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PHP short URL image upload / image hosting script with user accounts feature
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lfiore security fix, user moderation improvement
Added a fix to prevent IP spoofing when using cloudflare (user needs to specify if cloudflare is enabeld in the config file)

Also, when viewing images uploaded by an IP address, images might not have thumbs if the user wasn't logged in. thumbnails will now be created when moderating a user. this can be enabled/disabled in the config file

Unfortunately this meant removing support for additional file extensions for now as it conflicted with with the thumbnail creation (something I missed before), but this may be re-added in the future
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public security fix, user moderation improvement Apr 23, 2019
INSTALL.txt made install.txt clearer, updated readme with documentation site, ame… Aug 5, 2015
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upld.sql security fix, user moderation improvement Apr 23, 2019


An image hosting script written in PHP with MySQLi for the DB.

Includes the following features

  • Completely free to download
  • Easy to modify
  • Support for short URLs
  • User account support
  • Support for remote downloads
  • Report/delete features

You can demo the script at

For more info (screenshots, installation steps, etc.) check

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