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1 parent 4b79066 commit 1ecab3aca8446adf664033823f408a18e9788c75 @lfranchi committed Mar 29, 2013
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@@ -184,7 +184,7 @@
(if-let [ops (ono.db/get-ops-since source lastop)]
(let [myflags #(bit-or (flags :DBOP) (if (= % (last ops)) 0 (flags :FRAGMENT)))]
(doseq [cmd ops]
- (println "SENDING DBOP:" (cmd :guid) (cmd :command) (bit-or (flags :JSON) (flags :DBOP) (myflags cmd)) "body:" (cmd :json))
+ ;(println "SENDING DBOP:" (cmd :guid) (cmd :command) (bit-or (flags :JSON) (flags :DBOP) (myflags cmd)) "body:" (cmd :json))
(lamina/enqueue ch [(bit-or (flags :JSON) (flags :DBOP) (myflags cmd))
(cmd :json)]))))
(lamina/enqueue ch [(flags :DBOP) "ok"])) ;; else if there are no new ops, send OK message

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