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LFPH Contributor Experience

Welcome to Linux Foundation Public Health! There are a number of ways you can get involved with LFPH, outlined below. For additional details, check out our FAQs.

Get involved in the LFPH Ecosystem

A great first step for any path of involvement is to join the LFPH Slack. Please, introduce yourself in the #introductions channel and then go to the #sig-contributor-experience channel with questions about getting started.

Help out on LFPH-hosted projects

The following projects are hosted by LFPH and open to contributor development.

Project Name Objective Primary Language(s) Issues
COVID Shield GAEN-based exposure notification JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, HTML Open issues
COVID Green GAEN-based exposure notification TypeScript, Ruby, Java, Objective C Open issues

Get involved in a special interest group (SIG)

SIGs oversee specific areas of relevance to the success of the overall LFPH efforts. SIGs usually meet once a month; scheduling and discussion occurs in the relevant Slack channels. If you have an idea for the formation of a new SIG, join LFPH Slack, and reach out in the #sig-contributor-experience channel.



Kate Gallagher @kategallagher

T. E. Shaw @dahoum