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function build {
cd $1
go build && go test
cd $d
# Build / Test skylib
build .
# Build Client
build client
# Build Service
build service
# Build Daemon
build daemon
# Build Pools
build pools
# Test helpers
build skytest
# Build RPC
build rpc/bsonrpc
# Build / Test sky
build cmd/sky
# Build / Test dashboard
build cmd/dashboard
# Build / Test skydaemon
build cmd/skydaemon
# Build / Test examples
build examples/client
build examples/service
build examples/tutorial/client
build examples/tutorial/service
build examples/testing/fibonacci/fibclient
build examples/testing/fibonacci/fibservice
build examples/testing/sleeper/sleepclient
build examples/testing/sleeper/sleepservice
build examples/testing/vagranttests
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