A jukebox powered by tweets on a Raspberry Pi
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A jukebox powered by tweets on a Raspberry Pi.

                |                                 |
Tweet           | Raspberry Pi                    |
(music request) |                                 |
   +            | +-----------+      +----------+ |           \o/ Music powered by:
   |            | | Twitter   | +--> | Mopidy   | |             Spotify
   +--------------> Streaming |      | Server   +------------>  Youtube
     network    | | API       | <--+ |          | |  audio      Soundcloud
                | +-----------+      +----------+ |
                |                                 |


Tweet jukebox picture


tweet request

Tweet request syntax:

@jukebox_user song name [by artist] [#spotify|#youtube|#soundcloud]


@jukebox_user [link to a spotify, youtube or soundcloud music]
  • search will play the first result found for the query
  • artist is optional, but can help to search the right song
  • you can restrict the search to a specific source by using the hashtag with source name
  • if no music #source is specified, it will play the first result found on Spotify, then Youtube, then Soundcloud

A pre-configured admin user can send DM messages to jukebos user to #play, #pause, #next (skip song).

Resources needed

You can run on any device and OS that supports these softwares. I'm running everything on a Raspberry Pi



More instructions soon...

Copyright 2015 Luis Cipriani. Under Apache v2 License terms