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DEPRECATED: This library is no longer maintained! Nor is it useful, since the functionality it provides has been moved into LFE-proper (see the clj module).

Clojure functions and macros for LFE



The clj library offers a collection of functions and macros that you may find useful or enjoyable in LFE if you've come from a Clojure background.

This library is in the process of extracting the Clojure functionality that made its way into the lutil LFE library


As of version 0.3.0, this project assumes that you have rebar3 installed somwhere in your $PATH. It no longer uses the old version of rebar. If you do not wish to use rebar3, you may use the most recent rebar2-compatible release of clj: 0.2.1.


In your rebar.config file, update your deps section to include clj:

  {deps, [
    {clj, ".*",
      {git, "", {tag, "0.3.0"}}}



(We are changing the functions and macros from what they were in lutil, so usage has not yet stabilized. If you want to be an alpha tester/user, be sure to look at the unit tests and code comments, both in the modules and in the include files.)


The future of the clj library is quite bright :-) In a couple posts on the LFE mail list, Robert Virding has offered to bring Clojure functionality into LFE-proper:

The rest is up to us :-) As such, I will be creating a series of tickets in this repo targeted against a branch of Robert's LFE repo. Anyone in the community may make a contribution to this branch -- simply sumbit a PR. Once we have critical mass on Clojure-inspired functions and macros, I will submit a PR to upstream LFE, and all of our work will be included :-)

Here's the branch:

Here are the tickets you can chose from to implement your favourite Clojure bits in LFE (if you don't see the one you want, add it!):

IMPORTANT: Even though these tickets are in the lfex/clj repo, you will be working against a branch of oubiwann/lfe! Do not submit PRs against lfex/clj -- submit them against the add-clojure-lib branch of oubiwann/lfe.

Now go forth, and help these two worlds to collide :-D