Webmin/Virtualmin Module for Nginx support in virtualservers (Not actively worked on)
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Nginx Plugin for Virtualmin/Webmin

Enable add/remove/disable sites in Nginx configuration

Author: Matt Lewandowsky <matt@greenviolet.net>


This is a fork of nginx-webmin plugin from github.com/vixh/nginx-webmin with new features.


  1. Go to Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> Webmin Modules.

  2. Select “From ftp or http URL” and enter

github.com/downloads/lewellyn/virtualmin-nginx/lewellyn-virtualmin-nginx-current.wbm.gz into the box.

  1. Click “Install Module”.

  2. Go to Webmin -> Servers -> Nginx Webserver and click “Module Config”.

  3. Modify the settings to be appropriate to your local installation.

  4. If using Virtualmin:

  5. Goto Virtualmin -> System Settings -> Features and Plugins and enable

“Nginx Website”, check the configuration via “Configure” link.

2. Goto Virtualserver -> Enabled features and enable "Setup Nginx website for


Virtualmin Apache configuration

For nginx work properly with default module settings, you must do the changes to apache module:

  1. Change listen port to 81: Virtualmin -> System Settings -> Server Templates

-> Template -> Apache website -> Port number for virtual hosts

  1. Check apache config files (/etc/apache2/*.conf) for the string

NameVirtualHost *:81 Be sure that each instance is using an asterisk instead of an IP address.

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