
1eb4c72 Fix my broken hide-overlay logic.
universal build.
89b8307 Move around a few calls that make the overlay-embedded
MainWindow usable on OSX.
132add5 Use ConfigDialogMac for empty g.qsCurrentStyle as well.
0f0e141 Fix restoreGeometry for Mac OS X when using
Benjamin Jemlich <>
630fe7d Don't crash using local loopback / recording + overlay
Stefan Hacker <>
f6c98e4 Add backend to frontend error reporting for recorder
cb8ddcf Fix compile errors
8faf40f Add support for ASIO format ASIOSTInt24LSB
Jamie Fraser <>
71e9029 Ice method: int getLogLen()
Mikkel Krautz <>
c88692b csShape is no longer a member variable.
f6d9c4f Use system cursors for OSX interactive overlay.
24fb17f Don't restore/store geometry for overlay-embedded
326f5b0 Fix crashbug where forwarded ocIntercept events were processed
after we were out of the interactive overlay.
c101191 Add PID message to OSX overlay lib.
Tuck Therebelos <>
ab81d38 Add player-specific context information to BF2
Benjamin Jemlich <>
ab2ed68 Blacklist WPF apps in the overlay
Thorvald Natvig <>
92fe3c7 ServerHandler as shared_ptr
81f9d9f Boost 1.44
Arcenciel <>
c19821c Updated Japanese Translation
Mikkel Krautz <>
11edcd6 Bump Boost to 1.44.0 for OSX.
5ec6c9c Fix CrashReporter build for Mac OS X.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
1a88c2e Fix old version uninstall
Natenom <>
f5eeaaf Updated German translations.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
fb784a5 Merge branch 'recording-clean' of
e5c668f Add more keyboard shortcuts in the settings dialog
1a51db9 Installer fixes
Thorvald Natvig <>
ccf4b33 Use .mm ending in 11x as well
f6a3e82 Add cpu type and SSE2 state to usage stats
Arcenciel <>
1d32a33 Japanese translation for current git
Benjamin Jemlich <>
4518147 Fix recorder error messages.
3870798 Add comments in VoiceRecorder
Stefan Hacker <>
22a74ac Add log messages/notifications for recording state changes
66ef598 Add vcheck
163ae5a Prevent turning / into // at the beginning of filenames (d'oh)
3c4fbd5 Maybe fix linux absolute paths + Minor stuff.
Tuck Therebelos <>
a4b5217 Arma2 conditional to prevent premature linking; L4D2 update
Stefan Hacker <>
7b9ca2c Add path and filename templating. Fix recording mode restore.
Add missing licensing headers.
324d43e Make sure recorder is aware of connection state. Don't show
recorder icon in menu.
d876cab Fix browse button
2622533 Fix deadlock on codec change while recording. Various minor
style fixes.
B0nuse <>
172d060 More fixes for mumble_ru.ts file
Benjamin Jemlich <>
2926e6f Use Qt's StringBuilder where available and add pch include
7732ca1 Add a namespace for VoiceRecorder format functions
7301003 Fix multichannel recording
Mikkel Krautz <>
8376c46 Fix permission issue with OSX overay installer when no
/Library/ScriptingAdditions/ directory exists prior to
Mark-Willem Jansen <>
95cdca8 Borderlands plugin: added support for german version of
Mikkel Krautz <>
40c04a1 Don't use ConfigDialog_macx for compat client.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
a6423d9 Delete dialog and possible crash fixes
3a29bdc Possible crash fix
7e18e35 Use the correct way to add the WIX UI extension
c333198 Always install libmysql.dll
Thorvald Natvig <>
a40cd34 Fix a few more SSE/SSE2 installer issues
00f405c Add SSE2 export to installer
ff47838 SSE2 build using MSVC
6cf5ac9 Update Ice embedded doc
Mikkel Krautz <>
0bd663f Split out native-looking OSX ConfigDialog into a fully
separate class. Allows us to pick which one to use at runtime.
1db53c6 Call winId() in MacOS ConfigDialog to ensure is backed by a
native window.
Thorvald Natvig <>
331da15 Correct debug path and Ice version in installer
d6f8076 Machine-dependent installer settings
Stefan Hacker <>
03009a9 Fix crash on close + recording dialog behavior when stop is
Benjamin Jemlich <>
e555a83 Add a namespace for the enum
fad3790 Fix crash on recording stop
4ad437a Use the MSVCRT 2010 merge module and readd the translation
4bb0bf2 Add MSI-based installer
Mark-Willem Jansen <>
1a0e643 Borderlands plugin updated to version 1.31
Thorvald Natvig <>
1009e97 Include MSVC version in plugin query
38ffcfb Avoid NULL on sendmessage to invalid sessions
dac82c9 VS 2010 build
Tuck Therebelos <>
06dd3ab Gmod update; minor plugin fixes/updates
Stefan Hacker <>
598b7c3 Add recording UI
4a2d48d VoiceRecorder backend extension for UI needs
32017ea Settings load and restore for recording feature
Mikkel Krautz <>
a34f73a Fix URL and Mac OS X install instructions in README.
451c11d Fix mumble11x GlobalShortcut_macx symlink.
8b298ba Forward intercepted events directly to NSView rather than
going through NSApplication first...
f9f142f Forward more events to ocIntercept.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
2e99628 Style fixes and safer pointer handling
0321c24 Add recording icon
Benjamin Jemlich <>
3d6ef0f Ignore zero scopeId in ping replies
Jamie Fraser <>
bf561d3 Toggle setting (rememberchannel) for remembering a registered
users last channel.
Jamie Fraser <>
ab31fc2 added timestamps to foreground log output
Mikkel Krautz <>
b4dc0e6 Forward ocIntercept events on Mac OS X to viewport instead of
QGraphicsView. QAbstractScrollArea does not propagate
QEvent::Mouse* events.
B0nuse <>
ff56005 Updated Russian translations.
Mikkel Krautz <>
6a05cd6 Attempt at forwarding Mac OS X mosue events to QGraphicsView
during ocIntercept.
Mikkel Krautz <>
41cdc04 Diable overlay for universal Mac OS X builds.
ba654a5 Auto-updating overlay installer on Mac OS X.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
a2e2a82 Fix crash when connecting to a different server
Tuck Therebelos <>
019c47a l4d2 update
1a2ea89 Fix last commit
aa0fc95 Add context support to BFBC2
0c69d52 Gmod update
Benjamin Jemlich <>
e681802 Add Qt's russian translation
Tuck Therebelos <>
d0a6627 Source plugin updates; clarify regName parameter usage in
Imre Botos <>
3e91919 Counter-Strike 1.6 plugin fix
Jamie Fraser <>
85feea3 Added ability to disable logging to DB
Mikkel Krautz <>
6422f37 Fix appdata migration when no ~/Library/Application
Support/Mumble exists.
8aeda4d Move Mac OS X data dir to ~/Library/Application Support/[...]
Nicos Gollan <>
2debbf0 Refining overlay font rendering
Mikkel Krautz <>
8f63e4d Check overlay installer for version info instead of the Mumble
app bundle.
B0nuse <>
b8f14d8 Translation fixes (Russian)
Natenom <>
e0163bd Updated German translations
Benjamin Jemlich <>
8f73beb Fix a possible race condition on reconnect
Mikkel Krautz <>
e0d1de4 Don't stop device initialization in CoreAudio in cases where
reading BufferFrameSizeRange fails.
f88ca84 Fix typo in CoreAudio.
bf8d005 Zero out AudioBufList in CoreAudioInput constructor. Could
lead to nasty crashes in cases of failing CoreAudio input
1c39e8d Bump overlay version to get users to test the new installer.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
385f256 Fix overlay dll debug output
8f0a2bd Revert "Overlay blacklist wmpnscfg.exe and fix the
mumble_ol.dll's debug output" because it breaks the overlay
Tuck Therebelos <>
f5f526d Fix multiple issues with ArmA 2 plugin, and update it to 1.07
Stefan Hacker <>
dd93a58 Prevent Russian language file for installer from overwriting
the English source strings
Mikkel Krautz <>
acb93fb Switch Mac OS X overlay installer to a signed Apple .pkg
Stefan Hacker <>
c8dfd56 Fix typo in last patch
f5704a0 Clicking tray icon now activates the window if it is inactive
instead of hiding it
c24b79e Overlay blacklist wmpnscfg.exe and fix the mumble_ol.dll's
debug output
Mikkel Krautz <>
9ba3eb3 Dist script fixes for universal build.
cbc880e New LGLCD SDK path on Mac OS X.
3c936c2 Make CONFIG+=universal imply no-cocoa
Nicos Gollan <>
022772e More uniform font rendering in overlay
Mikkel Krautz <>
41f8041 Work around the overlay preview resizing problem by minimizing
the amount of unnecessary style changes we do.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
dcc541a Add Qt's accessibility dll to the installer
Benjamin Jemlich <>
0a880fe Add local voice recording
4335312 Add another QThread::yield in the audio output code
8bd2060 Added/updated russian installer and client translation,
submitted by B0nuse on #mumble.
4315190 Add russian translation file to the resource file.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
7208fcc Fix more crashes if we have no ServerHandler
cf3c151 Lazy init the ServerHandler object and don't crash if we have
no ServerHandler
Nicos Gollan <>
8bd79b6 Use noise-filtered amplitude for VAD
Mikkel Krautz <>
1b3d329 Fix AudioStats for compat client.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
bfa01db Fix reconnecting when using Qt 4.7
63b84d3 Disable system CA override in Qt 4.7
0dc54d7 Fix MSVC compile errors
3b594af Workaround for the client certificate verification bug in Qt
Thorvald Natvig <>
173ebf8 Allow getRegistration with read pw
Mikkel Krautz <>
932fe13 Fix logic error in Also make copied libraries
explicitly owner-writable (OpenSSL wasn't).
Thorvald Natvig <>
75df5b7 Handle external auth with whitespace
Benjamin Jemlich <>
2997897 Fix some gcc and cppcheck warnings
fe9ae2d Disable crash reporter on linux
89d30a9 Fix possible fd leak in OSS code
Thorvald Natvig <>
c4eefe7 Use local OpenSSL for static build
470a089 New servers have DB version 5
Natenom <>
e4615e6 Add -n (suppress certificat) to the command line options.
Stefan Hacker <>
fe2e3e5 Some minor cleanup in the bfbc2 plugin
10e5299 Prevent l4d2 plugin from crashing Mumble on trylock
a8efbbf Fix display bug in Audio Wizard
Mikkel Krautz <>
0cf351e Only copy mumble-g15-helper to app bundle if it exists.
e925ec6 Update Mac OS X build for Ice-3.4.1, Boost 1.43.0 and detect
the presence of LGLCD SDK (disable g15helper if not present)
Thorvald Natvig <>
288dab9 Update to CELT 0.8.1
6c61371 Report OpenSSL version to console
Tuck Therebelos <>
bbd417b Fix typo in L4D2
Tuck Therebelos <>
492ffa4 See if state value causes L4D2 bug
25e833b Source plugin updates; BFBC2 update, works with Steam now
Jamie Fraser <>
9c9983b Added default root certificate store on FreeBSD.
Andreas Bibok <>
3c4fe52 Partial translation to Hungarian
Necromancer <>
1d155a1 Hebrew translation update: translated audio input, audio
output, user interface and shortcuts sections.
Sergey Ivanov <>
e6514f0 Updated russian translation
Stefan Hacker <>
cb9c5bd Customize labels for high contrast mode so they talk about
what is actually visible
Jamie Fraser <>
ea20c4c Fixed Murmur Build on FreeBSD
Karl Dietz <>
d1dd3e7 wow: update to 3.3.5
Mark-Willem Jansen <>
d135236 Plugins: Changed the pointers for the camera information of
Stefan Hacker <>
5c40cfe Don't validate the name before we are sure it wasn't already
validated by an authenticator
Benjamin Jemlich <>
6b33dda Don't crash on long usernames
Kissaki <>
0c38e42 correct inline-doc and make it clearer
Benjamin Jemlich <>
cb223d4 Add a wrapper for the new CELT 0.8.0 API
Benjamin Jemlich <>
4d79d80 Allow <img> tags with an empty source url
Benjamin Jemlich <>
73f3ac2 Fix WASAPI exclusive output for some broken drivers
Thorvald Natvig <>
a0593c9 s/input/output/ for warning
Stefan Hacker <>
54f1a03 Fix server compilation on Debian Lenny (Qt 4.4, Ice 3.2)
Thorvald Natvig <>
33990fb Fix output buffer size for exclusive mode WASAPI
c3f587b WASAPI Exclusive Mode output and 11x compile fix
Benjamin Jemlich <>
74fc0b0 Increase murmur log window size on windows
47af935 Enable Windows security stuff for release builds
2493907 Fix qmake 4.7 deprecation warnings
6f52a68 Add VS 2010 pdb files to .gitignore
Benjamin Jemlich <>
1f56580 Add basic recording logic
773f05a Fix some warnings in the chatbar code
arrai <>
3ef3ea8 Add recording state handling to the client
Mark-Willem Jansen <>
d187857 WINAPI update: WinVerifyTrust() returns a LONG instead of
Arcenciel <>
a6d75b5 Updated Japanese Translation
Stefan Hacker <>
fe9496d Fix: Option "Don't hide in tray when minimized" partly broken
(#2975969). Also remove unused custom signal
Stefan Hacker <>
671a3e3 Remove margins for p tag in the default style to get rid of
unwanted double spacing
Mark-Willem Jansen <>
3f353e8 Fixed: Passing zero length string in Borderlands plugin
Thorvald Natvig <>
84088f8 Experimental WASAPI exclusive input mode
99fb316 Remove desktop shortcut for 1.1.x
e5b8627 Fix download path for bonjour
Stefan Hacker <>
6d7408f Add text to the DockTitleBar so its purpose is clearer
6a2c230 Restore nickname auto-completion for TextEdit based Chatbar
2f5db27 Prevent richtext from being pasted into the chatbar and make
sure we escape html entities before sending. Also rename of
ChatbarLineEdit to ChatbarTextEdit.
Karl Dietz <>
dc11bc5 wow update plugin to 3.3.3a
Thorvald Natvig <>
d10747f Updated installer
rdb <>
68d4371 recieve -> receive
Thorvald Natvig <>
502c8ad Remove mention of deprecated no-xevie in INSTALL
Mark-Willem Jansen <>
e84fbbb Updated Borderlands plugin for the new API.
2201bdd Added a postional audio plugin for Borderlands.
Thorvald Natvig <>
e4c5071 Only show tray config if tray exists
a8268d7 Add recommended user CAs explicitly
Thorvald Natvig <>
1741e72 Direct G15 support
Tuck Therebelos <>
36e3950 DoDS, TF2 updates
Semion Tsinman <>
91cef12 Hebrew update
Ludwig Nussel <>
70a528a fix build for Qt 4.5
Thorvald Natvig <>
230c942 Update to new Boost and Bonjour
Stefan Hacker <>
491de61 Enable multi channel audio by default to prevent problems with
bad audio drivers
Tuck Therebelos <>
69aaf67 Plugin updates
Álvaro Manuel Recio Pérez <naproxeno@kepis.(none)>
0846a64 Updated Spanish translation
Ilmar Kruis <>
57d55c0 Update lotro to Vol 3, Book 1 patch 1
Tuck Therebelos <>
5fe803e MW2, gmod updates; BFBC2 address fix
Kissaki <>
fb7dbfe make icesecret comments clearer
Stefan Hacker <>
ec31de1 Add black/whitelist icon loading for Windows. Make lists match
on full path as well as executable names
532c3f2 Fix compile on non OSX systems
Benjamin Jemlich <>
e75ec48 Hide overlay black-/whitelist on Linux
Mikkel Krautz <>
ae4244a Move FPS counter checkbox below 'Enable Overlay' checkbox.
9238e32 Hook up the last missing piece for overlay exclusion on Mac OS
a768909 Use mumble.icns instead of mumble.osx.png now that we can load
.icns with QIcon.
1f6d202 Bump OSX overlay version because of the FPS counter.
28056d1 CFBundleIdentifier-based overlay app-exclusion. Also, show
icons for excluded apps.
Tuck Therebelos <>
d8e8909 TF2, DODS update
Stefan Hacker <>
11fda9b Fix *nix OpenGL overlay and add FPS counter code to OSX
58bf724 Fix for Ice 3.4 and update MurmurIceWrapper.cpp
1beb966 Fix SCALESIZE macro for overlay editor. Rename fHeight symbol
to fZoom to prevent confusion.
6380a88 Transmit fps more often and represent them as float
02811bc Make sure temporary group memberships of a user are purged
once he disconnects
Stefan Hacker <>
d8f1ac1 Add an optional FPS counter to the overlay
fbb54cb Set a title for the Overlay Editor
Tuck Therebelos <>
6b5b738 L4D2 update
ebdcfa1 BFBC2 update; attempt at using position array to determine
Kissaki <>
8cfb579 fix string
Mikkel Krautz <>
7d8d6cd Don't try to do overlay stuff if we're in an invalid GL
context. Bump overlay version once again.
6d3567b Sanity check viewport size in overlay. Bump version.
Kissaki <>
9e9fe0a updated German translation
Mikkel Krautz <>
3deff65 Update Mac OS X dist script to build with new Xcode and new
a74a0f6 Specify absolute path for slice2cpp for macx.
Álvaro Manuel Recio Pérez <>
e1eacae Updated Spanish translation
Stefan Hacker <>
44fb5c9 Fixed misleading label in ConnectDialogEdit.ui (Servername ->
Label) (#2991173)
aad4de1 Enter a channel with keyboard (#2981163)
974a1ee Prevent debug version from checking for updates
4e57b3a Limit debug version to only loading PA plugins from
executable/plugins folder
Thorvald Natvig <>
e016c4c Fix ice compile of static server
Thorvald Natvig <>
02071e4 Fix compile of cs plugin
0f7a141 Add dynload of CELT 0.8.0
e5858a6 Add config.h for 0.8.0 on Win32
b6e2574 Add CELT 0.8.0 module
Semion Tsinman <>
5f98de7 [translation] Hebrew
Stefan Hacker <>
beb7708 Make sure context string in cs1.6 plugin is zero terminated
before doing anything with it
653434f Add Counterstrike 1.6 plugin to installer
Thorvald Natvig <>
c365656 Add Hebrew to dist files
Anton Romanov <>
ec7e78d in case GL_ARRAY_BUFFER is bound, store and reset it before
rendering overlay and restore after
Imre Botos <>
7b77dea Counter-Strike 1.6 Positional Audio support
Arcenciel <>
472296f Updated japanese translation.
Sergey Ivanov <>
2d3a791 Russian Translation
Imre Botos <>
fa066e5 Counter-Strike 1.6 Positional Audio support
Kissaki <>
372f763 add some detail to the ini-comment
Stefan Hacker <>
3c34514 Disable local TTS playback of messages you sent
74b56d6 Remove UTF-8 BOM from all python scripting samples as they
mess up the shebang on *nix
9019afb We do not need to rely on ICE env after all. Just use the
relative path.
00c1d7d Make work on windows systems
e6d84a8 Add UserLastActive to UserInfo so it is available over Ice.
9d32c71 Make slice include path rely on ICE environment variable on
Thorvald Natvig <>
a21e814 Fix Ice compile on RHEL
87e2ba9 Relabel automute to autodeafen
61f1cf2 Fix ice compile on Win32
Tuck Therebelos <>
e336340 Attempt to fix unreliable BFBC2 addresses
Mikkel Krautz <>
8e9f260 Move overlay loader from our app bundle to the loader itself.
Bump loader version.
4441ccc Refine overlay uninstall.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
8a3f9ee Fix changing ban timestamps
Mikkel Krautz <>
9e15f34 Force single applaunch observer.
6354747 Override --signature-size passed to codesign in
6c63e2a Pass user's current priority speaker flag in DBus. Not false.
c982354 Fix OSX overlay installer. Create ScriptingAdditions directory
if needed. Rename destination plist key.
6691d62 Pass false for priority speaker on DBus.
9e6a3b4 Update OSX Ice path to 3.4.0, fix slice command too.
335ab7b Add GL symbol availability checking to OSX overlay.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
9b296bc Don't require a secret for getSliceChecksums()
80a7907 Fix some Ice examples
77e70aa Add Ice checksum and priority speaker flag
359d01c priority speaker - server side
d556ca3 priority speaker - client side
Benjamin Jemlich <>
8ce81fe Allow read-only access to the logfile on Windows
Thorvald Natvig <>
e9ed414 Change session queue dynamically
Tuck Therebelos <>
a030ee8 BFBC2 update
Thorvald Natvig <>
ee679ba Fix width/height mixup for scale factors
Mikkel Krautz <>
c63cfa0 Installable overlay for OSX.
Tuck Therebelos <>
4b426f3 TF2 update
Mikkel Krautz <>
7fea437 Add stubs needed for new installable overlay on OSX.
55992db Add (Mac OS X specific) overlay installation and overlay
upgrade pages to the Overlay config.
a8b96ce Remove frame from chat QTextEdit box on Mac OS X.
9215dbe Re-enable unified toolbar for OSX.
b5ec788 Always center the alert dialog in the Mumble.compat binary.
e5e7fed Remove wrong include in
Tuck Therebelos <>
9358a16 Add alpha-testing BFBC2 plugin
Thorvald Natvig <>
52c8931 Fix array index
Tuck Therebelos <>
02115d6 MW2 update
Benjamin Jemlich <>
69a34a9 Fix copy&paste from the log window
Thorvald Natvig <>
0485e2e Add timeout to authenticators
Stefan Hacker <>
620f169 Make sure the overlay closes its registry handle
Martin Skilnand <>
55aee09 New default_avatar.svg "Mr.Jibberish" *Work in progress*
Mikkel Krautz <>
e97a7a1 QTextEdit doesn't have a setFrame() method.
root <root@DiskStation.(none)>
2903d05 Updated French Translation
Thorvald Natvig <>
b5b0a4d Handle mixed case groups in group editor
710dfb7 Use new slice doc syntax
136cac0 Add a few testgroups to the testauth
10a069b Save geometry when embedding in overlay
8776329 Create SU account if it doesn't exist yet when setting
d723a63 Update addban to use new Ice init
7a0d75d Update weblist.php to work with both Ice 3.3 and 3.4
Thorvald Natvig <>
c5736e3 QDateTime seems to think time_t should be local time. It's not
06fec27 Work around WSAAsyncSelect and WSAEventSelect overlapping on
2b6bad6 Flash in browser workaround
Thorvald Natvig <>
413ea83 Only give UserInfo parent when in overlay
96765f5 Add workaround for creeping gain
ab21722 Fix restore to maximize state on tray click
2ba4270 Fix inherit/inheritable for groups in editor
6d4c13f Work around QGraphicsScene's boundingrect including invisible
Ilmar Kruis <>
505e046 Update lotro to Vol 3, Book 1
Thorvald Natvig <>
7fa0529 Remove user from talklist on disconnect
c27debc Unify talkstate and s/WhisperChannel/Shouting/
c5b6a84 Adjustable column number
4ab0a3d Remove leftover overlay code
8f2fddf Render text to pixmap, not qimage
d26b54c Don't update geometry when only updating state
8f0bd7f Sort overlay users
b7bc978 Add filter to overlay
e5e7797 Add simple instructions to overlay config
9c5086c Greatly improve rendering quality of overlay preview
c06f54b Reintroduce logic to ensure either avatar or username is
94a8d14 Parent UserInformation to; fixes overlay bug
ec6b3c6 Drop additional old triggers when upgrading
Benjamin Jemlich <>
10175ef Windows build fix (warning in gcc -> error on windows...)
Natenom <>
49ae4cb Translation Updates to German
Benjamin Jemlich <>
47cbf78 Another build fix
048ae07 Fix whisper target bitmask
3f420f9 Multiline chatbar
141488d Linux build fix
Thorvald Natvig <>
5437170 Preserve murmur.ini during upgrades, and switch to Ice 3.4
Thorvald Natvig <>
7f01023 Draggable anchor for overlay
ef947aa Have config-based editor update config settings, not global
Stefan Hacker <>
4455854 Fix drag and drop into Chatbar
4b58f15 Frontend part of "Editable Overlay blacklist" (#2881663)
c2397ee Backend for user controlled overlay Black-/Whitelisting
Thorvald Natvig <>
d73b644 Start of config-based editor
7efcd52 Move userhandling directly to OverlayUserGroup
Tuck Therebelos <>
f0b40a6 Gmod, L4D2 updates
Arcenciel <>
9b8d1be Updated Japanese Translation
Stefan Hacker <>
1e6b573 Do not minimize to tray on windows 7 by default (#2947574)
Thorvald Natvig <>
a4d90a9 Mention that we need lsb_release in the INSTALL
47ef042 Switch to utf8_bin collate for MySQL
38f059c Proper bounding box and padding for overlay painter
2a9dbee Save/load overlay
1e35f54 Refactor overlay config var names and clean up old
ebcb6d9 Fix zoom factor and add grid background
2ee79f2 Standalone overlay editor
Karl Dietz <>
d6d2e4a wow: unbreak plugin after regexp experiment
Thorvald Natvig <>
dde4708 Scaled alignment for elements
030ed4d Bounding box and element toggle
2b12585 Same transparency for all speakstates text
9fa00c3 Use premultiplied alpha textures
b658561 Speed up rendering slightly
b7d97dd Add two preset layouts
Thorvald Natvig <>
d44c84c This is not the window you are looking for
f223a82 Update weblist.php to use Ice 3.4b
Thorvald Natvig <>
47a4538 Reprotect WindowFromPoint after patching
0abb9e5 Don't use widget functions on embedded widgets, they misbehave
in release mode
4ee7782 Hold shift for square resize and scale with wheel
f1ab7fa Editable overlay
Thorvald Natvig <>
ed8f3e2 Fix unlink over Ice
0f377b1 Don't strip header in Ice getTexture
Benjamin Jemlich <>
5da308f Fix image selection in the german translation
Thorvald Natvig <>
7cfe0b2 Constrain avatars to visible screen
3f7287c Avatar placement based on Settings
9022177 Context menu for avatars
3fcb682 Add example users to overlay
ed39267 Update STO plugin
6d11c22 Use process map in initialize
f2c191d The grand plugin multiregexp experiment
63adacd Common dwPid var
71e5e85 Backwards compatible plugin structure
c263aa0 Update plugins to new trylock signature
6d9bc4e Send pidmap to plugin trylock
b23d6fa Require write lock to lock/unlock plugins
1856143 Fix autoconnect
Mikkel Krautz <>
1df4b0d Handle symbol-generation for plugin_bundles on Mac OS X.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
56406e3 Fix a possible null pointer deref
Thorvald Natvig <>
f9091f0 Add option to autoconnect to last used server on start
a2f724e Handle VirtualProtect failures
3d31674 Add logo to overlay
26a2a3c Work around a few utf8 qssl issues and change window title on
userinfo to be user name
2de762a Restore maximized state on trayicon click
41724d8 Clientside idletimer counts keypresses, and deafens instead of
aef4c71 Try switching back to Move action for UserModel
76d9960 Unify log message of chatbar and rmb message
0f7d727 Reset shared_ptr so it can be released
c463029 We don't have plugins for NULL items
add15dc Assume input URLs are valid-ish
Arcenciel <>
eda6b17 Updated Japanese Translations for 1.2.2
Kissaki <>
eda77d2 Fix spelling error in murmur.ini
Thorvald Natvig <>
0e65387 Update lotro plugin to use win32 generic functions
aa41d15 Fix HookWindowFromPoint for 11x
caee7c8 Merge branch 'overlay'
c157f6e Fix overlay to compile on nix
46288be Cleanup unused Scene
e4c7724 Grab cursor from Win32 directly
3b38ac2 Override DoDragDrop's window detection
Zuko <>
952a837 Some fixes in Polish translation
Thorvald Natvig <>
dac5d96 Honor Win32 focus/capture override
b52344d Fix keyboard input state and remove mouse as valid click
Thorvald Natvig <>
145fbce Doubleclick and direct mouse update
44d8c7c Clone cursor bitmap from system
Mikkel Krautz <>
1be405b Add targets for x86_64 and universal (i386 and ppc) to
a309532 Move OSX dist scripts to macx directory.
8934d91 Add automatic overlay injection for OSX (Snow Leopard only,
for now).
Thorvald Natvig <>
6725d88 Cursor with offset support
f6ed071 Temporary cursors
e71a214 Eventloop fixing; gracefull enter/exit
Thorvald Natvig <>
fde785e Re-modalize about dialog
f690f2f Use non-native dialogs when embedded, and unembed on window
2c2918e Doublebuffer painter
Thorvald Natvig <>
0d45ea6 Async about dialog
46bb060 Somewhat threaded input handling
Thorvald Natvig <>
5a9b23d WIP: Overlay
Mikkel Krautz <>
4a31df9 Sneakily fix MUMBLE_PREFIX envvar detection.
e815da0 Bail if no MUMBLE_PREFIX envvar is set during OSX build.
c0791fb Add CONFIG+=universal for the traditional (i386,ppc) build of
Thorvald Natvig <>
1576957 Calculate overlay offset correctly
Tuck Therebelos <>
59d6d67 Attempt to fix Arma 2 rotation addresses using pointers; fix
DoDS typo
Mikkel Krautz <>
80863d5 Add compat stub-app to instruct users that they're using an
unsupported arch, and how to get a version that will work for
2dbba84 Move OSX overlay and overlay launcher into macx subdir.
ffe8fe2 Use new OSX install prefix for Murmur.
e268627 Rename 'installer_macx' to 'macx'. We don't have an installer
anymore. Use it for more general OSX stuff.
6fa6411 CFLAGS fix for multiarch OSX overlay.
Thorvald Natvig <>
79fc874 Expand dynamic slice-fetch example to show fallback
a2b4f85 Example of on-the-fly slice-fetch for Python
7ba42b7 Split icesecret in icesecretread and icesecretwrite
Zuko <>
aa6250d Updated Polish translation
Mikkel Krautz <>
cbc5380 Change default OSX build to x86_64.
Thorvald Natvig <>
eca8b3c Fix compile error on gcc
Thorvald Natvig <>
6e430ca Add irc:// protocol to whitelist
11ec4b4 Only allow register for users with a cert
bdbd480 Grey out autoupdate for snapshots
Tuck Therebelos <>
9d3a304 Gmod, Insurgency updates
0de84db DoDs, L4D2, TF2 updates
Stefan Hacker <>
7f459eb Update some license stuff we missed
Ludwig Nussel <>
0bec6cc function must return a value
Thorvald Natvig <>
f0583b1 Add error message on snapshot installer fail
31cd532 Use ShellExecuteEx instead of QProcess to launch installer
97e8720 Remove gone users from overlay
c551d63 QGraphicsLayout based overlay render
d97d55c Remove period in tooltip
Natenom <>
c067589 Add few German translations strings
Thorvald Natvig <>
fb5a618 Fix crash when dropping nonexisting channels
c473d5f Update STO plugin
58cbf0e Hopefully fix a compilebug I introduced on OSX
91cf6c7 Pipeline http fetch and set user-agent
61a1074 /dontskip for dxdiag requires Win7, so skip it
15a299a Remove debug define from VersionCheck
Thorvald Natvig <>
7d74f37 Fix new audio compile problems in 11x
1ef46ba Add steam:// as allowed URL scheme
926e4fe Create isAlive() to check runstate instead of bRunning, and
unify stop/start of audio threads
e411773 Debian/kFreeBSD compile fixes
7c33c9b Fix X11 compile of VersionCheck
b33d3b8 Automatic snapshot download and install
dd75b31 Make plugin config be name-based instead of pointer based
e31b265 Bump version to 1.2.3
Mikkel Krautz <>
b2cd5de Do not add menus to user/channel context menus on OSX. Menus
that are added to the global menu bar on Cocoa/OSX must not be
added to other menus or menu bars, according to the Qt docs.
b303856 Disable unified toolbar on OSX. Too buggy at the moment. Get
rid of graphical artifacts on launch.
Thorvald Natvig <>
c41a192 Zap commenthash when switching servers
Martin Skilnand <>
1e36860 Placeholder default_avatar.svg
Stefan Hacker <>
070692d Small style fixes in some plugins
dfaa2d5 Zero camera position if manual plugin is deactivated
Karl Dietz <>
d8e25b0 LOTRO use Pi from math.h
Thorvald Natvig <>
3938ebe Move plugin system-level includes to common header
99366f3 Disable config/about buttons if plugin doesn't have that, and
add a generic_unlock
de21a22 Update STO plugin and add common initialize() function
effc993 Template helpers for Win32 plugins
e207ef6 Zero camera positions in plugins' fetch()
5271bc0 Disable PLUGIN_DEBUG as the console spams breaks up audio
33b90aa Spawn state for STO
f1c66fb STO plugin, and use camera position for positional audio and
rotate top vector properly
Thorvald Natvig <>
5595aba Add vertical space for empty lines and add some space around
the avatar
f7d3dc7 Deprecate the OverlayUserTextures option; they are now
on-demand loaded avatars, so always on
8a1705d Work around colors lost when application style lost
Zuko <>
1ec8726 Small fixes in Polish translation
Álvaro Manuel Recio Pérez <>
cf75490 Updated Spanish translation
Thorvald Natvig <>
031a0fa Add a hackish workaround for people who ignore reboot warnings
a349a08 Use symlinks in release tarball
3a05189 Work around bug in g++ on Jaunty
Karl Dietz <>
1615b47 WOW update to 3.3.2
Kissaki <>
29b65b8 german translation update
Mikkel Krautz <>
298bbb7 Boost 1.42.0 for Mac OS X.
Thorvald Natvig <>
9bd867f Fix overlay crash in Killing Floor when
IDirect3DDevice9::Reset() fails
4c2ffdf Fix SocketRPC on nix
228e9ed Local socket RPC for mumble self-RPC
Spaccaossi <>
9a58ef1 Updated Italian translation 1.2.2
Mikkel Krautz <>
4529500 Hide tray-options in LookConfig on OSX, where we don't have a
121e6ec Use unified window/toolbar on OSX.
37430b1 Make sure to pop the whole GL error stack when cleaning up.
d15128e Resync GL overlay code.
Ilmar Kruis <>
985af69 Fix heading readout for lotro.
Thorvald Natvig <>
7a0d844 Only send texture if it changed.
cd6667b Boost 1.42 for Win32
Jonathan <>
0f630bf Updated Danish translation for 1.2.2.
Stefan Hacker <>
9929a44 Add getUptime() function returning uptime in seconds to murmur
and individual virtual servers
Thorvald Natvig <>
e0c6b91 Only switch unpack buffer if we have to
7d73e62 Add icon maker, sort of
1b3dadf Use QImage::fill instead of QPainter::eraseRect
5a7beda Limit avatar sizes to iMaxImageMessageLength
35fbbcd Only use integer decimation in tooltip avatars
ef9de69 Precache texture/comment when sending to server
1679e06 Drop qaUserComment in favor of qaSelfComment, and query
comment/desc on view/edit
346755d Handle SVG for overlay properly, and fix a crashbug in
3b33b67 Clean up default channel logic slightly
Tuck Therebelos <>
936779d MW2 updates
Zuko <>
2becf4f Updated Polish translation
Netbios Domain Administrator <admin@gameserver2.(none)>
97a15a8 User join defaultchan if last channel is not permitted
Stefan Hacker <>
2e816c7 Make idleseconds not only reset on voice but on all actions
caused by the user
7218413 phpBB3 and SMF authenticator moved to . From now one all
non-sample scripts will be placed in this repository.
DWM|G <>
38b47ec Added Icon Toolbar.
Jamie Fraser <>
a9e9922 Added a crappy example of an auto idle-move written in PHP.
Natenom <>
11e4cec Added some new strings to German translations
Ilmar Kruis <>
59e10d1 Update lotro plugin to Book 9 Patch 1.
Thorvald Natvig <>
b6bd51c Add disambiguation for "Bandwidth" in UserInformation
c372eb4 Windows XP doesn't have DXGI or D3D10
fd0bbfb Save state for dock widgets when going minimal
83f8d64 Add dontskip for dxdiag
aa9616e Work around QLocalSocket NOT closing sockets when it is
Tuck Therebelos <>
1afffff Fix unstable TF2 state address
7ef0e7f TF2 update; hopefully more update-friendly arrays now
Zuko <>
7925624 Polish translation
Stefan Hacker <>
dfd5e43 Hide high contrast option from audio wizard on windows
e40ea57 Make notification settings in wizard reflect current settings
Mikkel Krautz <>
9a9ad5c Fix no-overlay option.
3203941 Add CONFIG+=no-overlay for devices where an overlay doesn't
make sense.
6f28020 Unbind PBO buffer before we draw our GL overlay.
1b99c94 Remove overlay from Mumble11x. Codesign libmanual.dylib.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
f375d2b Re-Regroup the UI config page
Thorvald Natvig <>
99a8546 Send userstate to pre 1.2.2 clients without textures as well.
f9c3d34 Don't send new-style textures to old clients
e6b585d Fix compat textures without proper alpha, make the avatars be
memoryblob://avatar/ and expand the fileengine slightly
07e0d90 Send only the avatar hash on login
Zuko <>
3ca49eb Polish translation
Stefan Hacker <>
a7e7171 Auto-enable high contrast mode when high contrast theme is
detected (Win only)
95e41b8 Make high contrast mode of AudioBar use color to brush
replacement table instead of fixed values
48cc272 Add High contrast option for visually impaired. For now only
affects AGC/VAD config bars
Álvaro Manuel Recio Pérez <>
3ae5144 Updated Spanish translation
Benjamin Jemlich <>
62272b4 Regroup UI options
584ab54 Always start the channel context menu at the first option
5c17dbe Fix TTS plaintext for long text messages
Thorvald Natvig <>
bd97e45 Proof-of-concept image filesystem
e99122c Fix qt<4.6 overlay render
0901e3a Allow removing of texture without downloading it
Stefan Hacker <>
c1515fe Special case for Speak right in the ACLEditors indicate scope
for WriteACL functionality
03f5930 Do not hide group/acl tabs from non-experts and visualize that
WriteACL grants all rights by graying out the others if it is
Natenom <>
82e3d5c German Strings updated
Thorvald Natvig <>
5004a8e Fix snapshot path in binserver
28641d2 Fix texture in D3D9 after reset
3ebcd23 s/Texture/Avatar/ in menus
93a4c7f Fix mouseover textures and 1.2.1-compatibility
Stefan Hacker <>
e70d404 Allow the use of realName in smfauth and make it possible to
read avatars from local file system
ff36e04 Make smfauth display realName instead of memberName
d30713c Added Simple Machine Forums (SMF) authenticator to scripts
Thorvald Natvig <>
1070713 Make channel_info and user_info be utf8 on mysql
e913f4b Have testauth return a dummy avatar
705738a Server-side avatar support
75fc50a User avatars
Arcenciel <>
f816fe6 Updated and fixed japanese translation
Erik Bouvin Pedersen <>
eda8b2f Update Danish translation.
Mikkel Krautz <>
b2181bc Re-enable Intel-specific hacks in OSX overlay.
5f4fcb1 Socket-based overlay for Mac OS X.
Thorvald Natvig <>
eba8bb3 Add strong cert link to cert wizard
8b90d2e Show tooltip warning in rich text editor when over message
7a2061c Propagate a few server config options to the client
7d81002 Split ServerUser from Server.cpp
d878550 Use glPixelStorei for subtexture updates on Win32
fc76734 Fix LCD enable state
Stefan Hacker <>
cdf21bc Some untranslatable strings were marked translatable
Benjamin Jemlich <>
202d1bb Only enable Join Channel if we can join the channel.
d891807 Always visible Join Channel context menu option
Thorvald Natvig <>
f54a142 Fix endian on ARM
af4ac7a Fix enable-state for mute/deafen
Arcenciel <>
8bd520e Updated Japanese Translation
Natenom <>
b502e7f Updated German Translations
Thorvald Natvig <>
57ef6e6 Fix texture assignment in server
cf9c337 Fix enable-state of usermenu
7f019a7 Remove last parts of old SharedMemory
4568886 Be quiet about expected suppress state
38015bf Use the new blob/sha1 functions
89a0f32 Make database work on sha1 for comment seen state
63568fd Client-side blob cache for comments
e51a048 Make Win32 OGL overlay work in windowed mode
Zuko <>
8b56834 Polish translation
Thorvald Natvig <>
c00b9bf Socket-based linux overlay
eaf4fc0 Make new overlay drawer Qt 4.5 compaible and use QDir::home()
for sockets
Stefan Hacker <>
e548546 Initial import of WIP mumble protocol description
Álvaro Manuel Recio Pérez <>
59b0d54 Updated Spanish translation
Thorvald Natvig <>
036c6c3 Remove dependence on from Win32 overlay
0baf758 D3D9, D3D10 and OpenGL/Win32 pipe-based overlay
2322bec Clean up texture assignment
Natenom <>
b1884ac Updated German Translations
Thorvald Natvig <>
7b30742 Add placeholder SharedMem unix implementation
9dfc063 Add missing SharedMem files
d173452 New SharedMemory2 class for communication client/server
Tuck Therebelos <>
d24d29b Added alpha-testing ArmA 2 plugin; plugin version bumps
Benjamin Jemlich <>
909d515 Add menu bar config option
f07dc00 Disable auto expand in the user list
64f30a4 Add text before the welcome message to fix weird QTextDocument
588975a Fix two compiler warnings
Thorvald Natvig <>
b915976 Explicitly name 'struct' for C89 compliance
6d885b2 Shared texture based overlay (client part)
1f51f0c Shmem based overlay (still WIP)
Stefan Hacker <>
345d96b Replace URLs in TTS with more ear friendly strings
Thorvald Natvig <>
30b63c2 socket-based overlay (WIP)
8d64449 Fix a few strings in AudioInput.ui
Tuck Therebelos <>
295bc08 MW2 updates
71fd273 Add L4D2 plugin
Stefan Hacker <>
179159c Fix overlay cropping (used blue instead of alpha channel)
02805c7 Give auth the ability to display username next
to avatar
Thorvald Natvig <>
6b75459 Instead of showing selfsigns as red, show strong certs as
green, also in browser
019224c Upgrade CELT to 0.7.1
Mikkel Krautz <>
0216000 Fix OSX dist script for new libcelt-naming.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
e28919d Fix log time coloring & text object too large text object
error message
Thorvald Natvig <>
bf008bb Mark untrusted servers with a pale red color
8b0cbe8 Qt 4.6.1 for static snapshots
0835890 Reset document iterator after editing
416a742 Fix icon contextmenu
fd8dd9d Update mkwrapper to generate astyle-compatible output
Benjamin Jemlich <>
7d8102f Display errorString on listen failure
Thorvald Natvig <>
20e73fc Texture on demand
56bff0a Fetch comment/desc on demand
b1bb8a8 Show cert expiry in wizard, and warn on startup if cert
expires in <14 days
5cd6a1b Add icesecret .ini parameter to "protect" local Ice
c129ba4 Add imagemessagelength limit to server
Thorvald Natvig <>
731d293 Make the client compile, even if it's missing blob support
d89423b On-demand stuff for Ice
60e7151 Serverside comment/texture send-on-demand
Stefan Hacker <>
dd6a310 Round out the redirectWhisperGroup doc in
Thorvald Natvig <>
d109910 Update to new naming for libcelt0
7ec36ab Update CELT
814752a Request CAP_SYS_RESOURCE and dynamically increase nofile on
3a50ef5 Clean up suppress state messages
Tuck Therebelos <>
ad0f30f MW2 version update
Stefan Hacker <>
838697d Update LICENSE file for 2010
Thorvald Natvig <>
0fc5d55 Fix bandwidth estimate for UserInformation and Ice
8463c82 Increase userinfo update frequency and show stddev instead of
Stefan Hacker <>
221626f Make click on client/channel link focus the chat bar
Benjamin Jemlich <>
e5fbc07 Fix stylesheets in log messages
Thorvald Natvig <>
2f2012f Use Qt 4.6.0 for static server snapshots
31ff2e6 Use Protobuf 2.3.0 on Win32
a14e3f2 Specify that we want crashreport descriptions in English,
Thorvald Natvig <>
daa8341 Don't set appusermodelid for 11x
c876409 Include dxdiag in crashreport
Benjamin Jemlich <>
1e0ec8c Fix coding style in ServerHandler
68ac664 Unbreak log messages containing invalid links
Thorvald Natvig <>
c9f005b Save/restore connectdialog state
0671d7b Show server name in trayicon tooltip
cac28da Show remote host in Server|Information
95d667b Show channel user count in G15
c39492f Unify 'IsThisVista?' checks to one place, and use release
build apppath for jumplist
Stefan Hacker <>
c12f127 Fix focus tracking hiccup on disconnect in chat bar
09dd4a3 Fix for 1.2.0 (#2926521)
Natenom <>
759480f Updated German Translations
Benjamin Jemlich <>
0bfb9c7 Update comment in updateRegistration for connected users
16a38a1 Add QThread yield calls
c34a38c Make cert details dialog in the user info dialog window modal
5a567c0 Set last servername in URL handler
Thorvald Natvig <>
da6ef89 Use QNetworkAccessManager to register, QHttp is deprecated
876fd2f Remove 'ulimit -r' from init script as it requires bash
cbee6c8 Only show userinformation if server >= 1.2.2
Arcenciel <>
5eed139 Fixed Japanese Translation for 1.2.1
Benjamin Jemlich <>
7213a00 Add a Self menu and remove the context menus from the menubar
cf33de4 Move assembly of some protobuf messages to ServerHandler
170fd04 Disable translation for some invisible strings
Thorvald Natvig <>
01b78bb Show strong certificate state in client
fd87e5b Zero packet stats on startup (oops) and export strong
certificate state
a3cb3fb Make UserInfo fields copyable
3a2280f Bump version to 1.2.2
360085f Hide empty statistics fields
070f316 Show bandwidthrecord stats in client
fba3df2 Export bandwidthrecord statistics
73dc378 Clientside user information
e233e6e Fix mixed up stats sent from server
08c753b Userinfo (serverside)
Kissaki <>
de2208e German translation updates
Thorvald Natvig <>
e11e8a7 Fixed patch for sqlite syntax
ad833d6 Revert "Don't use mysql syntax in sqlite path"
114d4ea Don't use mysql syntax in sqlite path
c85e37d Try using skin: in a few more places
Tuck Therebelos <>
a27bda5 Add top vector to UT2004
77713c8 Fix unreliable pointer on 1942; fix UT3 top[1] reversal issue
when looking down
Benjamin Jemlich <>
a6a6680 Fix possible memory leak in tasklist code
625fbc4 Fix multiple recent list entries with different usernames
Thorvald Natvig <>
0457bb0 Have G15 default as unavailable until proven otherwise
2e177ba Use uiAccess only for mumble.exe
Mikkel Krautz <>
d43d38c Tell codesign where the mumble-overlay binary resides now.
Álvaro Manuel Recio Pérez <>
9a38eee Updated Spanish translation
5989b9c Updated Spanish Translation
Benjamin Jemlich <>
3ec3f5e Fix compiling mumur on FreeBSD
7426294 Update LICENSE
Thorvald Natvig <>
2e36c68 Process disconnect events before connecting to new server
10e4c19 Add Africa
f6dd2b7 Intel C++ 11.1.054 on Win32
b5b6ba2 Add getCertificateList to Ice
Tuck Therebelos <>
57e8b77 Update remaining plugin licenses
58081c6 Update licenses; add UT3, 2004, 1942 plugins; update some
Source plugins
Jonathan <>
2e2652b Update Danish translation for 1.2.1.
Arcenciel <>
a8d4b61 Updated Japanese Translations
Thorvald Natvig <>
16339bf Update license to 2010
45da4e1 Add license info to a few plugins
Tuck Therebelos <>
85e5429 Add licenses to plugins
Arcenciel <>
b9a647b Updated Japanese Translations for 1.2.1
Álvaro Manuel Recio Pérez <>
eee808d Updated Spanish translation
Ilmar Kruis <>
2701266 Positional audio plugin for Lord of the Rings Online.
Thorvald Natvig <>
2950634 Fix a few spelling problems
cfcc962 Fix stuck PTT input in audiowizard
6a8a20d Roll back mumble_de.ts
d150ba1 Fix spelling error in manpage
64a7d22 Honor CONFIG+=no-crash-report for 11x
Spaccaossi <>
9019991 Italian translation for 1.2.1 and 1.1.x
Zuko <>
336d02d Updated Polish translation
Thorvald Natvig <>
064969a Allow setChannelState on root channel
Natenom <>
c9f7a54 Updated German Translations
Benjamin Jemlich <>
0434d8f Hide the custom quality text if the checkbox is not visible
Benjamin Jemlich <>
3f9be33 Fix QWindowsVistaStyle hack when using stylesheets
530bc5e Add a default stylesheet for log messages
3983bd1 Fix log CSS classes and remove "'s around channel/usernames
Thorvald Natvig <>
52b5939 Don't showpage() on exit
764151d Fix a few leftover column 1 dataChanged()
7825b04 Allow viewing comments in richtexteditor
ef1b9ff Search for mumble.ini in APPDATA as well
feef4ef Per-channel userlimits (usersperchannel in .ini, hidden
Tuck Therebelos <>
dec2ba8 Link AW PA setting to TransmitPosition
c70af3e Fix qcbHeadphone
fce765a Remove leftover stub
d58af53 Fix remaining plugin bugs; ensure console connects get handled
properly; link PA in AW to bTransmitPosition; set default
minimum volume of PA to 85%
Stefan Hacker <>
32d4490 Replace bitwise operators with boolean ones in attenuation
Benjamin Jemlich <>
827cab2 Hack around Qt's Vista Style weirdness and drawing code
9caba4f Rewrite UserView drawing code
Thorvald Natvig <>
04f3e4f Handle permissiondenied for user rename in client
338ea0f Validate usernames on user rename
02214c0 New PLC code in CELT master
bef7408 Show and react immediately to tranmission changes in
Zuko <>
243f5c7 Update Polish installer
Arcenciel <>
6364d67 Updated Japanese Translations for 1.2.1
Stefan Hacker <>
117f396 Make audio quality selection in audio wizard apply immediately
afb7b45 Add "Attenuate applications while other users talk" check box
to the audio wizard's device selection page
26a5f9c Make other applications volume slider represent attenuation.
Fix surrounding strings.
8bc620d Add what's this and correct tooltip for attenuation feature
6412b3a Disable new attenuate others controls if the sound system does
not support them
c24b7f0 Make Gui for volume attenuation of other applications more
347ef1d Fix bug in attenuate others while you talk code
Mikkel Krautz <>
1b52809 Fix 11x crashreporter for OSX.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
69a05b8 Small fixes for the german translation
1c2a5b3 Change some translated strings
Thorvald Natvig <>
ff50167 Use ShellExec to launch mumble in installer
484aa0b Add symlink for os_win
676f6da Backport crash reporter to 1.1.x
1831073 Compile fix for 11x
19d171c Update changelog script to skip language updates
a42f160 Set uiAccess to true
eac3c5a Allow spotify links
107aedb No, really, use short instead of char
075098e Listen to IPv4 explicitly if IPV6_V6ONLY is 1
357e016 Fix bandwidth monitor to handle larger frame sizes
Tuck Therebelos <>
c0ecbd2 Fix vehicle V/H floats
86f851f Add ETQW plugin files
417ae98 Unified string messages; added ETQW plugin; various plugin
fixes, improvements and updates
Jonathan <>
48646e1 Update Danish translation
b24f793 Danish translation for 1.2
Tuck Therebelos <>
2566014 Linkcheck is different if loading movies
87ec3c5 Fix BF2 link bug; improved context address
98cd01e Update MW2; remove useless context
Natenom <>
60ca8ee Added some new translations for 1.2.1
Stefan Hacker <>
7a058a9 Add possibility to attenuate other applications while talking
a7a18de Show talking state in tray icon
Benjamin Jemlich <>
b39f73b Remove the flags column and draw the flags icons right aligned
a6a4bba Fix 11x compile error
e2568ea Added/Fixed accelerator keys and tab ordering
f3a3d1d Add channel join action to context menu
4a45dd8 Fix TTS output for user links
Tuck Therebelos <>
9f48958 TF2 update
Thorvald Natvig <>
27ad7ea Update Qt license text
8389b64 Print a big, fat warning if resource limits indicate
insuficient descriptors are available
c360c5c Update path to G15SDK 3.04
Thorvald Natvig <>
20e65f8 Automatic certificate creation with backup and restore
Stefan Hacker <>
bb55b37 Fix current index on item move + chatbar default text update
a9bd564 Only enable comment reset if there is a comment
Karl Dietz <>
6da2259 update wow plugin
Benjamin Jemlich <>
c25a624 Fix joined server link for registered users
9f19fe4 Fixed typos and missing types in log messages.
fa8a98d Change getPathToChannel to return a QString instead of
modifing it's arguments
902fe58 Add links to the log window
17f619e Remember last channel on disconnect
Thorvald Natvig <>
546b35c Quickgenerate certificate for lazy users
06f3542 Make celt compile on msvc again
cb5c323 Add a few more CELT fixes
32c256b Delay plugin rescan
ffed0d8 Don't update user plugins if userdir == systemdir
Stefan Hacker <>
dc0cee5 Add the possibility to disable individual plugins (#2868251)
2b70c8e Add rename context menu entry in "Registered User" (#2885100)
608650b Disable qaUserComment/qaUserCommentReset action when no user
is selected
a193f1b Improve robustness of custom chatbar context menu
315ff84 Paste and send context menu entry for Chatbar (#2915069)
Mikkel Krautz <>
d6ac81e Fix resampling in PortAudio backend.
04725ad Attempt at better OSX 10.4 support.
Thorvald Natvig <>
b392119 Fix help text for shortcut bind
3593ead Remove a leftover else for red->blue transition
ed33707 Disable foreign key checks during database migration
Thorvald Natvig <>
d179b5d Allow exact match of server bandwidth
b3e2cd6 Avoid red->blue flash transition on incoming whisper
Tuck Therebelos <>
75fbf02 TF2 update
Benjamin Jemlich <>
ebef80e Fix audio wizard page visibility and layout
ec9c1d7 Resend mute status after deleting a channel
13d7225 Fix join subchannel shortcuts
Stefan Hacker <>
c421faf Fix faulty function call in
Kissaki <>
f5260da indendation fix, normalization
Benjamin Jemlich <>
9d16137 Set correct target for the last whisper frame
Tuck Therebelos <>
2c83e67 TF2 update; update DOS build number
7b2d347 DODS update
Stefan Hacker <>
53346cb Only show comment reset for other users
Thorvald Natvig <>
90e945c Add CONFIG+=analyze for VC. Needs a lot more filtering to be
really usefull.
unknown <LoL@.(none)>
725c4cf Update French translation
Stefan Hacker <>
d2114f2 Enhance adjustability of always on top setting
Benjamin Jemlich <>
0e241d1 Save server specific shortcuts on quit
Thorvald Natvig <>
718da15 Avoid a potential divide by 0 under really bizarre
Benjamin Jemlich <>
39ba54f Fix RichTextEditor resizing in edit channel dialog
Tuck Therebelos <>
9aaa8cc TF2 update
Stefan Hacker <>
76c2c4d Add quality & notification page to Audio Wizard
Thorvald Natvig <>
2ed1710 Reupdate the CELT rev
Phrag <>
6efe83a Czech installer
Julien Pardons <>
8d76b5a Patch for icedemo.php (user edit)
Thorvald Natvig <>
18a3e80 Fix permissiondenied on invalid channel
a1114e4 Enable connect to freshly added servers
11a6e94 Cache result of doEcho
Thorvald Natvig <>
9716748 Include varlength array fix for CELT
842769a Use a bit more forgiving bandwidth estimation on the server
7dcc10e Add frame header when computing bandwidth on client
43c4def Try the new LPC-based LPC for CELT
f0298e3 Bump version to 1.2.1
867da14 Order channels when importing to MySQL
Arcenciel <>
d5e0afb Japanese Translation for 1.2.0
Mikkel Krautz <>
9171b43 Add missing .plists to DIST.
e9f7e0a Add no-cocoa CONFIG option, to allow Mumble to build against
non-Cocoa Qt.
Thorvald Natvig <>
68d33ba Disable unfinished translations
84c63d8 Update release scripts for new host
Tuck Therebelos <>
a4ea89c Added BFHeroes plugin; updated BF2 and BF2142 with IP contexts
and improved linkstates
Cristian Gattamelati <>
75f5b37 Italian Installer update
Mikkel Krautz <>
e595948 Fix overlay launcher for Snow Leopard. Update bundle
Thorvald Natvig <>
f4093f7 Work around bug in 4.4 compat emitDataChanged
Tuck Therebelos <>
eb9ab11 Various Source plugin updates, fixes; CoD4, MW2 context fixes
Bartek "stranded" Sumowski <>
58f9726 Updated Polish translation
Álvaro Manuel Recio Pérez <>
be4786d Updated Spanish translation
Thorvald Natvig <>
5554295 Use Qt4.4 compatible datastream for jitter report
Thorvald Natvig <>
a0908d5 Only reload stylesheet when necesarry
8f09a06 Set context for 4.6.0 translations
Stefan Hacker <>
332b143 Make python 2.4 compatible and improve avatar
Thorvald Natvig <>
acb7642 Better fix for zerosized voice packets
5819780 Ignore zero-sized voice packets
Tuck Therebelos <>
e77beae AOC, CSS string updates; Dys, Insurgenccy, TF2 IP:Port context
support. DODS IP:Port+Team context support; CoD4 context fix;
Manual plugin shortname fix
Thorvald Natvig <>
4023e4c Back to the updated master branch of CELT
Thorvald Natvig <>
22f70fb Usage format 2
a4f1ff7 Don't bother sending short jitter reports
Bartek "stranded" Sumowski <>
0521e38 Update 11x Polish translation
lolo_32 <Alex@.(none)>
d8188f7 Translations in French of new strings, and some minor write
and grammar errors corrected
Mikkel Krautz <>
fdc8261 Fix up dylib refs for libmanual.dylib.
84099e5 Fix Mac ConfigDialog for Qt 4.6.
36c015c OSX build fixes for Qt 4.6.
7aa6e67 Fix graphical glitch on OSX.
0e676a1 Strip debug symbols after extracting them for CONFIG+=symbol
for macx.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
8533e2a Fix manual positioning plugin on linux
Thorvald Natvig <>
45ebdb6 Quiet down a few compiler warnings
a908b5a Use WId explicitly
7b30399 Commit shortcut editor before adding/removing
ad9c725 Use SEH magic to work around __HrLoadAllImportsForDll oddities
ff4057b Try to promote to global scope if we can't resolve it
14ff24f Add magic 0.7.0 detector
Tuck Therebelos <>
53fcb70 Gmod update
lolo_32 <Alex@.(none)>
0632e82 Add the new strings
arrai <>
00f3aa2 Fixed linking temporary channels
Stefan Hacker <>
3a3926c Extend TestLink plugin with comments so its code can be used
directly in the documentation page
Thorvald Natvig <>
e7f089b String updates
334fe4d Upgrade deps to 4.6.0-rc1, openssl 1.0.0b4, boost 1.41
6d9a0e0 Change to straight 4-byte encoding for floats
dfd87b0 For fresh IP bans, don't clone hash and username
1f6e1dd Fall back to -ldns_sd if pkgconfig for avahi isn't found
Stefan Hacker <>
1c8d127 Fix mistake in previous message patch
Natenom <>
f392cb6 Updated German translations for 1.2.0
Stefan Hacker <>
aa59399 Manual positioning plugin
Mikkel Krautz <>
3089fbe Fix typo in ConfigDialog fix for OSX.
f61dd13 Make sure ConfigDialog is sized properly on OSX.
Tuck Therebelos <>
85919ce Remove uncommitted game plugin
f6c26d6 CoD5 version bump; fix MW2SO .pro
Mikkel Krautz <>
a7f4bea Fix mumble11x build.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
fbb9989 Fix crash with importing a passworded cert
Thorvald Natvig <>
4b9941f Update the celt codec yet again to fix more bugs
4d64a01 Update celt version
6bce206 Delay restoreGeometry to after windowflags are set
d042b70 Add jitter data to usage report
Stefan Hacker <>
b2b8c10 Fix #2903204: wrong status message displayed for deafened
(server) event
Mikkel Krautz <>
760bf63 Fix no-dbus build.
e0e8bc0 Fix OSX compatibility client launching and URL handling for
unversioned and ?version=1.1.x URLs.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
a22567a Fix cert name display with non ascii chars
Thorvald Natvig <>
23ada59 Update 0.7.0-src to a version that builds on Win32
Tuck Therebelos <>
9766240 MW2 string updates, TF2 identifier update
lolo_32 <Alex@.(none)>
47d2398 Translations in French of installer and Mumble
Benjamin Jemlich <>
1d07f8a Store the comment in the user object if it's changed via RPC
Thorvald Natvig <>
62aa53b Don't deref the mainwindow before it's created
Tuck Therebelos <>
50af882 MW2SO fix state value
Thorvald Natvig <>
3f7ad99 Fix a few strings
39cd472 Upgrade celt to exp_time_pitch
67fc2c4 Change qwave loading to avoid a few XP bugs
Tuck Therebelos <>
b7bc917 Fix MW2 positional data
Stefan Hacker <>
0c60717 Add channelname and username var to murmur.ini to make them
more visible
6150c78 Fix Unicode handling in and make it able to load
raw Ice configuration tuples
Mikkel Krautz <>
860c105 Update Mac OS X Boost to 1.41.0.
a3cc6a2 Property list fixup for OSX binaries.
e96809e Extract .dSYM debug symbols on Mac OS X when using
c365ac6 Clean up overlay_mac build.
ae45a2f Use -dead_strip linker option on OSX.
0a2ef0e Clean up Unix section of compiler.pri. Keep platform specific
flags in their own sections.
8a10baf Add phpBB3auth to OSX dist script. Remove dead PackageMaker
Benjamin Jemlich <>
839cf4c Add a command line option to allow multiple clients
3172ae4 Fix client ban timezone handling
c180869 Check bans using UTC time
248d44a Fix ban expiration
Thorvald Natvig <>
f16570e Stop findDesiredChannel while still connecting
2dc541b Fix lingering channel comments
BAYSSE Laurent <>
6390d4a French translation update for 1.2.0
Mikkel Krautz <>
88c1b27 Refine MainWindow aesthetics on OSX.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
3e66866 Use a new instance for each iteration so we don't leak
information of previous items in Ice replies
Tuck Therebelos <>
54a487e AOC, CSS full context support
765c399 MW2 MP update
Stefan Hacker <>
01a72bb Integrate default sound pack into mumble
4ad97d3 Add Server connect timeout of 30s.
99b99e9 Reduce TTS/Notification Spam in defaults and reclassify some
unimportant log messages to info level.
Mikkel Krautz <>
447ac82 General LCD fixups and make G15 on OSX a bit prettier.
Martin Skilnand <>
7f0ba42 Centered dD0T type authenticated.svg.
62f9a8b dD0T version of authenticated.svg. Attempt two.
b803a43 Making comment icons less 3D.
421d778 Replaced authenticated.svg
Stefan Hacker <>
6144233 Revert to second draft for authenticated.svg.
Mikkel Krautz <>
81c9e78 Revert AudioDevice{set,get} parameter change in CoreAudio.
da18c1f Make sure G15 works on OSX.
Arcenciel <>
a8a25e9 Japanese Translation
Mikkel Krautz <>
a3cbe21 Don't disable for CoreAudio builds on Mac.
Thorvald Natvig <>
5254448 Initialize bCertRequired
Tuck Therebelos <>
1176bdf MW2 plugins version updates
Stefan Hacker <>
34f9ea9 Raise default quality to 40kbit/s
Benjamin Jemlich <>
fd830d7 Add the ability to colorize log messages
3c050e9 Add an option to reject connections without a certificate
298d342 Add a warning if the settings database is read-only
2a582a6 Change reject type field to uint32
Thorvald Natvig <>
0c36a80 Add some type safetyp to denytype
c8b81b6 Make rejecttype optional
Martin Skilnand <>
c4d99f5 New comment icons for review.
Stefan Hacker <>
d28e95f Some comments and minimal refactoring of
0eea7b5 Make hl2dm PA plugin compile again.
Kissaki <>
640d91e German translation update minor English text fix
Álvaro Manuel Recio Pérez <>
4911c8a Update Spanish translation
Tuck Therebelos <>
5ec2225 Ins, TF2, L4D updates
ac11b54 Fix CoDMW2SO state value
9cc7f15 Add MW2 plugins to installer
b560789 Add MW2 plugins to
d5777ef Fixed state and V/H for MW2; MW2SpecOps plugin added
dfd7909 Fixed state for MW2; MW2SpecOps plugin added
Mikkel Krautz <>
c81ff65 CoreAudio: Allow devices to run even if they have to use their
default buffer length (when we can't set it ourselves)
71e1b7b Add buffer range debugging to CoreAudio. Fix isInput parameter
for setting buffer size.
Stefan Hacker <>
7411fc9 Use localeAwareCompare for overlay sorting.
Álvaro Manuel Recio Pérez <>
382bca6 Updated Spanish translation
Thorvald Natvig <>
3df0dce Add direct dependent libraries under X11
Tuck Therebelos <>
7f146f2 CRLF
Mikkel Krautz <>
aba1fc2 Update osxdist script for beta and fix diskimage window
Patrick Matthäi <>
ec48050 Spelling fix
Thorvald Natvig <>
ada9d58 Allow setting version on binserver script too
f3b2395 Allow release script to specify custom version
f3e9ed7 Automatically use system CELT if it's >= 0.7.0
66c2261 Change initialization order to allow direct-copy constructor
bd33712 .ts file update
a59ce15 Don't distribute older celt versions in tarball either
f765851 Initialize ucFlags properly
786ed67 First check SSL cert errors, THEN check the SSL version
Tuck Therebelos <>
ddb16ce CoDMW2 plugin; HL2DM context example
Karl Dietz <>
6019fc1 plugins/wow: disable context in release builds
Ludwig Nussel <>
7dae3ed silence integer/pointer cast warning
1b2647b Qt 4.4 doesn't have emitDataChanged(), the function is the
Mikkel Krautz <>
3efd3dd Fix reference to two sliders in Audio Wizard VAD strings.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
0917b0a Deny category dragging
Thorvald Natvig <>
7e4ce0e Build only 0.7.0, 0.6.1 etc are deprecated for the beta
505e774 Source string fixes from naproxeno
9239379 Punctuation fixes for tooltips
2f7e430 Use TLSv1 on server
75b9256 Use CONFIG+=packaged when building official packages from git
6fdad28 TLSv1 by default -- fallback to 1.1.x for SSLv3
8b0549b Display bitrate correctly for Speex, and default to 2x10ms
64d16b8 Remove input policy from dist list
Spaccaossi <>
aed4569 Italian translation for 1.2
Karl Dietz <>
8589e57 Clarify condition in PA context handling
Thorvald Natvig <>
0a0c83f Add overlay safety checks for 11x too
51f4bf3 Update benchmark test
997c5f3 Fix player removing from overlay when they disconnect
52aead7 Use UAC NSIS plugin
Álvaro Manuel Recio Pérez <>
0bfaea9 Updated Spanish translation.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
5f8aedf Add tasklist entries for recent connections
meanracoon <>
6db9fb1 Dutch Installer Translation
Stefan Hacker <>
4c5930b Make channel moving require ChanACL::Write privileges.
Ludwig Nussel <>
e2a8a20 allow to disable crash report dialog
c7f93ed fix build with qt 4.4
317a2bf add support for certificate directories
Benjamin Jemlich <>
1ef709d show user count on channels
966f34d fix memory leak with ptt audio cue
Thorvald Natvig <>
72d78aa Arch-dependant library load on Win32
e5dab47 Make celtbuilds symlinks
ede39c7 Ice options in murmur.ini
5e71c19 Use 0x040500 instead of QT_VERSION_CHECK()
cf437d9 Make no-crash-report a config option
b46694b And fix the same leak in speech itself.
47f8d8f Usr \r\n on Win32 for murmur.ini
Mikkel Krautz <>
8dcb531 Catch and handle kCGEventTapDisabledByTimeout Snow Leopard
behavior in GlobalShortcutMac.
af80da5 Catch 'disable' events in GlobalShortctMac.
13e7d21 Allow Default Device in CoreAudio to be translated.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
3a6e97a pass commandline arguments to Ice
Arcenciel <>
cd3e90f fixed japanese translation
Thorvald Natvig <>
bf23ffc Show client versions in the log
Arcenciel <>
26d77a2 Japanese Installer Translation
48d03a5 Japanese Translation
Thorvald Natvig <>
5f07255 Add workaround for Chrome cut&paste URL on Win32
e3aae8c If not connected, use highest codec version
c9117e1 Use SO_PRIORITY on nix to set packet queue priority
2ea8ede Clientside QoS option
Karl Dietz <>
e0c0609 stabilty improvements
Stefan Hacker <>
2308cf5 Minimal fixes in German translation.
68536c3 Switch default overlay font for Windows and OSX to Verdana.
cad983b German Translation (1/3)
Mikkel Krautz <>
7acf3ff Change QPushButton -> QToolButton in ShortcutTargetWidget.
Fixes ShortcutTargetWidget glitch on OSX.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
aab13b4 German Translation (2/3)
Timo K <>
7a66764 German Translation (3/3)
Stefan Hacker <>
7cb7803 Fix regression in regression Fix (
122cfcb Fix regression in boolean config value parsing in
9f36caa Fix getRegisteredUsers in and restrict
operations to normal and founder users.
Kissaki <>
91f536b fix some obvious English text issues
c9112a2 German Translation
Spaccaossi <>
366110e Italian installer translation
Stefan Hacker <>
5207473 Daemon mode and py25 compat for Fixed line
endings of phpBB3auth.ini + minimal changes.
Karl Dietz <>
d6de243 Transmit position from avatar and heading from camera.
Thorvald Natvig <>
ccbe964 Sort overlay
Thorvald Natvig <>
d899cc2 Update bFirstTime to be unique to 1.2.0 -- get people through
the audio wizard again
c1a4cb0 Allow ftp:// links through whitewash list
Stefan Hacker <>
9c3351c Fix encoding/line endings + small style changes.
9dd0edc phpBB3 authenticator written in python + ice
Thorvald Natvig <>
893f8c1 Keep references to volume objects around, should improve
WASAPI volume ducking.
471b2df Remove debugging output from addMic
b8192cf Qipo still produces SSE2 opcodes in pure-float paths, even
without QxSSE2.
351c1b3 Replace echo-jitterbuffer with a queue
Mikkel Krautz <>
c1c0025 Re-add bRunning to CoreAudio. encodeAudioFrame() uses it to
determine if AudioInput is running.
9e7e9f2 Add small warning message to help debug GlobalShortcutMac
80a2baf Change libcelt filename in osxdist.
Thorvald Natvig <>
1260b95 Speed tests for resamplers
e7b4688 Fix crash if sharedmemory is missing
e3bfc2f Clean up compiler flags on Win32
e24c809 Update scripts for 1.2, remove deprecated input policy
1b2bf32 Mention the s/UserInfo/byte/ hack in the .ice
Thorvald Natvig <>
0e6214f Don't put unpushed speex reference in the tree.
dba7de2 Re-enable IPO now that we have a workaround, and add the
missing speex file
2045012 Use correct includes for celt, and update packaging script
2de0060 Build CELT 0.7.0
Thorvald Natvig <>
9b9b5eb Libspeex's resampler misbuilds with -Qipo, disable until
384c0df Blacklist explroer.exe from the overlay
54adcf8 Make protobuf a dll
f05f8a1 Use speex_lib_get_mode instead of direct linking
62b1536 Enable edit menuentry if write on parent (sync with server
permissions), and fix speex compile bug
6a4a2b6 Precache permission on parent channel
0c05ca0 Don't send superuser in msgUserList
9d3274b Enable more SSE optimizations and compile Speex as dll
Mikkel Krautz <>
aa5cdbc Remove superfluous bRunning's from CoreAudio.
94ecb90 Don't sleep in CoreAudio thread when waiting for output data.
Clashes with TextToSpeech.
Thorvald Natvig <>
a517f5a Permission denied for missing cert
Mikkel Krautz <>
720b0e4 Crash Reporter implementation for OSX.
Thorvald Natvig <>
874c03a Source strings for 1.2.0 alpha
580655f English source strings
Karl Dietz <>
b5b4777 Update WoW plugin.
Mikkel Krautz <>
6cde32b Remove custom speex fatal handler as well.
ae0d2db OSX ConfigDialog for 11x.
470f6ed Remove old unused OSX overlay code.
3bfe5b3 Proper debug handling for OSX overlay launcher.
94f4542 Add CoreAudio source files for 11x, as well.
4d08538 CoreAudio for 11x.
01a4770 Build OSX client without PortAudio.
9d78c54 CoreAudio audio backend for OSX.
Thorvald Natvig <>
af09b09 CELT with proper VBR
1ca8016 Use proper symlinks for shared files
Thorvald Natvig <>
9a7e709 Allow EINTR during poll
572b530 Allow setInfo with name if it doesn't change
02ccd34 Clear ACL cache when removing users
0104375 Disable echobox on wizard init unless supported
e73c9b0 Compile released snapshots with IPP
6216f4a Distribute dbghelp.dll on Win32 so it can work on older XP
99ba4f4 Clean up STACKVAR for murmur
79d7461 We don't really support plaintext anymore, so remove detection
from the rich text editor
146cc63 Cache pingsort
Martin Skilnand <>
1813b2e channel_linked.svg now with blue glow.
fa3f1e9 Different style edge for better rendering?
025138d New test muted_local.svg
Thorvald Natvig <>
3b23451 Explicitly set DirectInput device pointer to NULL to ease
866214d Save localmute state
2a2417a If sighup when not detached, interpret as quit
be58259 Allow murmurd to compile under Qt 4.4.3
e6037df Update release script for multiple celt versions
488f252 Fix crash when removing last shortcut after editing it
a4c6556 Compile new celt juggling on Intel compiler
Martin Skilnand <>
a2426bf Test icons/muted_local.svg
Mikkel Krautz <>
3cf23bd Properly save expert state in OSX ConfigDialog.
a484529 CELT dynload paths for OSX.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
5917312 Don't allow to disable the temporary checkbox
Thorvald Natvig <>
59678e2 Delete 1.1.x shortcut from desktop on uninstall
8a7b17e Allow serverpassword as alias for password in setConf
d97a49f Check if name is already in use before allowing a rename
d71202b Fix more compiler warnings
12a2644 Fix a few compiler warnings
9958660 Clean up compiler warnings on Win32
943f241 Moc turbo-mode
aed0eda Update Win32 installer with celt dynlibs
a122549 Reset encoder when restarting sending
d655742 Default codec to 0x800000a on client
53bb306 Clientside celt codec juggling
73388f3 Force alpha-preference for bitstream 8000000a
Thorvald Natvig <>
7dbaf74 Use full version filenames for celt lib
925dd22 Serverside alpha/beta celt version choice
5f8c841 Use int instead of uint to represent version
f00341b Set permission value to heuristic to avoid quadruple query
a3aea25 Send celt version on login
2abfacf Multicelt build fixes on nix
5247bf7 Clientside celt juggling library load
b8813f3 Build CELT dynamic
Stefan Hacker <>
a879bf8 Fix 2880700 : [8af721] wrong chat line text
fe8789c Fix behavior if we don't get permission query replies.
aa88607 Fix permission poll on connect + docs for involved functions
Thorvald Natvig <>
465cbbd Use 0 to express missing permissions
94035cf Add CELT version vector to authenticate packet
d9335a5 Move user before clearing cache, not after
Thorvald Natvig <>
20ec12c Don't query channel permissions when disconnected
1ba7c2d Clear permission cache on root on connect
Thorvald Natvig <>
696bfed Avoid overcopy for multichannel echo
d1e5d7f English source strings
8fdfabe Include image dimensions in document size
7a8ca97 Remove texture option and fix chantemp default
Stefan Hacker <>
62c3531 Disable chatbar if it is not usable anyway.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
d0b371c fix text cursor in chatbar
Thorvald Natvig <>
5ae7c8c SuperUser can't query permissions
2c92c17 Clientside permission query
Tuck Therebelos <>
7eee5f5 Source plugins update
Chosi <>
f75ae8b L4D plugin update to rev 3986
Stefan Hacker <>
56f5f97 Tab and Ctrl+Space completion for chatbar.
Thorvald Natvig <>
ff70bc7 Clientside dummy for permission query
7439bc4 Permission query (serverside)
055c13f Force config iconlist size
6076cc0 Restrict comments to message size limit, and only allow admins
to clear (not set) other people's comments)
Timo K <>
d0bd7b8 COD5 plugin update to rev 1.6.1252
Mikkel Krautz <>
a974dc8 Fix Mac OS X ConfigDialog.
Thorvald Natvig <>
4ddc686 Add (2), (3) etc to servernames when drag&dropped, and allow
drag from public->favorite
e4bc4a2 Don't initialize D3D etc if sharedmem fails
0693714 Whisper target redirect and session-based tempgroups
6a30255 Inproc draw for d3d10
e8f46da Delete bonjour servers from the list when they go away
36de491 Reset stats when editing hostname
Thorvald Natvig <>
fe9fee3 Make items in connectdialog selectable, eases keyboard
Thorvald Natvig <>
c780f4b Fix overlay images
e7a37de Fix crash if GetMixFormat fails.
67b12ee Use Qt4.5 as path instead of 4.5.2
Thorvald Natvig <>
bad2c33 Fix 11x to work with new config
f1977b2 Update ts2html script
77570c4 Spelling fixes
bfceb94 Merge expert config and advanced acl options
498a0db Change a few expert/nonexpert settings
0ac3cde Switch back to listbased config dialog
df8e907 Mime demangler for richtexteditor
Thorvald Natvig <>
f3a6e64 Don't crash without bonjour
f7dfa10 Scroll dd0t to the top
a7a7c04 Don't add context menu for parent items
6261bbc Hierarchical connect dialog
Stefan Hacker <>
0043285 Very small style fix ;-)
Thorvald Natvig <>
f065c2b Fetch continent of public servers and grab geoip of user
a9fdf25 Flush denormals on Win32
e6a49ff Force text to be interpreted as basic html
Stefan Hacker <>
42c9d8c Make chatbar indicate target.
Thorvald Natvig <>
c935e13 Make binrelease script use IPv4 too
1989a19 Add overlay magic number and check memory size
7ecfc7b Make release script use IPv4
Thorvald Natvig <>
052d23f Italitcs for the chatbar
ce46ab4 Make keyboard search on userview do recursive, delay-expanded
8d0b279 Fix dbus compile on Win32
ba1ae14 Allow ghost from same hash
2e93363 Show texture images in tooltip
Stefan Hacker <>
ddeb79f Fix translatability of ChatbarLineEdit
Thorvald Natvig <>
da6e842 Use instead of :x.y in DBus calls
Natenom <>
9a1ec81 Rename Name to Servername
Thorvald Natvig <>
85dbca3 Fix bonjour in new DNS resolver
Thorvald Natvig <>
4179db1 Separate dns loop and stabilize pingsort. Probably breaks
Stefan Hacker <>
8c197b3 Remove deprecated WoW plugin.
5082c26 Add TemporaryChannel permission deny type.
b0384b6 Fix Channel DnD crash bug.
b6357cc Do not allow channels to be dropped in temporary channels.
fb41646 Fix CustomElements.h/cpp license headers and update some
c30ac51 Slight chat bar behavior change + style revert
1fcfddb Merged channel tree and normal messages.
080ab96 Make chat bar clearly indicate its purpose.
Mikkel Krautz <>
e9b84b4 Don't do TextMessage symlinks in
Natenom <>
c54a7ed Dont use always muted_self icon in tray. Show wether muted
self or by server or suppressed.
Stefan Hacker <>
812e6b1 Comments for GlobalShortcut.cpp
Thorvald Natvig <>
cf662aa Add initialization to ValidDocument
5d6637b Add local TextMessage for 11x
Thorvald Natvig <>
4e675bc Add selfreference for OpenGL
ae2984b Use longtext instead of varchar for infos
0963a3a Rich Text Editor
0419b34 Start of rich text editor
Thorvald Natvig <>
e41dbbe Show focus message when running snapshots
511773d DX10 fullscreen texture test
Thorvald Natvig <>
79a9abd data: handling support, and proper washing of harmfull links
in all contexts
Thorvald Natvig <>
90cb11c Wash URLs if not http, https or mumble
e43d963 Send allowhtml state to client
8e79eae Allow stripping of HTML serverside
Stefan Hacker <>
c2b8f3b Disable port field if address is bonjour identifier.
224be19 What's this + tooltips in Log.ui and ConnectDialogEdit.ui
5a79945 Tooltips for GlobalShortcutTarget.ui dialog.
d75ee9c TextMessage.ui What's this + slight change in looks
88a10c0 Introduce permission denied type TextTooLong.
Thorvald Natvig <>
03516cc Send full cert details to external authenticator
Stefan Hacker <>
8466232 Server side limit on text message length.
d44ff93 Unify browsing for sound files.
60fb1cb Fix What's this for image dl switch
5962a14 What's this + tooltip for DoublePush time
Thorvald Natvig <>
c1db2c8 QScrollArea's background seems to be bugged in a QTabWidget,
so stick our head in the sand and ignore it.
Thorvald Natvig <>
537fe05 Fix display of default permissions when not inheriting ACLs
8528a23 Fix background on scrolled config widgets
Stefan Hacker <>
b4d2491 int boundary handling and more intelligent insertion for
Channel DnD
948d772 Make Channel DnD MVC compliant.
ff34f7f Fix obvious faults in channel DnD
4cc09d9 Drag and drop placement for channels.
Mikkel Krautz <>
c0a490c Enable 11x overlay for OSX.
Stefan Hacker <>
3a0cf23 Prevent TTS/Sounds from being triggered when user deafened
155bb16 Use localeAwareCompare for channel sorting
Thorvald Natvig <>
c3421d7 Workaround for qsystemtrayicon::activated
2051568 Check patchlevel in URLs
d212243 Add version queryitem to URLs
Mikkel Krautz <>
4026950 Programatically generate .DS_Store file for OSX disk images.
Tuck Therebelos <>
2f0821c Source games build updates
Thorvald Natvig <>
db919c0 @strong group for strong certificates
75062d4 Remove leftover debug output
eb34fad Support copy/paste from ConnectDialog
d9e706c Make default bandwidth on server be 72 kbit/s
a022487 Show date rollover in log window
6b5daa5 Clear comment on connect to new server
96b99d5 Show website and version on tooltip
8293a5d Drag and drop URLs to connect dialog
Thorvald Natvig <>
cf0192a Switch to P^2 estimator for ping
63fc19e Update installer to use qt.conf
Stefan Hacker <>
18e9f17 New prefix broke UDPTunnel messages.
Thorvald Natvig <>
9e65ae8 Add ServerShow as boost type
7710c86 Update 11x to have new global var
75356e1 4 byte packet length, 2 byte type, and use SSL compression to
encode it
96ae2b2 Variable length packet length encoding
Thorvald Natvig <>
62b83d8 Support for regional servers for server list
Mikkel Krautz <>
fa95e61 Update OSX license script.
Natenom <>
6c90415 Updated German translations.
Mikkel Krautz <>
a078791 Don't use the installer on OSX. Go back to 'Copy to
Applications folder to install!'-method. Disable .DS_Store for
disk image (for now).
345852e Switch to new manual overlay injector on OSX.
Natenom <>
a74e859 Changed translations and fixed errors.
Thorvald Natvig <>
5d0e14c Show you muted X messages properly.
40e8431 Maintain stable ServerItem list
2c3f8f8 Only one pingsweep per second
a87e113 Filter to show only favorites
Benjamin Jemlich <>
e7aacbc cache hostname lookups
38a8581 Don't retry already running DNS lookups. QT will never send us
any reply if we do.
730e7d0 Restart timers earlier so we don't block pinging other servers
while waiting for DNS response
Thorvald Natvig <>
d9d7f36 use .value and .insert, and use toLower() for hostnames
Mikkel Krautz <>
4ed8d8f Remove superfluous welcome text from the welcome screen of the
OSX installer.
ca68ce2 Fix installer_macx to properly install IM-based overlay. Allow
building both an InputManager and a pure .dylib overlay (for
manual injection, for example).
9b3ab4b Working InputManager-based OSX overlay.
63c9e94 Add proper Qt plugin support to OSX dist script.
4315a94 License scripts for OSX.
fdb578a Update OSX installer for 11x and prepare for new overlay. Make
macx build with pch on by default.
Thorvald Natvig <>
6e8e547 Auto-unmute on un-deafen
8f0b374 Clean up sorting
a73d60c Update includes in RPC so it works under feature-less compiles
Thorvald Natvig <>
475c9c5 Fix unregistation of users
b534867 Fix color for amplify audiobar
c6fdcc5 Remove "Add New..." from context menu, it's a button
b16e765 Share pings for multiple entries for same host/port
558f787 Ping randomimzation
8194a21 Make Quit from menu always quit, without asking
d9a2d47 Order tray menu according to screen position
Stefan Hacker <>
cafe559 Fix typo in SAVELOAD for audio/pushclickoff.
076f6fb Customizable sound for PTT Audio Cue.
6742f2b Add Channel position QSpinBox to advanced ACL editor.
4393235 Add group "Add" button to ACL dialog.
Hengqing Hu <>
Álvaro Manuel Recio Pérez <>
37d26c8 Corrected Spanish translation
Thorvald Natvig <>
31c8de9 Make Filters a group, and add a "Add New..." button
4b66e47 Filters
46f3f23 Show slightly more pingstats
Stefan Hacker <>
7800978 Focus name field in channel add/edit.
Mikkel Krautz <>
ea311ff Boost 1.40.0 for OSX.
Benjamin Jemlich <>
279ca01 Fix crypto on FreeBSD amd64
Thorvald Natvig <>
440f16e Default sort by ascending ping
23275df Allow up to 1024 byte UDP packets, to contain up to 6*127bytes
8911fdc Update .ini text for pidfile
d9cea2c Digest-based shortcut/token storage
Stefan Hacker <>
00e8be8 Clean output buffer when skipping frame to avoid crackling.
Mikkel Krautz <>
80e82e3 Fix MumbleSSL for no-pch.
62cf549 Fix Bonjour build for no-pch.
Thorvald Natvig <>
61391cf Modify whatsThis in overlay to not mention D3D9 specifically
c183557 Boost 1.40 on Win32
9ba05ce Add data() fetcher for ServerItem and tooltips
e5c38f4 Show single-value ping again, and show max users
ed45391 Accumulator-based ping stats
66c0433 Send maxusers in ping
383f394 Send maxbandwidth in ping query
6e2b006 Validate ConnectDialogEdit
093f98f Always include bonjourrecord.
46da19c Add icon for LAN servers
522c27a Grand Unified Connect
Stefan Hacker <>
0f5a49d Make virtual server specific bonjour switch work.
Mikkel Krautz <>
a2a687d Remove qt.conf reference in
Thorvald Natvig <>
7fe654a Set default value for bBonjour
3a8c8b3 #ifndef MUMBLE_VERSION for release script
f3c3546 Make Glacier2 example actually use the proxy
491108f Glacier2 example
3a941fd Show ping and usercount in public server list
b13d7f0 Add iSampleRate for 1.1.x
c38e741 Drain UDP socket even when thread is not running, and answer
ping requests
Stefan Hacker <>
baad944 Forward/backward password update in add/edit dialog.
Thorvald Natvig <>
f1c4138 Fix DirectSound 32khz mode
c663db3 Remove ods() for addref/release, impossible to run real apps
with it on
8e0cbc8 Release heuristic
cafb24c Include fxo binary in overlay
93b6c57 Proof-of-concept DX10 overlay
Stefan Hacker <>
7057604 Actually impose restrictions on users without password.
0dd931c Add password edit capability to Channel edit dialog.
Mikkel Krautz <>
9c620aa Don't try to look-up Avahi packages on the Mac.
c2a92d9 Rename 1.1.x plist file to mumble11x.plist.
c3a21f8 Do not copy in our own qt.conf for Mac builds. We will move to
using the macdeployqt utility for preparing our app bundle
82a4373 Don't pass incompatible parameters to the Darwin linker.
9e9b032 Build fix for g15helper utility.
23aff3c Add InputManager for automatic overlay injection on Mac OS X.
Thorvald Natvig <>
ad845f5 Fix typo in debug mode for d3d9ex
d2a64ee Start of DXGI Hook
Stefan Hacker <>
849aa9c Improve ACL editor layout.
Stefan Hacker <>
8b7f1d6 Added checkbox to disable image download
bbba5fc Move advanced channel editor switch to options menu.
Thorvald Natvig <>
865cdab Precache support for d3d9ex
d7b53b0 History-based jitter buffer initialization, and power-based
activity detector.
d2b467a Revert "Fix indenting in changelog script"
dc658e2 Fix indenting in changelog script
040f16d Make sure audio bandwidth never falls below 8kbit/s
449cc31 Remove a bunch of compiler warnings
2e87ec0 Update config dialog to have minimum 24kbit/s for 10ms mode
10c0e74 Add some hardening source flags, to make sure we can be
compiled with them
ce7ce45 Work around the ducking in Win7; we always have the device
Thorvald Natvig <>
e4d3485 Add RegisterSelf permission to Ice.
c3d2198 Copy, don't ref frame to decode
403c95b Don't use post-1.2rc-only speex functions
1c88786 Use new whisper icons
d41afda Move mumble/murmur specific state out of User
950b104 Server-side low-bandwidth mode
9c6b1d0 Re-enable red color for high bandwidth in the
AudioConfigDialog, and allow 8kbit/s transmissions.
a4579d2 Fix typo when reducing bandwidth.
6479de3 Low bandwidth mode
Martin Skilnand <>
0fd52da Parameter change in inkscape to prevent bugging in QT...
Martin Skilnand <>
b5ba5db Fixed artifacts in talk icons
add5e12 Fixed metadata for mumble.svg, and added talking_whisper.svg.
unknown <d0t@.(none)>
55179d9 Make build environment more flexible
Thorvald Natvig <>
4ff3993 Get rid of some compiler warnings on Win32
6707c8d Support 10, 20, 40 and 60ms audio packets
f8ba374 Make the bandwidth limit on the server be in bit/s instead of
eb668a1 Add placeholder icons
9653d4e Disallow image links in comments
7a7a9b2 Use blank image instead of "missing link" for invalid image
a40cf25 Switch last few icons to temporary svgs, and change formatting
of whatsthis messages.
e62f502 Update checkstate for Mute if suppressed
1a7f024 Honor requested audio bandwidth slightly better, and lower
minimum allowed
Martin Skilnand <>
c696a8f Next test of in UI icons.
Hengqing Hu <>
2fd9a62 Traditional Chinese translation for Mumble 1.1.8 included
Thorvald Natvig <>
cce8c3f Don't display tooltip/whatsthis for abnormally large
cf17684 Update testauth script to use new index-based userinfo map
028cf24 Use group-GUUID based volume history for other applications
8377f00 Don't include test things in the changelog
ed384bf More volume testing
95a9af7 Use group-GUUID based volume history for other applications
4848a2d Don't include test things in the changelog
29cc812 More volume testing
Thorvald Natvig <>
07b5a12 Check session states on Vista.
a5a2c66 Don't explicitly state WinSDK path, it will be pulled in by
vcvars. And replace DXSDK with a env var.
40d4998 Unified Win7/Vista volume control. I hope.
847ed7a Make NO_UPDATE_CHECK hide options completely
b27f0d4 On X11, you can minimize the parent window while a modal
dialog is shown, without reactivating the parent's event loop
0978bc7 Protobuf 2.2.0 for Win32
4683c46 Fix ALSA periods for raw HW
b17f3b2 Check session states on Vista.
a11c188 Don't explicitly state WinSDK path, it will be pulled in by
vcvars. And replace DXSDK with a env var.
b6208a7 Unified Win7/Vista volume control. I hope.
1077335 Make NO_UPDATE_CHECK hide options completely
7e7b3f3 On X11, you can minimize the parent window while a modal
dialog is shown, without reactivating the parent's event loop
4923f42 Protobuf 2.2.0 for Win32
e4935a8 Fix ALSA periods for raw HW
Martin Skilnand <>
2acd26f Removed yellow circle from icons/mumble.svg
95dc226 Fixed bugged icons/mumble.svg, verified.
Álvaro Manuel Recio Pérez <>
b0aaa8e Fixed installer' Spanish translation
59b741f Updated installer' Spanish translation
Thorvald Natvig <>
2544297 Volatile the iMixerFreq
99cd9d4 Add a dummy thread for pulseinput/output, so we don't delete
it during start()
02ec1f0 Switch weak to unique-checking for 11x too
7da8e1b Fix abort on quit with Pulse due to wrong thread deleting a
dummy object.
4f9e599 Volatile the iMixerFreq
5688781 Add a dummy thread for pulseinput/output, so we don't delete
it during start()
8361a1c Switch weak to unique-checking for 11x too
a71e118 Fix abort on quit with Pulse due to wrong thread deleting a
dummy object.
45fad10 Threaded pulseaudio
12f9c69 Locking test
20eadb6 Make pulseaudio play nice again
bcf77b7 Make ALSA work under Pulse on karmic.
c70caee Don't double-delete (G15 unix)
Martin Skilnand <>
9958cfe Attempt to fix corrupt icons/mumble.svg
Thorvald Natvig <>
304f12c #ifdef protobuf 2.1 features
afa6f35 Get rid of global memory from ConfigRegistrars
ce3df76 Use enum for InfoMap
bcaa6c7 Use VLD for debug builds
c63e4f5 Use the new SVG icons
f62ae27 Make hardcoded ACL default be without selfregister, and make
it a part of initial ACLs added to new servers
Martin Skilnand <>
edf3369 New attempt of icons for 1.2.0 release.
Thorvald Natvig <>
3a686bd Fix ASIO config save
Tuck Therebelos <>
4884458 Cod5 update for 1.5
a1767db TF2, DODS updates
Mikkel Krautz <>
df9b900 Use system CA certificates on OS X.
Patrick Matthäi <>
c957ff4 Spelling fix in ACLEditor
Thorvald Natvig <>
88dcb4c Don't show lip icon if suppressed
c7cffde Build protobuf earlier, so header is generated
Mikkel Krautz <>
203a125 Allow *.pkcs12 file extension for certificate import and
Thorvald Natvig <>
5b3c901 Allow specifying SYSTEM_CA_BUNDLE define to force CA path
6296282 Share a bit more of .pro files, and add win32 ca store
8159eec Add system-installed CAs
b8dc011 GPG sign and upload source snapshots
7294099 Allow expired/not-yet-valid certificates as non-strong certs
d9a5206 Add cert-send/pw-store suppress option (nonsaved)
Thorvald Natvig <>
cab2850 Always require password for SuperUser
379f88b Clientside selfregister
7a84624 Serverside SelfRegister
91c230f Remove warnings when cleaning indexes
0b107aa Clean out MySQL indexes and foreign keys on upgrade, and
remove multithreaded logging
Thorvald Natvig <>
a391d01 Add Message.h to tarball for 11x
e4eabb5 Dummy manpage for mumble11x
91c5176 Nmake can't handle self-dependencies, so give up and provide a
shell script for the symlinks
585b0dd Symlinks and ugly copy hacks. I want gitsymlink on win32.
e3261db Mumble11x in source tree
36e2059 Mark email field in crashreporter as optional, so users aren't
compelled to put bogus addresses there
1f52513 Update installation strings to default english ones
Tuck Therebelos <>
06d48b9 L4D, Gmod updates; DODS version bump
ae26954 TF2 build 3897
Thorvald Natvig <>
d20e27e Include celt in tarball
52c42bd Mystery contexts
Stefan Hacker <>
8835385 Tooltips and What's this for Add/Edit dialog. Saveload
advanced cfg checkbox. Prevent root channel name change.
b78c706 Fix channel description loading.
2bfb54c Display client version in tray tooltip
af08aee Do lookups with Channel::get()
Benjamin Jemlich <>
018d5a1 Fix crash while trying to rename the root channel
Thorvald Natvig <>
0cb7485 uniquie => unique
bbd9bfd Clickable comment icons
e6b623e Remove tempchannels on disconnect too
Stefan Hacker <>
df86a73 Channel Add/Edit dialog.
Thorvald Natvig <>
d559445 Send uid=-1 to all clients when unregistering connected user
a651dce Various jitter fixes, and audio fade
237b9e2 Update position-stripping in server to mach updated voice
Alex Maclean <>