A simple NodeJS listener to receive post-commit POST messages from BitBucket
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BitBucket POST Hook Receiver

Simple nodeJS http service to listen for POST requests from BitBucket and execute git pull (or any other command) depending on the repo and branch that was updated. For more on the POST hook see the BitBucket POST hook management page.

###Config.js | Setting | Description | | --- | --- | | pathname | The path from the address root | | unique_var | A unique GET var, make this some esoteric and hard to guess | | special_token | A longish token to be passed to the listener | | verbose | Output debug information to console (default: false) | | port | The port the listener will be available on | | git_pulls | See below |



Example: http://example.com:1337/mylistener?doagitpull&special_token=gh028h489gh9fh49fh8942h8gh4

####git_pulls This is an object containing your Bitbucket repo-name:branch-name (or repo-name:* for any branch) and the command to execute in the event the repo-name:branch is passed to listener. Set verbose to true to see the POST body from BitBucket.

For example

git_pulls : {
   'my-repo-on-bitbucket:branch-name' : 'git -C /var/www/mysite pull',
   'database-stuff:branch-name'       : 'git -C /etc/database pull'

###Processes.json This file is included to make working with PM2 immediately easy and simple. Use pm2 start processes.json