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This is an HTML grammar for the lezer parser system.

The code is licensed under an MIT license.


This package exports two bindings:

parser: Parser

The parser instance for the basic HTML grammar. Supports two dialects:

  • "noMatch" turns off tag matching, creating regular syntax nodes even for mismatched tags.

  • "selfClosing" adds support for /> self-closing tag syntax.

configureNesting(tags?: {
  tag: string,
  attrs?: (attrs: {[attr: string]: string}) => boolean,
  parser: Parser,
}[], attributes?: {
  name: string,
  tagName?: string,
  parser: Parser,
}[]): ParseWrapper

Create a nested parser config object which overrides the way the content of some tags or attributes is parsed. Each tag override is an object with a tag property holding the (lower case) tag name to override, and an optional attrs predicate that, if given, has to return true for the tag's attributes for this override to apply.

The parser property describes the way the tag's content is parsed.