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Why (App Overview)

This website is a set of tools to help you organize/curate your Spotify playlists.

  • Use this website to search for tracks, artists, albums across your Spotify playlists.
  • Use this website to find duplicates across playlists or in the same playlists and remove them.
  • Use this website to move or copy tracks to another playlist.

Technical Details

  • Server Side:
    • Python - server side language (requires python 3.7 or later)
    • Flask - web application framework
    • Flask-Session - server side sessions
    • Spotipy - python wrapper around Spotify Web Client API
    • Flask-MySqlDb - flask wrapper around db connections
    • MySql (server) - sql database (optional)
    • see the requirements.txt file for pkg versions being used
  • Client side:
    • Html - ui elements
    • Css - ui elements styling
    • Javascript - client side language
    • Datatables - html tables
    • JQuery - wrapper for HTML DOM, CSS, Ajax functionality
    • Stack-Trace-Parser - utility to get the call stack when an error occurs
    • jquery.ScrolTo - utility to scroll a previously selected table row into view

Values Specific to your Instance

The app needs a few values that are specific to your instance to run. You will need to edit sfCfg.json. This file is in the main project dir. In sfCfg.json there are 9 config params. You must set the first 3 values, the fourth value is already set for you, and the last 5 values are optionally.

    "sFlaskAppSecretKey":     "your flask secret key",
    "sSpotifyClientId":       "your spotify client id",
    "sSpotifyClientSecret":   "your spotify client secret",
    "sSpotifyRedirectUri":    "",
    "sMySqlHost":             "",  # optional
    "sMySqlUser":             "",  # optional
    "sMySqlPwRoot":           "",  # optional
    "sMySqlPwUser":           "",  # optional
    "sMySqlDbName":           ""   # optional

You will need to go to the Spotify Developer website,, to create a Spotify App which will provide you with a spotify client id and a spotify client secret, be sure to set the spotify redirect Uri to "" in the spotify dev console for the spotify app you created. Put the sSpotifyClientId and sSpotifyClientSecret from the Spotify dev console into the above json dict. MySql is optional so you can just leave the MySql values empty/blank.

MySql is Optional

This website works fine w/o a MySql server/db. If you leave sMySqlDbName, in sfCfg.json, empty you will not need to setup a MySql server/db. You will still need to import the Flask-MySqlDb package into your IDE.

Running this Project from an IDE

  • download the project from github
  • open the project in your favorite IDE.
  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • ensure the run/debug working dir is set to the project's home dir
  • edit sfCfg.json and set the first 3 values
  • use the IDE to start the project
  • open a web browser to
  • the home page will appear
  • hit "Login with Spotify" and a dialogue will ask you to login in


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