Ice-to-JSON Gateway for Murmur Callbacks
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Murmur Ice-to-JSON gateway

Provides a basic framework to translate Murmur’s Ice callbacks to requests to a web service to facilitate authentication.

Basic Use

See the supplied script for basic usage information.

The “murmur” module provides a “Murmur” module created by Ice. By default, the Slice file is loaded from /usr/share/slice/; to provide a different Slice file, set the environment variable MURMUR_SLICE_PATH.


The authenticator has three basic settings:

  • base_uri (default: http://localhost:9000/): Base URI for the authentication server. You can set any value, as long as it is supported by urllib2 and allows appending a relative path fragment.
  • known_user_info: Allowed user information types (defaults to values allowed in Mumble 1.2.2)
  • auth_api_token (yet unused): API token to send to the authentication server.