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Project Proposal Template

  • Name of project — or proposed name (must be unique within LF AI)

  • Requested project maturity level: Sandbox | Incubation | Graduated.

  • Project description (what it does, why it is valuable, origin and history, ongoing development).

  • Statement on alignment with LF AI’s mission.

  • Have you identified possible collaboration opportunities with current LF AI hosted projects ( Please explain.

  • License name, version, and URL to license text

  • Source control (GitHub, etc.) - Please confirm tools in use.

  • Does the project sits in its own GH organization?

  • Do you have the GH DCO app active in the repos?

  • Issue tracker (GitHub, JIRA, etc) - Please confirm tools in use.

  • Collaboration tools (mailing lists, wiki, IRC, Slack, Glitter, etc.) - Please confirm tools in use and state request for tools you’d like to use.

  • External dependencies including licenses (name and version) of those dependencies.

  • Initial committers (name, email, organization) and how long have they been working on project?

  • Have the project defined the roles of contributor, committer, maintainer, etc.? Please document it in

  • Total number of contributors to the project including their affiliations.

  • Does the project have a release methodology? Please document it in

  • Does the project have a code of conduct? If yes, please share the URL. If no, please created and point to You can use as email for contact on this topic.

  • Did the project achieve any of the CII best practices badges? A different badge is required depending on the requested incubation level.

  • Do you have any specific infrastructure requests needed as part of hosting the project in the LF AI?

  • Project website - Do you have a web site? If no, did you reserve a domain, and would like you to have a website created?

  • Project governance - Do you have a working governance model for the project? Please provide URL to where it is documented, typically

  • Social media accounts - Do you have any Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook/etc. project accounts? Please provide pointers.

  • Existing sponsorship (e.g., whether any organization has provided funding or other support to date, and a description of that support), if any.