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A content-first, sliding sidebar theme for Ghost.
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Lanyon for Ghost Release version Ghost version

Lanyon is a theme built by mdo, originally for Jekyll. This repository is a conversion of that theme to work with Ghost.

Lanyon Lanyon with open sidebar



Lanyon includes some customizable options, typically applied via classes on the <body> element.

Sidebar menu

To populate the sidebar, see the Ghost documentation for navigation.


Lanyon ships with eight optional themes based on the base16 color scheme. Apply a theme to change the color scheme (mostly applies to sidebar and links).

Lanyon with red theme Lanyon with red theme and open sidebar

There are eight themes available at this time.

Available theme classes

To use a theme, add any one of the available theme classes to the <body> element in the default.hbs layout, like so:

<body class="theme-base-08">

To create your own theme, look to the Themes section of lanyon.css. Copy any existing theme (they're only a few lines of CSS), rename it, and change the provided colors.

Reverse layout

Lanyon with reverse layout Lanyon with reverse layout and open sidebar

Reverse the page orientation with a single class.

<body class="layout-reverse">

Sidebar overlay instead of push

Make the sidebar overlap the viewport content with a single class:

<body class="sidebar-overlay">

This will keep the content stationary and slide in the sidebar over the side content. It also adds a box-shadow based outline to the toggle for contrast against backgrounds, as well as a box-shadow on the sidebar for depth.

It's also available for a reversed layout when you add both classes:

<body class="layout-reverse sidebar-overlay">

Sidebar open on page load

Show an open sidebar on page load by modifying the <input> to add the checked boolean attribute:

<input type="checkbox" class="sidebar-checkbox" id="sidebar-checkbox" checked>


Mark Otto - creator

Daniel Jost - Ghost conversion


Open sourced under the MIT license.

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