FaaS-based Universal Multi-Cloud Connectors
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Serverless event gateway, kubernetes and cloudchekr

This a demostration to show how serverless event gateway works together with kubernetes. How to centralize function calls via distributed platforms and achive benefits and extended functionality for cloud management platforms(CMP) in this case with CloudcheckR


  • The just binary
  • The kubectl binary
  • The minikube binary
  • The kubeless binary
  • The serverless binary


Type just --list to get an overview of the available recipes.

Cluster Setup

The clst-prepare recipe will get you started quickly.

Note: If you're uncertain about your minikube state it's advised to start with a clean state by running minikube delete (just clst-cleanup) first.

Event gateway and etcd start

The gateway-start and etcd-start will start containers easily. To check containers avalability run check-config-status or kubectl get pods

Register functions and subcriptions

The echo-register-any and * echo-register-aws* will register functions on both aws and gc. To create a subscription run sub-register with function registered id

Note: If while registering subsciption the error "no httpd type" has appeared, run:

curl -k --request POST --url https://{minikube_ip}/serverless-event-gateway/config/v1/spaces/default/eventtypes --header 'content-type: application/json' --data '{ "name": "http.request" }'

Test commands

When all the subcriptions are created, run commands from command file to test centralized functions call. All commands are assuming that $AWS_ACCESS, $AWS_SECRET, $CLOUD_CHECK variables are exported in enviroment