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URL Rewrite: Off will use /index.php/ in the title and avoid the use of mod_rewrite. On will utilize mod_rewrite to work without the /index.php/ at the start of all requests making the URL much prettier.

Debug: Display run times of all systems at the bottom of the source HTML output.

Sign Up: Enable Sign Up through a "Sign Up" button to the right of the login form. By default, email confirmation is required for signups.

SimpleCMS: By default, the full CMS is loaded as described in Dashboard Navigation. However, if a specific app is selected, the Navigation Bar will not be displayed and the selected app will load as if it had an alias of /. The Admin Dashboard would be nothing but the admin for that app and the other apps admin would become unavaiable and no longer display in the admin nav menu.

Force URL: If a URL is specified, it will be forced as the preferred base URL of your littlefoot installation. Ideal for forcing https:// and www.

Navigation CSS Class: This will give the root <ul> of your Navigation Bar a class as specified here.


Upgrade Littlefoot: This will download the latest published version of Littlefoot from

Restore Old Version

When you upgrade Littlefoot, the old lf/system folder is moved to lf/backup.


Each app comes with an install.sql that is run when it is first installed. If your database runs into any problems, or you pulled the app from git, you can run it via this tool.

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