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Mopidy extension for providing the browse feature of Spotify. This lets you browse artists and albums of your spotify user account library.

Uses the Spotipy API, which is a python wrapper arround the spoitify web api.


  • A Spotify Premium subscription. Mopidy-Spotify will not work with Spotify Free, just Spotify Premium.
  • A non-Facebook Spotify username and password.
  • Mopidy >= 0.19.0. The music server that Mopidy-Spotify-Tunigo extends.
  • Mopidy-Spotify >= 1.2.0. The Mopidy extension for playing music from Spotify.
  • Spotipy. A library for accessing the Spotify web-api.
  • requests. HTTP for Humans.


install the package from PyPI:

pip install Mopidy-Spotify-Web


To run this extension you need to authorize it against you Spotify account, to do this visit and follow the instructions.

Example configuration:

client_id = ... client_id value you got from ...
client_secret = ... client_secret value you got from ...

The following configuration values are available:

  • spotify_web/enabled: If the Spotify extension should be enabled or not. Defaults to true.
  • spotify_web/client_id: Your Spotify application client id. You must provide this.
  • spotify_web/client_secret: Your Spotify application secret key. You must provide this.
  • spotify_web/mopidy_token_url: url to the authorization endpoint of the Mopidy OAuth bridge for Spotify. Defaults to
  • spotify_web/use_mopidy_oauth_bridge: Use this flag to switch between the Mopidy OAuth bridge and spotify authentication service. Defaults to true.
  • spotify_web/refresh_token: Your Spotify refresh token. This only needs to be provided if you do not want to use the Mopidy OAuth bridge.
  • spotify_web/spotify_token_url: url to the authorization endpoint of the Spotify Accounts service. Defaults to
In order to use mopidy-spotify-web the plugin requires to authenticate using OAuth. The easiest way is to use the OAuth bridge from Mopidy. This is configured as a default. If you do not wish to use this service on you can authenticate with Spotify directly. In order to do this you need to setup an application on and then follow the tutorial on to obtain a refresh_token. The refresh token must then be configured in the Mopidy configuration file. Please make sure to include the user-library-read scope when requesting the refresh token.

Project resources


v0.3.0 (2016-01-24)

  • Albums are now sorted by track number

v0.2.0 (2015-06-25)

  • Use requests module for fetching tokens.
  • Blocking initialization moved out of critical startup path.
  • Various internal cleanups to make code more Pythonic.
  • Switch to using Mopidy's token swap service for simpler authentication.
  • Sorted the albums and artists.
  • Integrated Spotify browse feature.
  • Added feature to browse all albums and top tracks of your artists.

v0.1.0 (2015-05-03)

  • Initial release.
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