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Pancake Master


Pancake Master is two separate components: A python notification script which hits the Drafthouse API and looks for any relevant updates, and a dynamic webpage component that hits the same API and uses AJAX to render the information in a web browser.

Notification Script

Python script that searches for Master Pancake showtimes in Austin. Run it periodically to send out email notifications for newly detected or newly on-sale pancakes. Never miss out on getting tickets again! See requirements.txt for dependencies. For help pass -h or --help as a command line argument to the script.

Dynamic Webpage

Static HTML+AJAX solution which fetches and displays the most up-to-date Master Pancake information. Publish to a webserver with dependencies pancake.css, jquery, and underscore. See it live on GitHub pages!

Deploying and Publishing

Fabric handles deploying and publishing. YAML handles configuration of your deployments and publishing information. Install both first before proceeding. You must also create a deploy.yaml configuration file within the root of your clone of this repository. It must follow this format:

user: ''
hosts: ['']
web_remote_dir: '/path/to/publish/your/www/html'
script_remote_dir: '/path/to/deploy/your/script'

NOTE: Publishing and deploying require SSH access to your webspace.

Deploying the Notification Script

cd /path/to/pancake-master
fab deploy

Publishing the Dynamic Webpage

cd /path/to/pancake-master
fab publish

MIT © lexicalunit et al