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INF-BIO5121/9121 fall 2014 de novo assembly

Course material for the de novo assembly part of the INF-BIOx121 course at Univ. of Oslo Fall 2014. Course website:

####Thanks to

  • Nick Loman (@pathogenomenick), for the very first edition, see, and for making MinION data from the MinION Access Program available
  • The sequencing companies for access to sequencing data
  • Ben Langmead for the python De Bruijn Graph code
  • Titus Brown for the Assembly Exercise

####Disclaimer The tutorials in this repository only touch on some of the basics of the programs described. For detailed instructions, always consult the individual program's manual.

####License Unless my contract says otherwise (and I think it doesn't), or material is covered under an existing licence, all this material is released under a CC0 license.

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