An LFE/Exemplar Wrapper for Reveal.js
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An LFE/Exemplar Wrapper for Reveal.js

You always wanted to build your presetnations in LFE (Lisp Flavored Erlang), right? With HTML as S-Expressions?

We thought so.

Now's your chance.


This project assumes that you have the following already installed:

  • Erlang
  • lfetool (somwhere in your $PATH)
  • rebar (you can install rebar with lfetool install rebar)

The remaining dependencies are installed for you automatically, downloaded to your deps directory when you execute the appropriate make targets. They are as follows:

  • LFE (Lisp Flavored Erlang; needed only to compile)
  • YAWS
  • lfeunit (needed only to run the unit tests)
  • Exemplar - HTML as S-Expressions

The following dependencies are bundled with lfe-reveal-js and are in the project repo:

To download the dependencies and compile them, do this:

$ git clone
$ cd lfe-reveal-js
$ make compile


Assuming you'v already gotten the deps and compiled them, to view the demo you will need to do the follwoing:

$ make dev

Then visit localhost:5099 to run through the demo slide deck.

For those too lazy to clone and run this, we offer you the chance to bail with a youtube video of the demo (running on YAWS, of course):

Building Your Own

If you'd like to build your own slide deck with lfe-reveal-js, just clone this repo, and start adding your slides in src/reveal-js-content.lfe and src/demo.lfe.

Running the Deck

Just like the demo, all you need to do to check out your new masterpiece is:

$ make dev

And then visit localhost:5099.

Dev Notes

As mentioned, lfe-reveal-js uses Exemplar, which defines macros for all of HTML5.

In addition to these, lfe-reveal-js defines a handful of convenience macros:

  • (deck ...) - For creating the slide deck itself.
  • (title-page ...) - For creating a cover page.
  • (chapter ...) - For creating a new chapter in your slide deck.
  • (slide ...) - For making a new slide in a chapter.

Take a look at the code for the demo slide deck to see example usage of these: src/demo.lfe. For a full list of supported convenience macros, be sure to read include/macros.lfe,

Generating a Static File

By default, YAWS serves the slide deck dynamically -- regenerated on page load. Here's how you create a static HTML file from the REPL:

[under development]

And here's a make target so you can do this from the command line:

[under development]

Generating a Release

If you would like to make a release (zip/tarball) for easy uploading/sharing, simply run this make target:

[under development]


This project is inspired by another that I wrote in Clojure/ClojureScript using the Hoplon library. That project was:

A special thanks to the Hoplon crew for all their hard work and their help in getting me started on Hoplon and making contributions to that community.