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Silex QA


What is software QA?

Links for Silex QA

getting started

Please start by these first steps and come back to me

tests to do

open, close button, escape key:

  • file browser (see file-explorer.js test)
  • text editor, html editor
  • js editor, css editor (change content and check the head of the website)
  • settings dialog
  • website title, error alert, delete confirm

edit content

  • insert elements (html, text, text, container)
  • change with dummy content and check it has the expected content
  • move, resize
  • drag / drop to change container
  • change properties from the tool box
  • copy / paste / insert with scroll


  • open
  • create, delete, rename
  • delete with elements, delete with elements only on the deleted page

create, insert, delete, save, load (see old files tests)

  • insert elements (html, text, text, container)
  • delete some elements
  • save with file explorer (www service) and check the saved HTML file
  • load the HTML file and check it has the elements


  • uplad an image from dist/client/assets/
  • add the image on stage
  • test add a non existing image and check it displays an error and do not leave an element on the stage

QA - google analytics is used to track users actions in Silex and detect anomalies

  • for all the actions tested, add test that they are tracked
  • test that errors are tracked

backward compatibility

  • load old sites
  • save with new URLs
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