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Monitoshi, website uptime monitoring


Ping URLs and send email alerts when it is down or goes up again.

I have an instance online here, feel free to use it - I use it myself to monitor my websites.

How does it work?

You submit an URL to Monitoshi, along with your email adress, to receive a confirmation link by email. Then Monitoshi will send emails when the URL goes down or up again. In the emails you also have a link to remove your URL and email from Monitoshi's list.


Roadmap is here and feature requests can be done here.


In the email you will receive upon creation of a new monitor, there will be the URL of a badge like this one: status by monitoshi

Use it with markdown to display if your service is up or down, on a status page or in the README of your project.

Install locally


  • Node.js
  • MongoDB installed and running (npm run serve or mongod --dbpath ./data)

1- Checkout this repository (git clone && cd Monitoshi)

2- copy config-sample.js to sample.js, and edit this file to change at least the mail options to send emails. Monitoshi uses Nodemailer to send emails, and you have to define nodemailer's config in the nodemailer object of your config file. (Monitoshi does nodemailer.createTransport(config.nodemailer). Check nodemailer docs or Using Gmail section (gmail is really a poor solution, I use SMTP).

Ask me any questions about this in the github issues of the project.

For production, see bellow the "Other way to change the config".

3- run this to install dependecies:

    $ npm install

4- Then start the server with this command (mongodb needs to be running)

    $ node app

Alternatively you can use the excellent pm2 process manager to start the server:

    $ pm2 start .pm2.json

Other way to change the config

The MT_CONFIG environment variable may contain a config json string, like the provided sample config-sample.js but without line breaks. Alternatively you can provide the path of a json file (also like config-sample.js) in the environment variable MT_CONFIG_FILE. Last method you can use for the config: if you use Heroku for hosting, see how to set environment variables on your VM, and this useful plugin to handle config.

Use NUM_RUNNERS env var or "num_runners": 100, in the config to set the number of monitors running simultanneously, each one checking 1 website at a time.

Example of config

    "interval": 10000,
    "timeout": 10000,
    "attempts": 3

Contributions and road map

Let's talk about it in this thread.

Notes for developers


You can use monitoshi as is, reaching the routes listed bellow with a web browser or use it as an API with &format=json at the end of the URLs in order to have JSON responses instead of HTML messages.

Here are the app routes

  • POST /monitor => add a monitor
  • GET /monitor/:id/enable => enable a monitor, has to be called after a new monitor is added
  • GET /monitor/:id/disable => disable a monitor, for tests
  • GET /monitor/:id/del => remove a monitor, for tests
  • GET /monitor/[MONITOSHI_ADMIN_PASS] => debug only (when the env var MONITOSHI_ADMIN_PASS is defined), displays all monitors


license: GPL v2


todo: move these ideas to #1


  • cleanup index.js, create Router, use email aert...
  • check if exist before add
  • badge " is UP"
  • remove unconfirmed monitors
  • on "/" display how many urls are tracked and the medium tracking interval
  • list all URLs monitored by a given email adress
  • Concurrent HTTP requests in node.js - doduck
  • ?
  • embed on monitoshi's home page
  • embed in silex?


  • better design
  • footer with links: to the badge, github issues, home page, list of monitored urls
  • call to contribution or ads for free software

more features


  • pub pour silex dans les mails (du même auteur que monitoshi), ou pour d'autres projets foss...
  • partage FB / Twitter /...? Pour supporter le projet ? Garantir ping 30 min ?


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