A jquery wrapper for the javascript mixpanel integration lib
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#Jquery mixpanel

A jquery plugin to wrap the default mixpanel javascript utilities


     event: 'click',
     mixpanel_data: { 
            event: "my-event", 
            properties: { 
                ,"something callable": function(e){$(e).text()} 
     ,token: "YOUR-TOKEN" 
     ,callback: function(element){ 
        window.location = $(element).attr("href"); 
  • event: for which DOM event you which to bind the reporting to (defaults to 'click')
  • mixpanel_data: the data expected by mixpanel
  • token: your mixpanel token
  • callback: a function to execute after sending the asynchronous report; defaults to redirecting the href attribute of the element (as in a click in a hyperlink)

Note that the properties object in the mixpanel_data can contain functions; these functions will be passed the current DOM element as parameter when reporting, to let you extract things like text or surrounding information. This way you can bind this to multiple elements and still be able to access each one individually when reporting the event.