Draws a rectangle around selected layers, with possible padding.
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Sketch Bound with Box

This plugin takes the selected layer(s) and draws a bounding rectangle.

This tends to be useful for creating a box as an alignment tool, or as a quick method of creating a box around elements as part of a design.

Sketch Bound with Box gathering user input


Padding can be added to the rectangle, which is added to all four sides.


You have the choice to move the contents (where the rectangle is drawn at the top left of the selected layer, and the selected layer is moved down and right by the padding amount), or move the box (where the rectangle is moved up and left by the padding amount).


You can now force the box to be square, based on the longest dimension. This will use the selected Move option to align the contents with the box.


  1. Download and unzip Sketch Bound with Box.
  2. Double click BoundWithBox.sketchplugin for auto installation.


Find in SketchToolbox

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