A PHP API wrapper for GeoPeeker
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GeoPeekerApiWrapper v0.01

This wrapper is for use with the GeoPeeker API, available to Pro and Enterprise users.

Example Usage

$public_key = '12f0b42a5c5dad851c5995f6ddd346812'; //Both keys can be found in the Account interface
$private_key = '4be6a55c3d72f077f675101d1b4132f7';

$wrapper = new GeoPeekerApiWrapper($public_key, $private_key);
$response = $wrapper->doPeek('example.com', 'en', null, 1000, array(0 => 'virginia'), array(0 => '640x960'));

Example Response (formatted)

  "success": 1,
  "locations": {
    "virginia": {
      "ip": "",
      "ping": "2",
      "dns": "DNS Recordsexample.com name server b.iana-servers.net.\nexample.com name server a.iana-servers.net.\n
              A Recordsexample.com has address\nCNAME Recordsexample.com has no CNAME record\n
              MX Recordsexample.com has no MX record\n
              TXT Recordsexample.com descriptive text \"v=spf1 -all\"\n
              example.com descriptive text \"$Id: example.com 4380 2015-08-12 20:14:21Z davids $\"\n
              SOA Recordsexample.com has SOA record sns.dns.icann.org. noc.dns.icann.org. 2015081206 7200 3600 1209600 3600\n",
      "renders": {
        "640x960": {
          "original": "https://www.geopeeker.com/uploads/api/55ccb0a24abdb_en_640x960_4.png",
          "thumb": "https://www.geopeeker.com/uploads/api/55ccb0a24abdb_en_640x960_4_thumb.png",
          "source": "https://www.geopeeker.com/uploads/api/55ccb0a24abdb_en_640x960_4_source.txt"


GeoPeekerApiWrapper is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT License.