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Add to Discord
The Discord bot for SpellTable

🤖 Using SpellBot

SpellBot helps you find Magic: The Gathering games on SpellTable. Just looking to play a game of Commander? Run the command /lfg and SpellBot will help you out!


SpellBot uses Discord slash commands. Each command provides its own help documentation that you can view directly within Discord itself before running the command. Take a look and see what's available by typing / and browsing the commands for SpellBot!

🔭 Where to Play?

These communities are using SpellBot to play Magic! Maybe one of them is right for you?

Tolarian Community College
Tolarian Community College
Command the Cause
Command the Cause
The Nitpicking Nerds
The Nitpicking Nerds
EDH Tambayan
EDH Tambayan
Commander SpellTable (DE)
Commander SpellTable (DE)
Playing with Power
Playing with Power
EDH Fight Club
EDH Fight Club
Budget Commander
Budget Commander
The Mages Guild
The Mages Guild
Commander RC
Commander RC
Asylum Gaming
Asylum Gaming
Commander en Español
Commander en Español
MTG let's play!!
MTG let's play!!
Torre de Mando
Torre de Mando
  Your Virtual LGS
Your Virtual LGS

Want your community to be featured here as well? Please contact me at!

🎤 Feedback

Thoughts and suggestions? Come join us on the SpellBot Discord server! Please also feel free to directly report any bugs that you encounter. Or reach out to me on Twitter at @SpellBotIO.

🙌 Support Me

I'm keeping SpellBot running using my own money but if you like the bot and want to help me out, please consider becoming a patron.

❤️ Contributing

If you'd like to become a part of the SpellBot development community please first know that we have a documented code of conduct and then see our documentation on how to contribute for details on how to get started.

🐳 Docker Support

SpellBot can be run via docker. Our image is published to lexicalunit/spellbot. See our documentation on Docker Support for help with installing and using it.

🔍 Fine-print

Any usage of SpellBot implies that you accept the following policies.

MIT © amy@lexicalunit et al