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Command line tool to deprovision PagerDuty users
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PagerDuty User De-Provision

Python script to de-provision a user in PagerDuty including removing them from all schedules, escalation policies, and teams that they are a part of. The affected resources are logged and printed to the console.


This script is meant to be used as a command line tool with the following arguments:

./ --access-token ENTER_PD_ACCESS_TOKEN --user-email --from-email

-a, --access-token: A valid PagerDuty v2 REST API access token from your account

-u, --user-email: The PagerDuty email address for the user you want to delete from your account

-f, --from-header: The PagerDuty email address of the user that is requesting the deletion


Luke Epp


Luke Epp

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