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🐚 Dynamic Forms Engine (and Data Storing), built on Electron
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🐚 Dynamic Forms Engine (and Data Storing), built on Electron

Project Setup

triton-forms built on Electron is a typical nodeJS application we assumed that you're familiarized with this technologies, otherwise there are useful link nodeJS

For OSX Users, we suggest install nodeJS through Homebrew

With nodeJS + Electron Environment installed, use this commands to run triton-forms

  git clone
  cd triton-forms
  npm start

And voilà triton-forms now should be running as desktop app

Form Engine

The triton-forms concept, is simple, a basic JSON document stored in MongoDB collection named forms, contains all configurations for the form and data that you want to save.

Here is an example of form configuration:

  "name" : "Contacts",
  "target" : "contacts",
  "config" : [
      {"type" : "text","label" : "Name","model" : "name"},
      {"type" : "text","label" : "Organization","model" : "organization"},
      {"type" : "text","label" : "Phone","model" : "phone"},
      {"type" : "textarea","label" : "Notes","model" : "notes"},
      {"type" : "select","label" : "Group","model" : "group",
          "options" : ["Family",   "Work", "Friends"]
      {"type" : "checkbox","label" : "Favorite","model" : "favorite"}
  "model" : "{ \"name\": \"String\", \"organization\" : \"String\", \"phone\" : \"String\", \"group\" : \"String\", \"favorite\" : \"Boolean\"}"


  • name is the name and title for your form.
  • target is collections name when data will be stored.
  • model is mongoose schema definitions for the object.
  • config is an array of every input on form (all possible input types can be found there).

Useful links

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