Manage your users' cloud services from your application
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Manage your users' cloud services from your application.

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$ npm i
$ npm run build

This will compile the JS files from src/ with ReactJS and Babel. The generated files will go in dist/.

You can serve dist on http://localhost:6805 with

$ npm start

And then access the demo app on http://localhost:6805/ce/cloud-explorer/

This is what is done on heroku here: a live demo


For a complete example see the dist folder.

On the client side, the HTML:

<iframe id="ceIFrame" class="container" src="/ce/cloud-explorer/cloud-explorer.html" />

And the Javascript:

const ce = document.querySelector('#ceIFrame').contentWindow.ce;
ce.openFile(['.jpg', '.jpeg', '.png', '.gif'])
.then(fileInfo => {
    if(fileInfo) alert('you chose:' + fileInfo.path);
    else alert('you canceled');
.catch(e => alert('an error occured: ' + e.message));


Please feel free to ask in the issues, and contribute docs in the wiki.

For now, the best way to know the API is to take a look at the App class which exposes all CE methods here.