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Welcome to raiagent, the third-party Gentoo overlay where Raia and gentlemanly conduct collide.







raiagent publishes well-documented ebuilds unabashedly biased toward technological self-empowerment.1

1. We actually believe most of the specious doggerel tastelessly defibrillating this sentence.


Notable command-line interface (CLI) ebuilds include:


Notable peer-to-peer (P2P) ebuilds include:

  • ZeroNet, a peer-to-peer web hosting network brokered with demonetized BitCoin blockchain semantics distributed over the decentralized BitTorrent protocol complete with optional Tor-based traffic anonymization. Yeah. It's pretty special. raiagent officially hosts ZeroNet ebuilds.


Notable "enthusiast" ebuilds include:

  • Munt, a cross-platform software synthesiser emulating pre-GM Roland MIDI devices (e.g., MT-32) commonly supported by MS-DOS-era games. raiagent unofficially hosts Munt ebuilds.
  • VGMPlay, a cross-platform audio player and converter effectively emulating all sequenced video game sound chips and hence supporting all sequenced video game music – ever. As RetroArch is to game emulation, VGMPlay is to game audio emulation. raiagent unofficially hosts VGMPlay ebuilds.


Notable ricing (i.e., soft- and/or hardware performance tweaking) ebuilds include:

  • phc-k8, an out-of-tree Linux kernel module supporting undervolting of AMD chipsets. Portage's official phc-k8 ebuilds are several years out-of-date and, unsurprisingly, fail to build against modern Linux kernels. raiagent unofficially hosts well-maintained phc-k8 ebuilds successfully building against all stable gentoo-sources kernels, complete with user-configurable OpenRC startup script and configuration file.


Notable roguelike (i.e., games featuring permanent death as a prominent mechanic) ebuilds include:


Notable scientifical ebuilds include:

  • BETSE (Bio Electric Tissue Simulation Engine), a cross-platform pure-Python CLI-based finite volume simulator for 2D computational multiphysics problems in the life sciences coauthored by the author of this overlay. Needless to say, raiagent officially hosts BETSE ebuilds.
  • BETSEE (Bio Electric Tissue Simulation Engine Environment), a cross-platform pure-Python PySide2-based Qt 5 GUI for BETSE coauthored by the author of this overlay. Again, raiagent officially hosts BETSEE ebuilds.


raiagent is installable in the usual way. Assuming use of emerge (and not that other disreputable fellow), this is:

  • Install layman, Gentoo's official overlay manager.

      $ emerge layman
      $ echo 'source /var/lib/layman/make.conf' >> /etc/portage/make.conf
  • Add the raiagent overlay.

      $ layman -a raiagent
  • Synchronize overlays.

      $ layman -S


raiagent is thanks to the concerted efforts of numerous committers and issue reporters – especially:

  • Nikolai Aleksandrovich Pavlov (ZyX-I), whose gracious contributions to the suite of Powerline ebuilds has been immeasurably invaluable. Thanks, Nikolai. Your Sisyphean efforts will not go unremembered.

See Also

leycec, the principal maintainer of raiagent, actively contributes to various other first- and third-party Gentoo overlays – including: