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Third-party Gentoo overlay. Come ride the Lagrangian point between awesomeness and volatile compounds.
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branch: master Modest improvements.

Actually, nothing much at all. (Really, now.)
latest commit 804f3ae670
@leycec authored
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app-admin/drush Added Drush 5.9.
app-dicts/goldendict app-dicts/goldendict: app-text/goldendict blocked
app-editors/vim app-editors/vim: "eselect-vi" dependency fixed.
app-emulation/vice Added VICE 2.4.5.
app-lyx/elyxer ${PYTHON_DEPS} added.
app-misc app-misc/powerline: Backported test improvements.
app-text/labelnation Expanded ${PYTHON_REQUIRED_USE} into REQUIRED_USE.
app-vim/powerline-vim powerline*: Release 2.1.4
app-wine/python-winbuilder app-wine/python-winbuilder: Moved.
dev-java Added YUI Compressor 2.4.8.
dev-python dev-python/pyinstaller: Refactored for "git-r3".
dev-util/ctags *: Live ebuilds sport empty KEYWORDS.
dev-vcs/git-remote-hg dev-vcs/git-remote-hg: Man pages installed.
games-emulation/dosbox-daum Added Drush 5.9.
games-engines/ags *: Live ebuilds sport empty KEYWORDS.
games-ftl/grognaks_mod_manager dev-python/pyinstaller: initial commit
games-roguelike games-roguelike/cataclysm-dda: drop package mask
games-util/ips-pl games-util/ips-pl: Patch removed.
licenses dev-python/pyinstaller: initial commit
media-fonts media-fonts/powerline-fonts: URLs simplified
media-libs app-misc/powerline-status: 1.0 regression fixed
media-video media-video/dvdstyler: 2.8 bump
metadata Added "masters = gentoo" to "layout.conf".
net-p2p/imule net-p2p/imule: download URLs corrected
profiles app-wine/python-winbuilder: Moved.
sys-power/phc-k8 sys-power/phc-k8: 0.4.6 bump.
x11-libs/libvterm x11-libs/libvterm: Manually merge ZyX patchset.
.gitignore Added The Slimy Lichmummy (TSL). Modest improvements.
overlay-local.xml Shortened the "" instructions.
overlay.xml Added ToME 4 beta 41 (and non-working beta 42).


Welcome to raiagent, the third-party Gentoo overlay where Raia and gentlemanly conduct collide.







raiagent publishes well-documented ebuilds unabashadly biased towards the CLI, Python, cryptography, emulation, and roguelikes. Prominent ebuilds include:


raiagent is installable in the usual way. Assuming use of emerge (and not that other disreputable fellow), this is:

  • Install layman, Gentoo's official overlay manager.

      $ emerge layman
      $ echo 'source /var/lib/layman/make.conf' >> /etc/portage/make.conf
  • Add the raiagent overlay.

    $ layman -a raiagent
  • Synchronize overlays.

    $ layman -S


raiagent is thanks to the concerted efforts of numerous committers, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Nikolai Aleksandrovich Pavlov (ZyX-I), whose gracious contributions to the suite of Powerline ebuilds has been unutterably invaluable. Thanks, Nikolai. Your Sisyphean efforts will not go unremembered.
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