A simple client-side script which allows comments for your website which also drive more traffic.
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=== Description ===
This project creates a comment area for your website which uses the power of twitter to gather comments and drive extra traffic.

Users comment through a text field which directs them to post a specially formatted (human-readable) post on twitter. The post has a bit.ly link back to the page which was being commented. The posts are displayed under the comments in the order they were made with a link to view in Twitter.

Once a post is made, all the commenters followers will see their thoughts on your page or website and potentially click on the bit.ly link to visit your website.

=== Features ===
 - Completely client-side, doesn't require any server-side code
 - Fast and doesn't slow down your existing page-load time
 - Very customisable
 - Very simple
 - Visitors can comment from your website

=== Installation ===
1) Download the source from http://github.com/caecus/twitter-comments .
2) Copy the images and scripts folder to your website.
3) Replace YOUR_BIT.LY_LOGIN and YOUR_BIT.LY_API in twitter-comments.js with your Bit.ly login name and API key.
3) Copy the JQuery script, JQuery Tweet script and Twitter Comments script from index.html into your pages header.
4) Copy the Comment Section from index.html to where you would like the posts to display on your page.

=== Pre-requisites ===
This script comes packaged up with all pre-requisites.
 - JQuery (http://jquery.com/)
 - Custom version of Tweet (http://github.com/caecus/tweet).

=== Contribute ===
Bring your code slinging skills to Github and help us develop new features!

git clone git://github.com/caecus/twitter-comments.git

Report any bugs here: http://github.com/caecus/twitter-comments/issues

=== Licensed under the MIT ===