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🎪 A Sample Conference App built with React Native
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🎪 A Sample Conference App built with React Native

Demo App inspired on ionic-conference-app

Quick start

# clone repo
$ git clone

# change directory to cloned app
$ cd conference-app

# install the dependencies with yarn
$ yarn install

# start react-native (Expo) server with running App
$ yarn start

Table of Contents


You'll need to run this app:

  • node and npm (Use NVM)
  • Ensure you're running Node (v8.9.4+) and NPM (5.6.0+)
  • react-native-cli: 2.0.1
  • react-native: 0.54.0

conference-app is a react-native mobile application is assumed that you're familiarized with this framework, otherwise it is here where you should start react-native-getting-started


With yarn start command runs your app in development mode.

Open it in the Expo app on your phone (IOS or Android) to view it. It will reload if you save edits to your files, and you will see build errors and logs in the terminal.

Sometimes you may need to reset or clear the React Native packager's cache. To do so, you can pass the --reset-cache flag to the start script:

yarn start --reset-cache

For further information regarding app bootstraping and other useful commands see



If you have any idea, this project is open for issues and pull requests also if you want use this app for any real life event, feel free to use it this code.

REUSE HINT: All event data is provided from this file: src/assets/info.json, however the service layer is ready to consume any API with that JSON structure.


This project is licensed under MIT License - see the file for details

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