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Markup Language Expressions for LFE: creating XML/HTML with S-expressions on the Erlang VM

Project Logo



Supported Tags

Right now, only HTML5 is supported. Feel free to submit pull requests to support older/different tags/elements.

The list of tags was obtained from Mozilla's HTML 5 documentation

Note that XML namespacing hasn't been explored yet, but should be possible.

Current Status

As you can see in the example usage below, you can use exemplar to build HTML strings using LFE S-expressions. However, do note that the project has just started and there are lots of unexplored HTML edge-cases that simply won't work right now.

If you come across anything, feel free to submit a bug in the github issue tracker, or even send us a pull request :-)

About the Name

Naming and cache invalidation, right?

The first thought was to name the project ML-expr: ML for HTML, replacing the "s" of "s-expression". MLEXPR isn't all that pronouncable, so another "e" and an "a" were added for "exemplar". That's all there is to it.

Also: "Do you know who I am?!"


This project assumes that you have rebar3 installed somwhere in your $PATH.


Just add it to your rebar.config deps:

{deps, [
    {exemplar, ".*", {git, "", {tag, "x.y.z"}}

And then do the usual:

$ rebar3 compile


Documentation for Exemplar is published to the following locations:


Copyright © 2014-2016 Duncan McGreggor

Distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.