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Reactor-C: A reactor runtime implementation in C


To generate and view documentation, see docs/


We use clang-format to format our codebase. To run the formatter on all source and header files in reactor-c:

make format

The CI will do a "dry-run" of the formatter to verify that all files are correctly formatted.

VSCode can be configured to run clang-format on files as they are saved. To achieve this set the following settings:

  • editor.formatOnSave: true
  • C_Cpp.formatting: clang-format
  • C_Cpp.clang_format_style: file


The Github Actions tests for this repo will automatically run all the C Lingua Franca tests with each of the available schedulers. The version of the lingua-franca repo that is used to do this is specified by the lingua-franca-ref.txt file in this directory.

To create a new unit test, write a C program with a file name ending in "test.c" in a subdirectory of the test directory. That file should contain a main and should return 0 if the test succeeds.

  • Tests in the general subdirectory will always be run.
  • Tests in the single-threaded and multithreaded subdirectories will be run depending on parameters passed to cmake.

To run tests for the single-threaded runtime, execute the following. Note that -U is required to undefine a name that may be cached from a previous run.

  • cd build
  • cmake .. -UNUMBER_OF_WORKERS
  • cmake --build .
  • make test

To run tests for the multithreaded runtime, provide a nonzero number of workers when invoking cmake. For example:

  • cmake .. -DNUMBER_OF_WORKERS=2
  • cmake --build .
  • sudo make test

Note that one of the tests in the multithreaded test suite requires sudo because it changes the scheduling policy and priorities.

To define/undefine other preprocessor definitions such as LOG_LEVEL, pass them as arguments to cmake in the same way as with NUMBER_OF_WORKERS, using the same -D/-U prefixes.