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Jekyll Slideshow

Jekyll Slideshow is a Jekyll boilerplate which generates slideshows with your pictures and texts, so that you can embed them in a static websites, i.e. in websites generated with static website generators such as Jekyll and Silex.

You can use Github to edit your slides and upload pictures, Github Pages will automatically generate your slideshows and publish it online for free. It is not a Jekyll plug-in but a set of layouts and collection.

Here is a demo.

At the core of this project there is work from other people:

user guide

  1. Fork this code on github
  2. Edit the file _slides/ on github and save the file, this will make Github pages build your slideshows
  3. Check the changes on

You can make more slideshows by adding .md files in _slides, like this one. The picures can be stored in any folder or sub folder, but do not forget to add it to a slideshow like in the examples.

* ![A nice pic of mine](my-pics1/pic1.jpg)
* ![Another nice pic of mine](my-pics1/pic2.jpg)

In the meta data of a slideshow's .md file, you can use these params, which come from lightSlider's doc

  • item
  • loop
  • mode (slide or fade)
  • speed
  • pause
  • vertical
  • auto
  • pauseOnHover
  • controls
  • pager
  • adaptiveHeight

You can also style and animate the elements on the slides with the "style" property in the front matter data

    duration: 10000
      position: absolute
      bottom: 0
      width: 200%
      left: 0
      left: -100%