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Last Updated: 7/28/2022

I assume no duty and provide no guarantee of keeping these disclosures complete or up to date, but currently anticipate updating them from time to time to reflect the changes I deem sufficiently material to warrant disclosure.

Please be advised:

I am a lawyer admitted to practice in California.

Unless we have entered into a written engagement letter providing for paid legal services, I am not your lawyer and do not represent you or your interests.

From time to time I engage in "autonomous lawyering," which means that in analyzing or discussing law or situations involving legal issues, I am representing myself or acting non-representationally in the context of belonging to a community of incentive-aligned supporters of a decentralized technology system. These communities and the persons in them are not my clients and I have no intention to treat their information as confidential or attorney-client privileged. I am acting on my own behalf, but will seek to provide accurate and honest information while observing my general nonrepresentational professional responsibilities such as demonstrating respect for the legal system.

In engaging in autonomous lawyering, I am not acting on behalf of my law firm or any other employer of mine, nor on behalf of my clients (i.e., those with whom I have signed engagement letters providing that I will act as their attorney). If my views expressed in autonomous lawyering contexts are inaccurate, there will be no legal recourse against me and an injured party will not be covered by malpractice insurance.

For more about autonomous lawyering, please see link.

As a personal user of blockchain technologies, I hold BTC, ETH and various other tokens bought on the open market, received as cash-equivalent compensation in routine business transactions or received in airdrops, staking or similar open distributions.

As General Counsel of Delphi Labs, I have direct or indirect economic interests in the equity and/or tokens of various entities, launched projects and pre-launch projects. These include Mars and Astroport. As compensation from Delphi Labs, I am or will be a direct recipient of a material amount of $MARS and $ASTRO tokens through the "Joint Venture Allocation" of these tokens. Details of the unlocking schedule of these tokens may be found on the Mars Medium and Astroport Medium. I am also an equity holder in Delphi Ventures master fund(s)--see Delphi Ventures Transparency Page. I have personal holdings of LUNA (aka LUNA2) that unlock over time as a result of the Terra Classic-->Terra[2] fork. I also have indirect interests in LUNA (aka LUNA2) due to dev mining reward programs on Terra (aka Terra2).

From my time as a member of MetaCartel Ventures DAO, I have direct or indirect economic interests in the equity and/or tokens of the below-listed entities or projects (all accumulated prior to ragequit on May 16 2021):

  • Reflexer
  • Zapper
  • Pocket
  • DeFi Dollar
  • Republic
  • Niftex
  • Karma
  • Gelato
  • DAOHaus
  • PoolTogether
  • Boardroom
  • EPNS
  • Reality Cards
  • Overlay
  • BrightID
  • Rarible
  • Potion
  • Opium
  • Defiant
  • Arweave
  • RAC Token
  • Known Origin
  • Chainflip
  • Sky Mavis/Axie Infinity
  • Arbitrum
  • Marble
  • SuperFluid
  • FWB
  • Gitcoin
  • Galleon
  • Opolis
  • Block Art