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LFE Blog

The code repo for the LFE News & Updates Blog

We welcome blog contributors! Just fork the repo, write your post, and submit a PR.

You can view the blog here. The LFE blog is a member of Planet Erlang.


The make targets for this repo all utilize Docker; this way, contributors don't have to install specififc versions of Ruby, Jekyll, etc., ad naseum et insaniam.

The most recent "release" of the published blog is visible in the generated directory. This is actually a git submodule that points to the gh-pages branch; it's content is dynamic and should not be edited.


For Contributors


  • Fork this repo (you might want to rename yours from "blog" to "lfe-blog")
  • See the usage below to create a post
  • Push to your fork
  • Issue a PR from your branch to lfe/blog master

Details of these steps are given below, in the following subsections.

Get the code

  • Fork us

  • Update the name in your new repo's settings, changing from "blog" to "lfe-blog"

  • Clone:

    $ git clone --recurse-submodules<YOURNAME>/lfe-blog.git
    $ cd lfe-blog

Create a post

$ TITLE="Exciting LFE News" make new

If you have your $EDITOR env var set, you can make post instead, and the post stub will open in your editor.

Edit to your heart's content. Be sure to update the following:

  • Category (theme of your post)
  • Descriptive tags
  • Your name as author

Add to the repo

$ git add src/_posts/

Also at this point you'll want to add any new directories that were created, e.g., for tags, archives, years, etc. Make sure you didn't miss anything by checkout the untracked files in the git status output.

Issue a Pull Request

Once you're stasified with your post, push your branch up to your fork of the blog and issue a PR to be merged with master of lfe/blog.

For Maintainers


  • Merge a contributor's PR
  • Regenerate the static content
  • Push the updated static content to gh-pages


Note that if you haven't updated your local clone of the LFE Blog repo after May 2019, you'll need to do the following:

$ git submodule update --init --recursive

Once a contributor's code has been merged (either in the Web UI or via command line), you are ready to publish. This needs to be done locally, so if you've merged a PR on Github, you'll need to $ git pull origin master.

The following command will regenerate the static content, commit it to master (interactively), and then push the static content to gh-pages for the LFE blog repo on github (which will be renderable immediately on the blog):

$ make publish


To create a new post:

$ TITLE="Super-Sweet LFE Tutorial" make new

This will open a draft with vi. Edit to your heart's content, save, commit, push, and send the PR!

Other useful make targets:

Rebuild the site static files in the ./build directory:

$ make build

Run a local copy of the site available on http://localhost:4000, served from the ./build directory:

$ make run

Clean up your build files:

$ make clean

Update your jekyll Ruby gem. This will also update your gems and install jekyll, if it's not already installed:

$ make update

Publish your changes to master and gh-pages:

$ make publish

Built With

This site is built using Jekyll-Bootstrap with a modified version of the Hooligan template.

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