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Information on DES/AES Privacy Providers

By `Lex Li`_

This page shows you information regarding DES/AES privacy providers.

In this article:


SNMP v3 standard defines DES/AES algorithms to be used in user security model. #SNMP Library 10.0 supports DES and AES 128/192/256.

However, some platforms do not have native DES/AES algorithms support, where an extra NuGet package is required.

Built-in Providers on .NET Core

Microsoft does have some DES/AES support in .NET Core. However,

  • DES is not part of .NET Standard 1.3.
  • SNMP AES relies on CFB mode, which is not supported by .NET Core.

Therefore, the built-in DES/AES privacy providers (derived from AESPrivacyProviderBase) do not work well on .NET Core.

You can check DESPrivacyProvider.IsSupported to see if DES is natively supported on a platform.

You can check AESPrivacyProviderBase.IsSupported to see if AES is natively supported on a platform.

Providers on Bouncy Castle

Bouncy Castle is an open source library that implements many algorithms, including DES and AES(CFB).

The NuGet package SharpSnmpLib.BouncyCastle ships DES/AES privacy providers which are based on Bouncy Castle. They can be used on .NET Core.


Compared to built-in providers, these are slower due to Bouncy Castle implementation. So this extra package should only be used when necessary.


AES privacy providers are available in 10.0.9 release.


DES privacy provider is planned for 10.0.10 release.

The following code shows how to test native AES support, and choose the right provider.

IPrivacyProvider aes;
if (AESPrivacyProviderBase.IsSupported)
    aes = new AESPrivacyProvider(...
    aes = new BouncyCastleAESPrivacyProvider(...

Similar code snippet can be used for DES,

IPrivacyProvider des;
if (DESPrivacyProvider.IsSupported)
    des = new DESPrivacyProvider(...
    des = new BouncyCastleDESPrivacyProvider(...

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