Littlefoot User Manual

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LittlefootCMS is a PHP based content management system built on a lightweight framework.

1. Installation

1.1. Prerequisites

LittlefootCMS requires a LAMP or WAMP server running PHP 5.5 or higher. You can either do this your self or buy web hosting with it preconfigured.

1.2. Manual Installation

  1. Set up a server per the prerequisites above and gain either FTP or Shell acces.
  2. Unzip to your document root or whatever subfolder choose to load from.
  3. Alternative files: [ tar.gz | | -dev.tar.gz ]
  4. Visit http://YOURDOMAIN.COM/littlefoot/
    1. (replace YOURDOMAIN.COM with your actual domain)
  5. You will be prompted for MySQL database credentials
    1. If you need to create a database in cPanel first, follow these instructions
  6. After entering all the database information, provide an admin password, click Install.

You should now be presented with the Littlefoot Admin Interface. Read about how to use it below:

2. Admin Interface

There are several cms admin features: Dashboard, Media Skins, Plugins, Users, ACL, and Settings. Each of these features will allow you to manage your website look, feel, and content. Beyond these tools, certain apps may come with an administration section to manage them, which is accessible in the admin navigation just below the core systems.

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