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Mobile application for Feng Office, in web and native versions, using Haxe, NME and Cocktail
PHP JavaScript Haxe
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Tabs (skin is in templates):
- home
- contexts / workspaces
- tab (mails, tasks, messages, documents, contacts, webpages, calendar)
- list of items
- content of the selected item
- filter

Interesting thread with lots of ideas

lexoyo posts

ToDo for beta:
- bugs
  . root workspace, no files??
  . details of the contacts missing
  . android scroll: "position: relative" + "overflow: auto;" 
- UIs
  . back when in details
  . list of tabs should come from FO config
  . loadings
- server error handling
- demo mode (login to a public FO)
- Mettre by IM pour SL 
- Copyright SL ds le code et lisence gpl
- !!! sql injection and security
- display the elements of all children (recursive sql)
- user rights and role
- ajout logout 
- Mettre vue detail sous info?? Ou btn voir qui charge le contenu ds la mme page
- logo de la boite plutot que feng (dynamic)

Todo after?
- in the view of a context, display the info of FO dashboard (last docs, last comments, late tasks...) 
- filters and order by column
- config pannel in FO?
- settings in the app
- my account
- admin?
- Utiliser menu raph pr nav entre type d objet
- dashboard?
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