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MultiContentViewer 1.0
Author: Luis Filipe C. Nassif
Minimum Autopsy version: 3.1
License: LGPL 3
Data content viewer module for Autopsy 3.1. Enables the preview of dozens of file types: html, pdf, eml, emlx, rtf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, odt, ods, odp, wps, wpd, sxw, eps, dbf, csv, tif, emf, wmf, odg, pcx, pbm, svg, pict, vsd, psd, cdr, dxf, and more.
The module renders files based on signatures, if they were processed by File Type Identification module. Also enables navigating through keyword search hits into the rendered preview, improving the Autopsy keyword search experience.
ATTENTION: It is strongly recommended to disable Internet connection before using this module, because currently it may access and download external server resources while rendering html files.
Supported and tested on Windows and Linux machines. The module contains all necessary software and libraries to run on Windows. On Linux, you must have LibreOffice 4 installed to enable MultiContentViewer full file format support.
Refer to THIRDPARTY.txt file for license details of embedded libraries and software.
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